Jordan Travis Ethnicity and Parents

Jordan Travis Ethnicity And Parents: Who Is His Brother? Net Worth And Salary

Jordan Travis holds mixed Ethnicity. Although, It has not been confirmed in any sources or media. His father belongs to Black Ethnicity, and his mother is White. So, Jordan Travis’s Ethnicity is mixed.

Jordan Travis Jordan is a professional American footballer who plays for the Florida State Seminoles in quarterback and Sophomore positions. 

Jordan was transferred to the Florida States in December 2018. He played with Louisville Cardinals for one year. 

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The Florida State Seminoles QB started his football career as a senior in college for Louisville Cardinals. After playing for one year, he announced that he was transferred to Florida. He played almost three games for Louisville. 

He is still learning and playing and has a great future ahead to be a famous football. He has just started playing for four years as a professional. 

Jordan Travis Ethnicity And Parents

Jordan Travis is of mixed Ethnicity. Jordan was born to Tammy Travis (mother) and Tony Travis (father). H was born in West Plam, Florida, United States. 

However, he holds American Nationality. His parents are also permanent residents of the United States. 

His father, Tony Travis, is of Black Ethnicity, whereas his mother is White. So, Jordan is of mixed Ethnicity, African-American.

Jordan has a great relationship with his parents. They had always supported him in his every path. His parents have supported his football career as well. His parents mostly attend his game. They always went to watch him play as a support system. 

Jordan grew up with his siblings, an older brother named Devon Travis and a younger sister named Jada Travis. They have a good bond with both of his siblings. They have also supported him as his parents do. His brother is proud of him. 

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Jordan Travis Brother: Who Is Devon Travis?

Jordan was born in Florida, United States. Jordan was raised with two siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister, and was born and raised in West Plam, Florida, United States. 

Jordan’s older brother Devon Travis is a baseball trainer in the United States of America.

Devon also formerly played second base for the Toronto Blue Jays before starting his career as a trainer. Devon has always supported his younger brother Jordan with his career. He guided him and always chose the right path for Jordan. 

Devon sometimes attends Jordan’s match to support him as well. He also said he is proud to be known as Jordan’s brother. He wants his brother to have a great future in his playing career.

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Jordan Travis Net Worth And Salary

Jordan is almost 22 years of a professional football player and plays for Florida State in the United States. He has gained fame in little time, and people know him as a great football player. 

Travis started his career as a professional in 2018 by playing in his senior year. He started playing for Florida State in 2019.

Jordan Travis’s salary is a good amount, but clear information about his salary is not currently available. 

Jordan’s net worth in August 2022 is estimated to be $500,000. His income source is mostly from his soccer career. He is a well-known player; his salary and net worth are yearly with his performance. 

It is mentioned that football players earn more each year, and the salary of every player range from $21577 to $38176.

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