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Muhammad Ali: Frazier, Career, Wife, Death & Net Worth

Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer, philanthropist, actor, and entertainer.

Initially born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., he was nicknamed “The Greatest.”

He was the greatest boxer globally, with 56 wins out of 61 games in his professional career.

During the height of his career, Muhammad refused to be drafted to the Vietnam War.

Consequently, he was found guilty of draft evasion.

Ali posing at his training camp (Neil Leifer)

Moreover, after being stripped of his boxing license, he did not box for 4 years until appealing to the Supreme Court.

Later, Ali not only came back strong but also advocated for human rights.

As an entertainer, he received awards for the spoken word and acted in various silver screen movies.

Quick Facts

Muhammad Ali has been ranked the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

Before diving into his details, let’s take a quick look at his bio:

Birth Name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr
Stage Name Muhammad Ali
Nickname The Greatest, The People’s Champion, The Louisville Lip
Date of birth January 17, 1942
Birthplace Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Date of Death June 3, 2016, (Died at 74 years old)
Place of Death of Death Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.
Religion Christian, Islamic
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Central High School (1958)
Father’s name Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr.
Mother’s name Odessa Grady Clay
Spouse(s) Sonji Roi(m. 1964-1966)
Khalilah Ali(m. 1967-1976)
Veronica Porche Ali(m. 1977-1986)
Lonnie Ali(m. 1986-2016)
Children 9
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 6 feet and 3 inches
Weight 198 lbs
Reach 78 inches
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $50 million -$80 million
Profession Professional Boxer, Social Activist, Actor, Author, Philanthropist
Debut year 1954 (Local amateur)
Salary $3 million
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Merch Autographed Gloves, Hoodies & T-Shirts
Last Update April 2024

Muhammad Ali: Family, Early Life, and Education

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., also known as Clay, was born on January 17, 1942, in Kentucky, Louisville.

His father was a billboard painter, while his mother worked as a housemaid. Additionally, he had one brother named Rudolf Clay.

Initially, the two brothers were raised in a Christian household. Furthermore, they were given Baptist teachings.

In the beginning, the media traced Clay’s ancestry back to the famous abolitionist Archer Alexander.

Like Alexander, Clay often advocated for human and civil rights.

Due to dyslexia, the legend could not fare well in school.

During his childhood, his bike was stolen. Then, he reported the incident to the Louisville police officer Joe E. Martin.

Famously, he told the officer he wanted to “whup” the thief. However, a part-time boxing trainer, Joe said he needed training.

Formerly, young Clay did not agree. Later, he started watching boxers in the show Tomorrow’s Champion.

Consequently, he was influenced by them to start his boxing practice.

Firstly, he started working with Fred Stoner. The coach gave him the foundation of style and stamina.

Similarly, he worked with Chuck Bodak for the last four years of his amateur career.

Muhammad Ali: Body Measurements

Moreover, the world-class champion has an equally amazing body measurement.

He stood around 6 feet and 3 inches, reaching up to 191 cm in height.

Likewise, he weighed heavily, around 198 lbs, during his career.

He had an astounding reach of 78 inches.

Ali’s constant training kept him alive as a fish with such a body. However, despite his efforts, he died of a health problem in his final year.

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Muhammad Ali: Personal Life

Religious Life

Ali grew up in a separatist situation where he was still not served at a restaurant even though he won the Olympics.

Likewise, he was extremely vocal in his hate against white supremacists and racists.

Hence, Clay Jr. became more and more strayed from Christianity. However, despite his beliefs, he was tolerant of any religion.

Furthermore, Clay hid his involvement with the Nation of Islam for a long time. Yet, he met his former mentor Malcolm X there.

Initially, he was denied membership due to his boxing career. Later, he was accepted after the Liston fight.

Only a few journalists accepted his new name, like Howard Cosell.

He teamed with Malcolm X to vocalize his hatred towards the white establishment during that time.

When Malcolm X parted from the Nation of Islam, Ali said he regretted making him his mentor.

Although his fight was against white supremacy, he was often labeled a black separatist.

However, he was seen at the forefront of the civil rights movement.

In 2004, Ali announced he converted to mainstream Sunni Islam. However, even after retiring, he remained a devout follower of Islam and the Quran.

Philanthropist & Activist

Ali, as a Muslim, wanted to help the world through good deeds as far as he could!

The legendary Ali, known as a world champion, sex symbol, pop culture icon, was also known for being a kind-hearted activist.

In Los Angeles, in January 1981, the activist stopped a suicidal man from jumping to Death by talking to him.

