Lesley Manville Husband

Lesley Manville Husband: Married To Gary Oldman, Son Alfie Oldman Family And Net Worth

Lesley Manville Husband; She married Gary Oldman in 1987, but the couple parted ways in 1989, three months after their son, Alfie Oldman, was born.

Both Lesley and Gary come from the entertainment industry as acting. Their union lasted only around three years, from working together to getting married.

They were active in the industry from around the 1970s and are still present, earning numerous accolades.

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Lesley Manville Husband: Married To Gary Oldman And Son Alfie Oldman

Lesley Manville has been married twice in her lifetime. She married her first husband, actor Gary Oldman for almost three years.

The couple was married in 1987, and they had a son named Alfie, who is currently 34. Just three months after Alfie was born, they both separated. After that, Gary married four other women.

They had divorced in 1990, the same year Gary wed Pulp Fiction actress Uma Thurman. Not only that but Manville was also married to actor Joe Dixon in 2000 and divorced in 2004. 

Lesley Manville and Gary Oldman Were Once Married to Each Other- And Now They’re Both Nominated for Oscars
Lesley Manville and Gary Oldman Were Once Married to Each Other- And Now They’re Both Nominated for Oscars [Source- DNA India]
Despite their togetherness not working out, the couple had remained on good terms, and Lesley spoke highly of her ex in a new interview with You magazine.

Lesley had once shared the moment she remembered attending the Academy Awards with her son and said it was “fantastic” to see Gary take home the coveted prize.

Their son, Alfie, is also known for works like The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Lesley Manville Family

Lesley Manville is the daughter of Jean, a former ballet dancer, and Ron Manville, a taxi driver. Their family resided in Brighton, East Sussex, where she was born.

She was the youngest daughter and grew up with her two sisters. She was training as a soprano singer from age 8, and she was an under-18 champion of Sussex two times. 

Even though she was divorced two times, she shared a good time with her son. It is unclear whether he has made Lesley a grandmother yet, as she is already in her 60s. Soon she may get the news, if not, and share an extended family.

Also, her social media sites are not publicly disclosed, so her updates are difficult. Unlike other celebrities, she prefers to stay away from the spotlight. With that, her family members are less known to all.

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Lesley Manville Talks Playing Princess Margaret In ‘The Crown’: “She Was So Avant-Garde.
Lesley Manville Talks Playing Princess Margaret In ‘The Crown’: “She Was So Avant-Garde [Source- The Boston Globe]

Lesley Manville Net Worth At Present 

Lesley Manville has a hefty net worth of around two million dollars at present from her profession of acting. With her professional highlights and notoriety, she is the recipient of many awards in her 2024 career.

Likewise, she started her career in 1972, and in 2022, she is still working on hit shows. Her aging and long work tenure have not faded her skill and performance, resulting in a half-century dedication to the industry.

She preferred acting as a teenager in television series such as King Cinder. She gained a place at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts at age 15.

Manville starred in Anthony Horowitz’s murder mystery series Magpie Murders and played the titular character role in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in 2022.

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