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Did Joshua Bassett Have A Heart Attack? Health and Illness Update

Joshua Bassett was in the hospital due to a heart attack and septic shock, which has caused serious concern among his fans and followers. 

Likewise, Joshua Taylor Bassett is an American actor, singer, and songwriter born on December 22, 2000. He is well-known for playing Ricky Bowen, the series’ lead character, in High School Musical.

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Did Joshua Bassett Have A Heart Attack?

Twenty-one years old, Joshua Bassett had a severe heart attack and septic shock and was in the hospital for the same. He only had a 30 percent of survival chance in that case.

Joshua Bassett Says He Was Rushed to the Hospital for Mysterious Pain
Joshua Bassett Says He Was Rushed to the Hospital for Mysterious Pain [Source- Seventeen Magazine]
Bassett revealed that his doctors told him he had no chance of survival if he had not been admitted to the hospital within twelve hours; this shows how critical his health condition was even at an early age.

He has shared the picture while in his hospital and expressed his pain and sleepless nights through his Instagram account.

Bassett said, “according to the doc, I now have the medal for ‘the sickest patient in the hospital.’ how cool!!!”. He had to sleep around 16 to 20 hours a day due to his illness and could not even stand up for 30 seconds which was hard for him to cope with.

Joshua Bassett Health and Illness Update

Joshua Bassett had a complete health crisis a year back; however, it looks like he has significantly improved. He looks fit and healthy than before now.

On his Instagram handles @joshuatbassett, he posted recently 19 hours ago about his new music video. Similarly, Bassett is active in his works, so he seems fine now.

Also, he has not updated anything about his health conditions in the present situation; he seems to be okay. Even if he has some problems in his health, he may be under medication, but it is not severe as before.

He constantly posts on his social media sites with his friends, playing music, partying, and many more, which does not show any ill effects currently.

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Joshua Bassett's Near-Fatal Health Scare [ Source- Health Digest]
Joshua Bassett’s Near-Fatal Health Scare [ Source- Health Digest]

Joshua Bassett Charitable Works

oshua Bassett is involved in many charitable events, even at this young age. He motivates people through his good works. In January 2021, Bassett started his online merchandise store, donating all of his earnings from that sector to charity.

Bassett also donated all of his proceeds from his song “Crisis,” the lead single from his widely streamed December, to mental health organizations.

In addition, Bassett gave away one dollar for every pre-save of said EP to mental health organizations, collecting over twenty thousand dollars.

In March 2022, he was also an ambassador for the American Eagle “Members Always: Future Together” philanthropic campaign.
Through this step, the brand will award $200,000 in grants to twenty youth igniting change in their communities and many more.

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