After advocating against the draft for Vietnam War, Ali became a young sensation.

Despite his status, he was always kind to the poor and marginalized.

His daughter explained, “His love for people was extraordinary.”

He would often bring homeless families into hotels. Similarly, he tried to help them by paying the month’s bills of those hotels.

Furthermore, he gave them new clothes and food.

Muhammad Ali: Spouses and Children

Ali was not only famous for boxing. He was famous for infidelity.

He married four wives and had seven daughters and two sons.

First of all, he married Sonji Roi in 1964. Roi was a cocktail waitress. However, Ali was against her way of living.

Thus, the childless couple parted ways in 1966.

Next, a year later, Muhammad married Belinda Boyd. Moreover, she changed her religion too and became Khalilah Ali.

Further, the couple had four children: Maryum, May May, Jamillah, and Rasheda.

Despite their marriage, Ali had an extramarital affair with Wanda Bolton. She even converted to Aaisha Ali and bore Khaliah Ali.

The boxer married Aaisha in an Islamic ceremony. Furthermore, the mother and daughter then lived alongside Khalilah and her children.

When Aaisha sued Ali for unpaid alimony, he set up a $200,000 trust fund for Khalilah.

After that, he had another daughter Miya from another affair with Patricia Harvell.

In 1977, Ali’s second marriage ended due to his infidelity. So, he married Veronica Porche in the same year.

Similarly, he had two daughters, Hana and Laila, from Veronica. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1986.

The reason remained Ali’s repeated infidelity. Veronica commented that he was addicted to affairs.

Finally, in the same year, he married Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams. Then, they adopted a son, Asaad Amin, when he was 5 months.

Since then, Ali has lived with Lonnie in Scottsdale. However, he also had homes in Kentucky and Michigan.

After Death, Lonnie sold his houses and lived in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Muhammad Ali: Career

Beginning of a Glorious Career

Muhammad began his boxing life at the age of 12. He went on to win his debut match in 1956.

At the age of 14, Ali won his first amateur fight. Two years later, he won the Novice Golden Gloves Tournament.

Next, he also won the AAU National Title for the light heavyweight division.

As an amateur, he became the best in the country. After 105 fights, he won 100 of them.

Hence, he was selected to be in the 1960 Rome Olympics. In the finals, he defeated the Polish opponent. Thus, he won gold.

After he arrived in his hometown, he started his professional career.

His debut match with Hunsaker in 1960 gave him his first win. By 1963, he had a clean slate of 19-0. After that, no one could stop him.

However, his downfall came with Sonny Banks and Cooper. Sadly, he lost both his matches.

ali after his fight with jones
Muhammad Ali after his fight with Doug Jones (Neil Leifer)

Clay also beat Doug Jones; their match was named “Fight of the Year” by The Ring magazine.

The legend also started his unusual habit of vocally belittling his opponents. But, most of the time, his strategy worked in his favor.

Ali vs. Liston

Then Clay rose as an underdog and sought to fight the great heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston.

During the pre-match buildup, Clay often annoyed the player. Furthermore, he called him an “ugly bear.”

During their fight, Liston was ahead until the fourth round. Then, due to his superior build, he dominated the smaller player.

However, Ali bounced back miraculously. Then, in the fifth round, he started hitting the tired opponent.

By the seventh round, Liston gave up. Thus, Clay won the fight.

Winning at the age of 22, he became the youngest fighter to snatch a legend’s title.

Liston was knocked down for 20 seconds in a controversial rematch between them. However, the referee hadn’t started the count.

Later, the match ended once the timekeepers pointed it out. Thus, Ali was victorious twice.

Ali vs. Floyd Patterson

The rising star defeated the former heavyweight champion, Patterson. Both played especially well. However, there was the use of foul words like calling Ali “Clay.”

The 12 round matches finished with a knockout from Ali. However, the hostility between the two is said to be just theatrics.

The defending champion later hosted a rematch to help broke Patterson earn money.

Revolting the Vietnam War

After his 18th birthday, the man had been posted in 1-A for Vietnam in 1962.

However, since he failed the writing test, he was moved to the 1-Y team.

Ali exceptionally decided not to be drafted. But, then, he called himself a conscientious objector.

When he refused to stand during his induction, he was arrested.

Next, he was given 5 years of imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. Again, he had stood before an all-white jury.

Yet, he appeared in the Supreme Court. Hence, he did not stay in jail at the time.

Later, he became arguably the most hated man in America after his stance on the Vietnam war. Moreover, he received a lot of death threats.

