Jalen Reagor: NFL, Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Jalen Reagor is a National Football League (NFL) player who plays Wide Receiver. Currently, he plays for Philadelphia Eagles.

Since a very young age, Jalen has often been cited as a child prodigy since he has been very engrossed in athletic activities.

Since a young age, Jalen has had a knack for sports. This was primarily due to his Father’s influence, who also was a former defensive tracker player in the NFL.

Jalen and his professional NFL team jersey
Jalen and his professional NFL team jersey

In the article, we have mentioned detailed information about Jalen Reagor’s personal life, professional life, net worth, etc.

Quick Facts about Jalen Reagor

Now, let’s dive into some quick and interesting facts about Jalen Reagor:

Birth Name Jalen Armand Reagor
Popularly known as Jalen Reagor
Birth Date January 1, 1999
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/01/1999″] Years Old
Father’s Name Montae Reagor
Mother’s Name Ishia Johnson
Sibling One Sibling
Sibling’s Name Dallas Reagor
Education Waxahachie High School
Texas Christian University (TCU)
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Horoscope Capricorn
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 195 lbs (88 kgs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Not Known
Professional Professional NFL Player
Position played in Wide Receiver
Team Philadelphia Eagles
Net Worth $3 Million
Social Media Handles Twitter
Merch Autographed Helmets, Trading Cards
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Jalen Reagor: Early Life

Jalen Armand Reagor was born on January 1, 1999, in Texas. His Father’s name is Montae Reagor, a former NFL player, and his mother’s name is Ishia Johnson.

He also has a brother named Dallas Reagor. His early days were spent in Waxahachie, Texas; therefore, he attended the local Waxahachie High School.

This was where he came to be known as a star, not only as a football player but also as a track and field player.

Right from his early years, Reagor had shown that he would be quite the athletic superstar, participating in track sports and performing exceedingly well.

Unlike most children his age, he had speed, agility, physical attributes, and discipline.

Further, he also had strict eating habits that were not normal for children his age.

His talent was recognized by his family as well right from the start, due to which they encouraged him strongly to follow and pursue his dreams in sports.

As his friends and family stated, Jalen was quite mature for his age as he showed high school graduate behavior right since he had only started in middle school.

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Strict Attention to Physicality

Most of the time, he worked out regularly, woke up very early, and had a healthy and strict diet.

His strict attitude towards maintaining his physical ability and strong mindset only strengthened him.

His friends, the family were all impressed with what he was capable of and knew that he was destined for something unique.

Father’s connection to NFL

Jalen’s Father, Montae Reagor, was also a well-known NFL player who played for nine seasons in the NFL.

This ensured that his Father had a respectable career. His Father debuted for Denver Broncos in 1999. He was drafted during the second round of that year’s draft.

Jalen Reagor's Father
Jalen’s Father, Montae Reagor, with his Eagle’s Jersey

Since then, his Father had gone on to play for reputed teams, including Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

After he retired from the game, he played a crucial role as a coaching intern. In addition, he coached the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles team. 

Influence from Father

Since Jalen already had big shoes to fill, he always had adopted a sincere, disciplined, and active nature right since his early years.

Even his Father fondly remembers his son being somewhat competitive since his early childhood days.

Jalen always seemed eager to be around his Father and learn from him.

Further, he always showed that he wanted to follow in his Father’s footsteps and become a reputed player, much like his Father was during his playing years.

Growing up around Reputed Players

Since his Father was a reputed player, Jalen grew up around his Father and was accompanied by other great footballers.

This gave Jalen exposure to the sports world since his childhood.

This was something that Jalen always got inspiration from as he had such great football players providing him guidance right from his childhood period.

However, even though his Father was a reputed player, his Father ensured that this never got in the way of Jalen.

This was primarily to avoid Jalen feeling too comfortable or that things would be handed down on a silver platter to him.

His Father always ensured maintaining a regular everyday life for Jalen. This ensured that Jalen remained grounded and learned the value of effort, time, and patience.

This eventually paid off as well, but this was all due to the groundwork set by his Father early on.

It was never letting Jalen get away quickly with excuses that made sure that Jalen had to be truthful, honest, and disciplined.

This foundation laid early by his Father on Jalen made him the hardworking and committed person he is today.

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Jalen Reagor: Education

Jalen attended high school at the prestigious Waxahachie High School in his state. Then subsequently, he attended Texas Christian University.

