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Who Is John Hans Tester From Kaleidoscope? Age Wife And Net Worth

John Hans Tester is an Actor who is quite known for his appearance in Kaleidoscope. Many of John’s fans wonder about his married life.

John Hans Tester is an Actor who is best known for his character in The Man in the High Castle in 2015, Hunters of 2020, and Argo in 2012.

He also appeared in the Comedy Drama TV series Royal Pains from 2009 to 2016. As of now, John is gaining recognition from the new upcoming Netflix series “Kaleidoscope.”

The air date of Netflix’s new series has been confirmed as January 1, 2023. The series’ maker also stated that Kaleidoscope would include eight episodes, each of which would have a title based on a different color.

The storyline will follow a group of thieves as they organize one of the largest robberies in history following a flood forced on by Hurricane Sandy.

John Hans Tester is doing the series’ “Stefan Thiele” character with other cast members. To learn more about the series, we can watch it on Netflix.

How Old Is John Hans Tester From Kaleidoscope?

John Hans Tester is a brilliant Actor renowned for his acting and outstanding performances in several movies and television series.

John has kept his personal life private despite being very active in the media. He has American nationality, according to his citizenship.

John Hans Tester
John Hans Tester with his mom. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his age, he has not revealed his date of birth on any social site. However, scrolling and viewing his Instagram and Twitter accounts, we may only assume that he appears to be in his late 45s or 50s.

Information about the Kaleidoscope Actor’s parents and other family members is missing. But on his Instagram account, John has shared several images with his mother.

From this, we may assume that he shares a close bond with his mother. Any other information about his siblings is not disclosed.

Besides, John Hans is known for his work on The Rookie: Feds, The Gilded Age, Leverage: Redemption, The Americans, The Informant!, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and many more.

John Hans Tester Wife: Is He Married?

John Hans Tester has kept his girlfriend or wife’s identity a secret. It is unclear whether he is married or secretly dating someone.

Due to Hans’s lack of public disclosure of his life partner, we cannot provide any specific information. The public doesn’t know that the Actor is married not.

Similarly, Tester has not disclosed his previous relationships or offenses. He didn’t make out with a potential girlfriend in front of anyone or on social media.

Though not everyone likes being in the spotlight, the Actor may be keeping his relationship a secret. The Actor has yet to confirm this information yet formally.

He enjoys taking friends on occasional vacations to various locations, as indicated by his Instagram profiles. We may follow John on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about him.

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How Much Net Worth Does John Hans Tester Earn?

John Hans Tester is a famous Actor now gaining popularity from the new series Kaleidoscope. His main source of income is his successful acting career.

John Hans Tester
Kaleidoscope is released on Netflix. (Source: YouTube)

According to the source, NET WORTH POST, John Hans has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

He has played a variety of characters, including Henry from “Strangers,” Reporter from “White House Down,” and Vincent Manheiser from “The Mentalist.”

Kaleidoscope Actor John has also worked as a producer in the family Drama movie Nacho Libre in 2006.

There is no additional information regarding his earnings and wealth. However, he has been active in the movie and television industry since 1995.

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