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Joe Lycett Name Change: Wife And Parents – How Much Is His Net Worth

Joe Lycett, a British Comedian, is now formally known as Joe Lycett as he recently changed his real name and kept something else.

Joe Lycett is a Birmingham-born Comedian who attended the University of Manchester to study drama and English, won the 2009 Chortle Student Comedian of the Year award, and placed in the finals of the 2-11 BBC New Comedy Awards.

Joe Lycett Name Change

In 2020, Joe made news when he declared he was changing his name to Hugo Boss in opposition to the multibillion-pound fashion behemoth.

Joe, or Hugo as he was then known, said the brand had sent a stop and desist letters to small businesses with the term “boss” in their titles.

Joe Lycett posing for camera.
Joe Lycett was posing for the camera. (Source: British GQ)

The comedian officially changed his name from Joe Harry Lycett to Hugo Boss via deed poll to demonstrate that no one can own the term “boss.”

After Hugo Boss sued Boss Brewing, a brewery in Swansea, they were forced to rebrand, pay £10,000 on legal fees, have some of their product names changed, and were prohibited from selling their clothing products.

This is in response to Hugo Boss delivering letters of ceasing to non-profit organizations and small enterprises that use the name Boss. Dark Girl Boss, a small charity, also got a notice from the business after attempting to copyright its name.

Joe Lycett’s Parents

Joe Lycett was born to David and Helen Lycett on July 5, 1988. While his father was a teacher, his mother was a graphic artist. The parents of Lycett reside in Birmingham and are both retired.

Joe Lycett with his father on the ocasion of Father's Day.
Joe Lycett with his father on the occasion of Father’s Day. (Source: Twitter)

His family are Christian by religion and belong to the white Ethnicity. There is no information regarding his other family members at the time of writing this article.

His family is highly supportive of him and always there for him. He is close to them as they are frequently posted on Lycett’s social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

When Lycett emerged as gay in the sixth form, bullies started picking on him immediately. Joe, though, was a fighter and never allowed the taunts to affect him.

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His parents supported his decision and said they were proud of their child for not shying away or for being afraid to reveal who he was to the world.

Joe Lycett’s Wife

Coming to his wife, now known as Hugo Boss, he is currently unmarried and has no children. He is probably single and not dating anyone when writing this article.

There are no suggestions from his public appearances or online appearance on different social media platforms like Instagram and others that the comedian is currently in a romantic relationship.

Lycett has kept his romantic life a secret and has not talked about it in any interviews or shows. Also, he has never revealed the details or information regarding his past relationship, which makes it hard to know about his previous romantic life.

Also, Lycett has identified himself as ‘bisexual’ as he states that he is attracted to any gender. In a recent interview, now known as Hugo Boss said  “bisexual” is more accessible for people to understand than the word “pansexual.” Because he isn’t drawn to any single gender, Lycett thinks he is more pansexual than bisexual.

What Is Joe Lycett’s Net Worth?

Lycett is a comedian originally from England and has done numerous comedy shows so far in his career, making him an enormous amount of money.

As per multiple sources, such as Popular bio, celebrity networth, and other different sites, his estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1 million – $5 million.

It isn’t easy to trace the income and salary of the comedian as it varies from person to person or says from which shows they are performing. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a comedian in the Uk is £31,595 per year ($36k). Lycett is entitled to the designated salary range as a comedian.

So it is believed that Joe earns somewhat above that as he is one of the most renowned comedians in the Uk and the globe. He also makes by performing in different comedy tours annually in the U.K. and the U.S.

He is also a writer and producer, increasing his source of income as he is paid handsomely in those sectors and is living his life to its full through his hard-earned money.

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