Kath Loughlan Affair

Kath Loughnan Affair Is Just A Rumor, She Is Happily Married To Husband Luke Panic

Fans are wondering whether Kath Loughnan Affair rumors are true. So far, none of the speculations have been confirmed. Here is what we know.

Kath Loughnan’s career has advanced quickly since she joined Fox at age 20, going from an editorial assistant to a producer of digital videos, then a reporter, and eventually a presenter.

Since Fox Cricket’s start in 2018, Kath has played a significant role in its international and domestic formats.

The presenter is also a main part of Fox Footy’s coverage during the winter as a game-day host, is a boundary reporter and features on many of the channel’s programs.

As for Loughnan’s profile, she is 29 years old, born on 28 May 1993 to her parents, Mark Loughnan and Theresa Loughnan.

She also has two brothers named Daniel and Michael and sisters named Emily and Victoria.

Currently, Loughnan prioritizes reporting in Cricket Australian Football League and covers many AFL and cricket games and events.

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Is Kath Loughnan Affair Just A Rumor? 

Since there are no details of Loughnan being romantically involved in the first place, the rumors of the affairs are, so far, fake.

No media outlets are confirming such rumors at the moment. It is also hard to say from where those speculations arose.

Kath Loughnan Affair
Kath invites SportNXT Director Bart Campbell to the stage to provide his recap of Day 1. (Source: Sports Next Org)

On the other hand, Curtin University in Perth is where Katherine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree.

Katherine has a background in competitive swimming and has participated in multiple Australian Open Championships.

Details Of Kath Loughnan Husband Explored

There need to be more details sufficing that Kath Loughnan is married to Luke Panic.

While some sites mention Luke as Kath Loughnan’s husband, there is little to no verification. The supposed pair are not even seen together.

Whether she is married or not is still being determined. On the other hand, she appears single based on her Instagram photos.

Furthermore, there have been no speculations that Kath is romantically involved with another person.

Nevertheless, anyone who will be Kath Loughnan’s partner will be a lucky guy. Beautiful both inside and out, Kath is certainly a catch.

Kath Loughnan Affair
Kath Loughnan on GF Day on FoxFooty. (Source: Twitter)

Regarding her career, Loughnan was hired by Fox Sports in 2019 and became the columnist for 2SM Radio news.

She covers various news from today’s BT Sport 1/ HD cricket match between Australia and England. 

Not only that, but Katherine also holds on being the first female host of AFL 360 on Fox Footy’s show.

Also, she contributes to the winter coverages of game day host, boundary reporter, and guest on numerous series.

Does Kath Loughnan Have An Instagram Account?

Kath Loughnan has an Instagram account. To further elaborate, her handle name is @kathloughnan. 

So far, she has accumulated over 33.1 thousand followers, along with 98 posts. On her Instagram bio, she has also shared the links to @foxcricket and @foxfooty.

Besides Instagram, Kath Loughnan appears to use Facebook less. She also has a Twitter account with the handle name @KathLoughnan. she has accumulated 21.4 thousand followers and 2519 tweets.

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