Journalists who supported him also received similar death threats.

However, Journalist William Rhode wrote in support anyway, “Ali’s action changed my standard for an athlete’s greatness…What are you doing for the liberation of your people?”

The Civil rights leaders often took Ali as a role model. Similarly, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and AI Shapton also spoke of his bravery.

The boxer was also honored with the Martin Luther King Award in 1970. As a boxer, he was also a champion of justice and peace.

Despite all his support, he was stripped of his boxing license. Later, in 1971, the Supreme Court overturned all his charges.

Similarly, in 1970, Muhammad Ali was interviewed by Dick Cavett.

Furthermore, in the interview that aired on May 25, 1970, on The Dick Cavett Show, Alli provides the world with his stance on the Vietnam War he revolted against!

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight was released in 2013, which describes Ali’s refusal to join the U.S military

.During and After Exile

From 1967 to 1970, Ali did not attend a single match. As a result, most believe he was robbed of his peak years.

Yet, during this time, he advocated more against the war. Then, he went across colleges to give speeches.

Nevertheless, he was widely condemned by the American media.

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Ali vs. Joe Frazier

After putting political pressure, the legend received his license in 1970. Then, he went on to take on Frazier.

In his absence, Frazier became the dominant champion in heavyweight boxing.

Held on March 8, 1971, the fight with Frazier has been named “Fight of the Century.”

Likewise, the broadcast was held in 36 countries with over 1 billion viewers.

Although an African-American boxer, Ali named his opponent “Uncle Tom,” a derogatory name.

Due to this, the match’s marketing shot up in boxing history.

The match held in Madison Square Garden lasted for 15 rounds.

In a way, Ali’s arrogance led to his downfall. He refused to adapt, but he did not expect his opponent to match him.

Hence, in the 15th round, he received his career’s first knockout. Thus, he lost his title.

Quarry, Patterson, Foster, and Norton

The loss against Frazier made him mad. However, it changed the way he saw the game.

Later, he practiced more than ever. Then, he went on to win 10 times consecutively in his next games.

His losing opponents were Quarry, Foster, and Patterson, for the second time.

Nevertheless, Ken Norton, an underdog, broke his jaw. Thus, he faced his second professional loss.

After six months, they had a rematch. Therefore, Ali won the match to avenge his loss.

Similarly, he avenged his first loss against Frazier. With better performance, he won the game flawlessly.

Rumble in the Jungle

Finally, the legend went to the World Boxing Championship.

George Foreman, the world’s heaviest hitter, was his biggest challenge. Unlike Ali, he had won both Frazier and Norton in two rounds.

Then, Ali built up a pre-game heat against George.

Everyone was worried about Ali. However, he shocked the world again.

He carefully protected his head in the game. Nevertheless, he took massive hits on his body.

During the fight, he taunted the player by saying, “Is that all you got, George?”

Finally, after tiring George, Ali moved to offense. Thus, he knocked out George with 5 punches and a right hook.

The most noteworthy game of his career won him his champion title.

After his win, he defended his title three times consecutively.

Thrilla in Manila

In brutal heat, Ali fought against Frazier third time in his career. Both held equal hatred against each other.

The match went on with Ali’s best hooks against Frazier’s head punches.

However, by the 15th round, the opponent was completely blind. So, his coach stopped the match.

Exhibition bouts

Despite rumors of retirement, Ali kept fighting to donate his wins to charities.

Likewise, he held exhibition matches against celebrities like Inoki, Alzado, and Semenko.

However, since he was already degrading, he got his third loss.

ali during florida photoshoot
Ali during Florida photo shoot (Neil Leifer)

Leon Spinks defeated the legend in 1978. Yet, the man of talent forged a rematch.

He kept his title by winning against Spinks.

Business Career with Main Bout

After the fight with Patterson, he started his own production company called the Main bout.

At first, the company handled Ali’s boxing promotions.

Later, they started pay-per-view closed-circuit television broadcasts.

Moreover, the company’s board members consisted of the fellow nation of Islam Members.

Amidst his stance on the Vietnam war, he won bouts against George Chuvalo, Henry Cooper, and Brian London.

Similarly, the bout between him and Cleveland Willians broke the record on the indoor crowd.

Likewise, Ali had the bloodiest match in history with Terell in 1967. Yet, after 15 rounds, he claimed victory.

Writing Career

Ali penned his autobiography called The Greatest: My Own Story with Richard Durham.

Later, he wrote another book called Soul of a Butterfly with his daughter Hana Yasmeen Ali.

