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Who Is Mitch Tambo’s Wife, Lele? – Everything about The Australian Singer

Mitch Tambo, a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent, is wed to Lele, a singer.

With one of their own and three from Lele’s ex-partner, the couple is the proud parents of four lovely kids.

Lele can be found on Instagram at @voiceoflele, where she has amassed over 5.1k followers.

Who Is Mitch Tambo’s Wife, Lele?

Lele is a singer by profession who is married to Mitch Tambo. The happy pair decided to have a cowboy-themed wedding and were wed on April 8, 2021, in Tamworth.

The union of the couple included elements of their respective ethnic traditions. A relative wearing a traditional headgear led Lele, who is of West Papuan origin, down the aisle.

The proud Aboriginal groom, in the meantime, performed a smoking ritual to respect his elders. The bride looked stunning in a gown made of sparkling gold sequins and large gold earrings.

She had gorgeous makeup on, and her hair was pulled back so she could take advantage of the dance floor after the ceremony.

Not only that, Tambo first met Lele in Melbourne when she was 28 years old. 

Tambo was empowering people at the time while also promoting culture through his business, True Culture. He had recently released his debut EP and had an interest in acting.

After progressively overcoming Lele’s phobia of heights, he proposed to her while skydiving. “I went first, and as I landed, I produced a “Will you marry me?” banner.

Since then, they have been happily married, and in November 2021, Phoenix, their first daughter, was born.

Although they haven’t specified their actual ages, the couple seems to have a 3–5 year age gap.

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Mitch Tambo’s Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Mitch Tambo’s projected net worth is $2 million. He is a vocalist who has competed on Australia’s Got Talent and earned his life through singing.

Guurrama-Li, the singer’s first extended play, was independently released in 2016. In July 2018, Songbird Records reissued it.

He received widespread recognition in 2019 after making it to Australia’s Got Talent’s final of the ninth season.

Moreover, In November 2019, he secured a contract with Sony Music Australia.

After his debut on Australia’s Got Talent, his EP charted globally on iTunes charts.

To have Tambo represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest, a fan Twitter campaign was started.

You’re The Voice, Together, Love, Absolutely Everybody, Dreamtime Princess, and Heal, Tambo’s most recent six singles as a Sony recording artist, all reached #1 on the iTunes World Music Charts, solidifying Tambo as Australia’s World Music Star.

Additionally, he serves as UNICEF Australia’s ambassador.

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Mitch Tambo Is A Singer From Sydney, Australia

Singer Mitch Tambo was born in Sydney and moved to Tamworth when he was 18 months old.

Tambo asserts that Roz Parker, his mother, pushed him to embrace his Gamilaraay (Aboriginal Australian) culture and identity.

In 2010, Tambo went to Rome to see Mary MacKillop’s canonization.

In 2013, Tambo debuted the children’s television program Muso Magic Outback Tracks, highlighting and promoting inspiring stories from remote Aboriginal communities.

Gamilaraay Mitch blends contemporary beats and compositions with traditional Aboriginal sounds and language.

The multi-talented recording artist stunned the country on Australia’s Got Talent’s 2019 grand finale with a spine-tingling First Nations performance of the iconic John Farnham ballad; You’re The Voice.

Mitch’s remarkable performance moved Australians and people from other nations.

Also, He is a sought-after opinion writer, commentator, and speaker on podcasts and at business events. Additionally, He is a licensed social worker passionate about diversity awareness.

Tambo also thanked cultural practitioners and motivators working in educational institutions and for neighborhood organizations.

Mitch is a skilled content producer who regularly publishes on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Furthermore, He developed his own Facebook content series called Tamboo Talk.

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