In both of these colleges, he managed to impress everyone through his athletic prowess and also went on to garner several accolades and honors as well.

Jalen Reagor: Professional Career

Since Jalen attended Waxahachie High School, he started his early sporting days here.

He was a bright star from the beginning as he excelled and garnered strong performance accolades.

This initial strong performance itself helped him get noticed during the NFL drafts.

He was actively involved in sports, primarily in football and track events, during his tenure at Waxahachie High School.

Jalen playing competitive football
Jalen is playing NFL as a wide receiver.

He even garnered a gold medal in the long jump event in 2017’s Texas High School state meet.

He also managed to produce 1000-yard receiving season back-to-back.

In addition, he played under Jon Kitna, the Waxahachie head coach and former NFL quarterback, who was left quite impressed by Reagor’s solid physical ability and competitive nature.

Reagor eventually played college football at Texas Christian University (TCU).

His strong continuity was also observed at TCU, and he repeated a similarly impressive performance.

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Initial Career of Jalen Reagor

In 2017, Reagor earned the title Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the year.

Similarly, in 2018, Reagor had also marked himself as the player with the second most catches, 72 and 1061 yards.

Eventually, in 2019, Reagor led TCU strongly, earning him the “Sports Illustrated All – America Honors.

This was awarded to him as an all-purpose player playing for TCU. He led in yards, receptions, and TDs for TCU.

He then also managed multiple punt return TDs, making him one of two FBS players to do the same.

This helped him get into the limelight as one of the most prominent players due to his side-leading strong performances.

NFL Draft

Owing to his extraordinary performances earlier in 2018 and 2019, during the 2020 NFL draft, Reagor became the 21st overall pick of the first round.

The team that drafted him in the first round was the Philadelphia Eagles.

This was primarily due to the incredible performances that he managed to perform for his former team.

He became the highest-paid-drafted wide receiver from TCU. Josh Doctson formerly held this record in 2016.

Reagor eventually signed a 4-year multi-million dollar deal worth 13.3 million dollars in July 2020. This also provided a fifth-year option for Reagor with the team.

Philadelphia Eagles

Reagor, unfortunately, suffered a shoulder injury during the training camp with the Eagles.

However, he was ruled fit to play right since Week 1 later. This was made possible due to continued focus from Reagor’s side and the intense treatment protocols followed.

Owing to this, Reagor made his NFL professional debut against the Washington Football Team on September 13, 2020.

The game ended in a 17-27 loss, with Reagor managing one reception for 55 yards.

This was not the dream start for Reagor as the team suffered a defeat, and his performance was not up to the bar either.

Jalen playing for the Eagles
Jalen Reagor is playing for the Eagles.

However, the injury continued to linger; owing to this, he was placed on the injured reserve.

He had suffered a ligament tear in his thumb. However, the injury did not keep Reagor far from his usual flair, and he immediately bounced back.

Despite the early struggle, Reagor eventually recorded a touchdown in a win against Dallas Cowboys during the Week 8 game.

This was his first professional touchdown in the NFL. This game ended 23 – 9 in favor of the Eagles, and his team and the media personnel appreciated Reagor’s contribution.

Subsequently, he managed his first-ever NFL punt return lockdown against the Green Bay Packers on December 6, 2020. This game, however, ended in a loss, with the score at 30-16.

Awards and Recognition

Due to his athletic and competitive nature and excellent performance with his college teams, Jalen has been awarded the following honors:

  1. Second-team All-Big 12 for consecutive years in 2018 and 2019
  2. Big 12 Offensive Freshman Of The Year 2017

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Net Worth

The NFL player signed a four-year deal worth $13,270,676 with the Philadelphia Eagles, consisting of a $13,270,676 confirmed, $7,211,400 signing bonus, and $2,217,669 as an average annual salary.

Moreover, Jalen will earn a base salary of $1,213,213 in 2021, $1,816,426 in 2022, and $2,419,639 in 2013.

The estimated net worth of Jalen Reagor is about $3 million.

Social Media

The talented NFL player is only active on Twitter, with over 79.1k followers.


How many drops did Jalen Reagor have?

According to the Sports Info Solutions reports, Jalen dropped 6 of 137 targeted passes in 2018 and 9 out of 92 in 2019.

Moreover, he is in the 30th position out of the top 32 receivers.

How fast is the NFL player Jalen Reagor?

Unfortunately, the National Football League does not give the speeds on players, but Jalen is yet to top 21.38 mph.

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