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Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia: How Old Is The Journalist? Family And Net Worth

After being featured in the news headlines for “The act of Granit Xhaka is shameful,” Journalist Zana Avdiu has received severe social media threats. People are searching for Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia.

The public’s interest in Zana Avdiu is at an all-time high due to her statement, “The act of Granit Xhaka is shameful,” to Granit Xhaka Swiss football player.

There’s been a lot of threatening stuff going on with Zana Avdiu on social media. According to her lawyer, Arianit Koci, Zana’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have received many messages from people. One user wrote to Zana that he could get to her and kill her.

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What Is the Age of Zana Avdiu? Family Background

Zana Avdiu was born in pristina, kosovo. Her birthday is February 28. She did not disclose her birth year at this time. Her mother’s name is Mihane Avdiu, and she has a sibling who shares the same name. Her name is Arta Avdiu. Arta is another notable figure in the public eye.

Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia
Zana Avdiu with her sister Arta Avdiu. Source: Facebook

Based on her physical characteristics and appearance, she must be between the ages of 28 and 30. However, she did not reveal her birth year, making it difficult to determine her age.

Regarding her education details, Zana graduated with a master of law from Universiteti I Prishtin√ęs. 

How Much Does Zana Avdiu Earn & Her Net Worth?

It is not possible to discuss how much money she has made. According to Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia, she has not disclosed her total wealth. On the other hand, a Journalist’s salary in Kosovo is split into two parts.

Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia
Zana Avdiu is posing for the photo. Source: Facebook

The monthly salary for employees younger than 35 years old is $280. And Employees over the age of 35 will receive $300 per month (up to a maximum period of 65 years).

Therefore, it is safe to assume that her monthly income is between $240 and $280. Consequently, it appears that her net worth is somewhere between $200000 to $500000.

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So What happened between Zana and Granit Xhaka?

Granit Xhaka has been involved in a controversy after making an offensive gesture during the match against Serbia. Zana’s sister, Arta Avdiu, has called him a thug, which has caused a stir among Albanians worldwide.

Zana Avdiu's post about Granit Xhakes.
Zana Avdiu’s post about Granit Xhaka. Source: Facebook

Following a post that Zana Avdiu made on “Facebook” about Granit Xhaka’s actions during the match between Switzerland and Serbia, the controversy surrounding Granit Xhaka has gained further momentum.

Because of this, many individuals search for Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia and leave comments on Zana’s social sites containing negative language.

Know More About Zana Avdiu Biografia Wikipedia

Zana Avdiu is a Journalist and traveler who has a passion for discovering new places and gaining exposure to various cultures. Whenever she has spare time, she makes it a point to go to exciting recent locations worldwide.

She regularly updates her social media accounts with photographs she has taken during her travels. In addition to that, she is an avid follower of football as well as other sports.

When a significant game is being played, she catches it. In addition to that, she is a massive supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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