Entertainment Career

Multi-talented Ali also wrote rhyme schemes and spoken word poetry frequently.

He is often regarded for shaping the black poetic tradition.

In 1963, he released his spoken word album titled I am the Greatest. Furthermore, it sold around 500,000 copies.

Due to his rhymes and trash talk, his freestyling and flow would now be typical old-school MCs.

In 2006, a documentary called Ali Rap came on with host Chuck D.

The legend has been quoted often by rappers like Eminem and Jay-Z.

Ali Wrestling

The legendary boxer also tried his hand at Wrestling.

In Philadelphia Arena, Ali challenged Gorilla Monsoon. Then, the wrestler put the boxer in a spin and dumped him on the mat.

Later in 1985, he became the special guest referee in WrestleMania1.

In 1995, he also starred in a match between Antonia Inoki and Ric Flair. Similarly, he was a guest at Collision, even in Korea.

Legacy, Honors, and Awards

In 1994, he was awarded the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year. In addition, he got Sports Illustrator’s Sportsperson of the Year in the same year.

Next, he became BBC’s Sports Personality in three different years.

After that, he got the Milliyet Sports Award for World Athlete of the Year many times.

He is also the humble receiver of the BET Humanitarian Award in 2002.

In the following year, Ali was awarded Bambi- Millennium Award.

Likewise, The Greatest was paid tribute by the UFC after a day of his Death!

Moreover, in the UFC 199 event, a tribute video was played crediting Muhammad Ali for all of his accomplishments!

Similarly, the tribute video presented in the UFC event inspired many UFC Champions and was heart-warming!

Muhammad Ali: Boxing Record and Stats

Ali set a high record that people can break, but one has to work his ass to achieve the stats Ali has set!

  • Total Fights: 61
  • Wins: 56
  • Wins By KO: 37
  • Losses: 5

Muhammad Ali: Controversies

Kiiurtsi Mensah-Ali came forward as Ali’s daughter. She said her mother; Barbara Mensah had a 20-year-old relationship with Ali.

Furthermore, she remarked that he had supported them financially but stopped when he married Lonnie.

Following the mishap, Temica Williams came forward with a sexual allegation towards Ali. She said that they had started a relationship when she was 12.

However, the case was dismissed years later under the statute of limitations.

Muhammad Ali: Final Years & Death

The legend spent his retirement on philandrist activities.

As he aged, he had Parkinson’s disease. Then, in 2016, he was hospitalized due to respiratory failure.

Finally, on June 3, 2016, he rested his eyes at 74.

Muhammad Ali: Net Worth

Ali’s net worth also shot up as a world superstar during his peak career.

Muhammad Ali’s net worth was estimated to be around $50 million to $80 million.

At one time, his lowest net worth was $3 million. Then, however, his net worth shot up again.

He had three estates in Kentucky, Scottdale, and Michigan. Each of them amounted to around $3 000 000.

Ali also had a Rolls Royce car. It is said he had two to three such luxury cars.

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Muhammad Ali: Social Media

Ali got super popular on social media as a celebrity in touch with his fans.

First of all, he garnered over 5.2 million followers on his Instagram.

Next, his Twitter has about 880.7k followers. His Twitter has been verified, like his Instagram and Facebook.

Finally, his Facebook has the highest following of 11 million.

All his social media accounts are being used to tribute the legendary boxer.

Muhammad Ali: Trivia 

  • Ali famously refused to go in the Vietnam War draft. Moreover, his story lives on with the 2013 documentary The Trials of Muhammad Ali.
  • Unfortunately, the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted his communications. Furthermore, the media revealed the operation as “Minaret” that reviewed those against the Vietnam War.
  • Likewise, he filmed 75 one-minute sparring videos with Rocky Marciano. Then, a computer analyzed the winner. In the U.S. version, Ali lost.
  • In 1979, Ali fought NFL player Lyle Anzaldo in an exhibition match. Nonetheless, the game was a draw.

Muhammad Ali: FAQs

Did Will Smith play Muhammad Ali?

Yes, Will Smith starred as the legendary boxer in the 2001 film Ali. Following the movie, it shows his earlier years to reclaim his title in 1974.

Who did Ali lose to?

Ali lost to five boxers in his career.

Likewise, He lost to the boxers: Joe Frazer, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes, and Trevor Berbick.

However, he said Sonny Liston was his greatest opponent.

Did Muhammad Ali go to jail?

No, the player was charged with disobeying the draft.

However, he did not have to stay in jail because he appealed the decision.

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