Marilyn Monroe Abortion [Source- History]

Marilyn Monroe Abortion And Pregnant Rumors Before Death- Did She Have Kids? Husband And Family

Marilyn Monroe Abortion; It is unclear whether she had an abortion, but the film ‘Blonde’ suggests that Marilyn had an abortion during her love affairs.

This American actress passed away when she was just thirty-six years old, and her cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning. With her death, her pregnancy and abortion topic has remained a mystery.

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Marilyn Monroe Abortion & Pregnant Rumors Before Death- Did She Have Kids?

Marlin Monroe’s abortion and pregnancy rumors before her death have always been a topic of discussion among her viewers. Even though she was said to have aborted after being pregnant, it cannot be made sure as she is not present to verify it.

Intentional or Not, Blonde Has an Anti-Abortion Message
Intentional or Not, Blonde Has an Anti-Abortion Message [Source- The cinema holic]
Similarly, she married thrice in her life but had no children before her death in 1962. There is also a movie named Blonde, based on her, which is a fictionalized take on her life and career, played by Ana de Armas. 

In that movie, it was shown she had a miscarriage and aborted a pregnancy. As cinemas are not always based on true events, that cannot be considered fully true.

Not only that, there is a Netflix’s 2022 documentary, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, based on her, which suggests she was pregnant three times, but each ended with a miscarriage.

Marlin Monroe Husband

Marlin Monroe was married three times until she was alive. At the age of 16, she got married to her first husband, factory worker James Dougherty, on June 19, 1942.

She thought he was not a suitable match as she was unhappy with boredom with their association. When married, they had an age gap of around four years. The pair split off after James started interfering in her career in September 1946.

Secondly, she married Joe DiMaggio at the San Francisco City Hall. He was a baseball player by profession. The couple also separated after being together for around nine months.

Their divorce resulted in Joe being a jealous person with a controlling attitude; he was also physically abusive. After returning from NYC to Hollywood in October 1954, she filed for divorce against him.

Lastly, Monroe and Arthur Miller were married On June 29, 1956, and she converted to Judaism. During this time, she is said to have had miscarriages in her pregnancy three times. She divorced him, and they obtained a Mexican divorce in January 1961.

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Marilyn Monroe's Desire To Be A Mother, And The Multiple Forced Abortion Scenes
Marilyn Monroe’s Desire To Be A Mother, And The Multiple Forced Abortion Scenes [Source- The Cinema Holic]

Marlin Monroe Family

Marlin Monroe did not get love from her family, as her parents had initially separated. Her mother’s name was Gladys Pearl Baker, whereas her Father was John Newton Baker.

She was with her mother for some time in childhood, but that changed after her mother had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. However, her Father was not available after her parents divorced.

In addition, after her mother got hospitalized, her living place changed often. During that time, she was sexually abused too. Later she was placed in the Los Angeles Orphans Home.

Moreover, she found a home to stay at Ana Lower again, in the west-side district of Sawtelle, but at 16, she married while studying. During that time, she left high school studies and became a housewife. 

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