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Leslie Griffith Husband Miles Griffith: Age Difference Children And Net Worth

Leslie Griffith’s husband was heartbroken when his wife passed away, unfortunately on 10th August 2022. She had contracted a deadly life-threatening disease in 2015, which recently led to her untimely demise.

She was a famous writer and journalist who started her career in the newspaper media and business for Associated Press and The Denver Post.

Griffith also worked as a television journalist and as an anchor for KTVU news for close to 30 years. 

She contracted Lyme disease in 2015, leading to her passing away a few days ago.

Leslie Griffith was a known face in the television business and shocked the news world as she was considered a legendary entity.


Griffith is survived by her husband, whose name is Miles Griffith.

She and her first husband divorced after only two years of marriage, and she got through her college as a single mother. 

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Leslie Griffith with her co-anchor on the Weekend News.

She worked as a cleaner to support her child while also studying and getting good academic results.

Miles Griffith, her current husband, is of 72 years of age and the rightful owner of the assets she has left behind.

There isn’t any other extra information about Miles Griffith on social media or internet news.


Leslie, during recent times, was the closest to her husband, Miles Griffith. 

They were each other’s support system as Miles grew older and Leslie also suffered from her disease.

Miles was 72 when Leslie passed away recently at the age of 60.

The married couple had an age difference of 12 years between them which didn’t matter to them or their relationship.

The couple was understanding of one another, and Leslie left her inheritance to her husband, Miles Griffith.


Leslie Griffith had divorced her first husband after only being married for two years. 

Through all her relationships and marriages, Leslie was the mother of two daughters and a son. 

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Leslie had two children with Miles, and they lived together in Berkeley, California.

They didn’t reveal much information about their children, so it’s difficult to gain any information about them.

Out of respect for their privacy, the information about them has not been published anywhere.


Miles Griffith is the sole owner of all assets and securities previously belonging to Leslie Griffith.

Leslie began her career as a Denver Post and the Associated Press journalist.

She became a weekend reporter and an anchor for KTVU in Oakland, California.

In 1996, she became co-anchor of the Ten o’ Clock news with Dennis Richmond.

She resigned from the TV station after working for 22 years as an anchor. However, she continued to write for various news publications like The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, etc.

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Her primary work was with the problem of Tuberculosis in circus elephants. 

She published an article on the issue and was also involved in making the movie ‘When Giants Fall.’

She acquired total assets up to $8 million net worth during her lifetime work as a journalist, which has now been transferred to her husband, Miles.

Griffith also established a scholarship called the Leslie R. Griffith Woman of Courage of Scholarship to help young women.


Leslie Griffith died in Lake Chapala, Mexico, on August 10, 2022. 

She had acquired Lyme disease back in 2016, which was only diagnosed very later in her life.

The Lyme disease grew surmountable and caused life-threatening effects on Leslie.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t fight and passed away due to the disease a few days ago.

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