Konstantin Fedorov: Paintball, Hobbies & Net Worth

Have you ever watched paintball online or on TV? If you have, then you may know about Konstantin Fedorov.

Konstantin Fedorov is a Russian Paintball player whose first gun was System X NME. Surprisingly, he was only 14 years old when he first shot his paintball marker.

Konstantin Fedorov in a red T-Shirt smiling for the camera. (Source: Social Paintball)

Fedorov has also won the World Cup 2006 with Russian Legion.

If you want to know more about this fantastic Paintball player, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts

Here are some less-known facts about Konstantin Fedorov:

Name Konstantin Fedorov 
Nick Name Kfed
Date of birth 1985
Age 39 Years Old
Place of Birth Russia
Place of Residence Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Not Available
Religion Not Known
Gender Male
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Education High School, Paintball Practice
Height 178 cm or 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight 79 kilograms or 174 lbs
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Shoe Size Not Known
Body Type Athletic
Marital Status Not Known
Girlfriend Not Known
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Occupation Professional Paintball Player
Career Debut 2003 PSP – World Cup Russian Legion
Career Wins 33 Firsts
Fighting Out Of  United States of America
Division Pro, Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3
Position Front
Trainer Todd Martinez
Team Tj All-Stars and Houston Heat
Years Active 18 Years (2003-2021)
Jersey Number #88
Social Media Facebook
Merch of Paintball Helmets, Safety Goggles
Last Updated May 2024

Konstantin Fedorov: Early Life, Family, and Education

Family and Early Life

Born in a small military town in Russia which required passes to enter, Konstantin Fedorov’s parents first wanted him to play soccer.

Further, Fedorov also constantly changed his sports.

But, the difficulty in playing soccer was that he had to travel at least 40 miles every day for the soccer practice. 

So, Konstantin starts playing indoor football, basketball, and volleyball as a final resort.

One day, Fedorov played a Paintball game between two squads, eventually winning the game.

Then, by chance, his team’s coach and the opponent team’s coach started dating, and Konstantin was exposed to the world of paintball.

In addition, he then wanted to join the Russian Legion and talked to the coach of Russian Legion about it.

Fedorov then, with one another of his friends, entered the try-outs. Fortunately, after a month, he was selected as a member of the Russian Legion.

Additionally, he had to go to practice three years in a row after school to remain an active team member.

During this time, Konstantin’s parents supported him a lot, and he then started his Paintball career.

Unfortunately, the names of his parents remain unknown. Similarly, the presence and the names of his siblings are also unknown.

Education and Paintball Practice

Even though not much information about Konstantin’s educational endeavor is known, it is safe to assume that he is a high school graduate.

Also, any further information about his college education is not available.

Talking about his Paintball practice, Konstantin Fedorov describes Paintball practice as his lover.

Further, he loved meeting new people and learning new styles and techniques every day.

Konstantin Fedorov: Age, Height, and Weight

There is no information about Konstantin Fedorov’s exact birth date, but he was born in 1985 in a small town in Russia. In addition, Fedorov is 39 Years Old.

Further, height and weight play a significant role while playing paintball, and Konstantin isn’t far behind.

Also, he has a dazzling height of 5 feet and 8 inches or 173 cm, which is very important in targeting and shooting his rivals.

Similarly, Fedorov also has a perfect weight of 79 kilograms or 174 lbs which is essential in the running around during the game.

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Konstantin Fedorov: Career

The Beginning

During his beginning career, Konstantin Fedorov started in Division 1 X-Ball at the PSP – World Cup Russian Legion on 26th October 2003 and the PSP – Northeast Open Russian Legion on 29th August 2004.

He finished at 5th of 14 and 1st of 7, respectively.

Then, he entered the world of the Pro X-Ball™ division by playing World Cup Russian Legion and became 2nd on 30th October 2004.

Furthermore, he started playing in the Pro RaceTo-7 (XBall) division at PSP – Phoenix Open Philly Americans on 22nd February 2009 and became 1st.

Also, Konstantin gathered 2,826.6624 points from 2009 to 2010, playing under Pro RaceTo-7 (XBall) division. 

Rise to Fame

Then, he continued playing under the Pro RaceTo-7 division from 2011 to 2015 and gathered 5,902.3296 points.

Furthermore, Fedorov played under the Pro Challengers X-Ball division at PSP.

He played PSP Chicago Open ART CHAOS on 22nd June 2014 and became 11th among 20 with 353.6 points.

Konstantin Fedorov is celebrating with his friends after a win. (Source: paintballruinedmylife.com)

Then, he played under the Pro X-Ball™ division from 2015 to 2018 and gathered 21,600.5696 points.

At Challenge Cup Cali Tsunami on 21st October 2018, Konstantin Fedorov became 1st of 4 under Open (D3) X-Ball and gathered 140 points.

Also, at NXL World Cup 2018 Tsunami held on 11th October 2018, Konstantin played under Division 3 X-Ball™ and finished in 9th position.

Later Career

Furthermore, he began playing under the Pro X-Ball™ from NXL.

He played NXL Las Vegas Open 2019 Houston Heat on 10th March 2019 and became 2nd. Moreover, this player garnered 2161.6 points.

Finally, on 12th December 2021, Fedorov played at the 507 PL – 507 PAINTBALL LEAGUE 2021 PRYZE team under Division 3 X-Ball™.

Moreover, he secured the highest point at NXL Mid Atlantic Major Houston Heat held on 27th June 2021 under the Pro division and secured 1st place out of 20 and gathered a whopping 3200 points.

Konstantin Fedorov: Teams

A fantastic Paintball player, Konstantin Fedorov, started playing for the Tj All-Stars on 5th December 2021 under Division 2.

Before that, he had played for the Houston Heat under the Pro division, where his last game was on 14th November 2021.

Also, Fedorov has played for the KTM X-BOW under Division 1 on 1st December 2019 and for Russia under Division 2 on 21st July 2019.

In addition, Konstantin has played for Tsunamion on 17th February 2019 under Division 3.

He played for the ART CHAOS on 12th October 2014 under the Pro division and 29th September 2013 under Division 1. 

Konstantin Fedorov has played for the Russian Legion, also known as Russian BRL, on 23rd September 2011 under the Pro division. 

Additionally, he played for the Philly Americans on 11th October 2009 under the Pro division.

Finally, Fedorov has played for the NXL All-Stars East on 24th September 2006 under the Pro division.

Konstantin Fedorov: Hobbies

A professional Paintball player, Konstantin Fedorov, likes to indulge in other activities.

After a rigorous practice or whenever he is free, Fedorov likes to snowboard and ride the motorcycle. Further, he also enjoys cooking.

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Konstantin Fedorov: Favorites

He likes to listen to Hip-hop and house music, and his guilty pleasure is Blank Space by Taylor Swift.

Also, Fedorov’s favorite movie is Boondock Saints. In addition, his all-time favorite Paintball team is Philly All-Americans.

Konstantin Fedorov: Net Worth

A very popular Konstantin Fedorov’s net worth remains in the dark.

However, in his Paintball career, Konstatin Fedorov has gained 6300 points and earns $7375 each month as a professional player.

Konstantin Fedorov: Personal Life

Konstantin Fedorov’s relationship status remains in the shadow.

Unfortunately, there is no information about his current and past relationship.

Konstantin Fedorov: Social Media

Even though Konstantin is very popular in paintball, he is not that active on social media platforms.

Although he has a Facebook account, he remains relatively inactive.

Konstantin Fedorov posing with his gun (Source: Facebbok)

He posts random videos of himself and his games and some photos on his Facebook page.

In addition, this talented paintball player has over 7k followers on his Facebook page.

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Konstantin Fedorov: FAQs

What is Konstantin Fedorov’s salary?

This talented paintball player Konstantin Fedorov’s salary is $7,375 per month. 

What did Konstantin Fedorov think of the USA before and after he visited?

When Fedorov played for the Russian Legion, he had heard that US players had better skills, character, and strategies when playing paintball.

Then, when he came to the United States, he found these claims to be valid and was excited to play against them.

Konstantin Fedorov is the idol of many paintball players. But, who is his idol?

A man with fantastic skill, Konstantin Fedorov’s idol is Michael Jordan.

Further, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, or simply MJ or Jordan, is an American former professional basketball player and businessman.

In addition, Fedorov likes how Michael Jordan tackles the ball and his team while playing.

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