Lisa Raitt Husband Bruce Wood

Lisa Raitt Husband Bruce Wood Age: Children And Married Life Net Worth

Lisa Raitt is married to Bruce Wood, the former CEO of Hamilton’s port. Bruce Wood has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease since 2016 at 56.

Lisa Raitt is a former Canadian politician serving as the Deputy Leader from 2017 to 2019. Before the Deputy Leader, she was the Conservative Party deputy leader between2015 to 2019.

Lisa was also a member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Milton. She represented Halton from 2008 to 2015.

Lisa Raitt was the first female harbourmaster of a Canadian port to serve as the TPA’S General Counsel and Corporate Secretary and harbourmaster from April 2001.

She was one of the eleven women named to the Cabinet and appointed to the Cabinet of Canada in 2008.

Raitt was moved from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Ministry of Labour on January 2010. Prime Minister Harper publicly said that Raitt has “a great future.”

On July 15, 2013, she was named Minister of Transport. She did great work after starting her career as a politician. People always loved her work. 

She beat in the federal election by Adam van Koeverden in 2019. 

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Lisa Raitt’s Husband, Bruce Wood Age

Lisa Raitt is 8 years younger than her husband, Bruce Wood. 

Lisa was born on May 7, 1968; she is 53 years in 2022, and Bruce Wood is 61 years in 2022. The exact date of birth of Bruce Wood is not mentioned in any sources.

Lisa is married to Bruce Wood, the former CEO of Hamilton’s port. Both the couple are from a political background. They worked together with each other. 

But in the year 2016, Bruce had Alzheimer’s disease. He has been suffering for 6 years, and it worsens yearly. Lisa has to remind him of small things like they are married and live together, as Lisa shared. 

Lisa Raitt’s Children And Married Life

Lisa Raitt is married to Bruce Wood. They were in a relationship for a very long time. They met each other in the year 2009. 

The couple got married in September 2016. After getting married, Bruce had Alzheimer’s disease. Bruce forgets small things like they are married; Lisa reminds him from time to time and supports him. 

They got married and had two children together. John Colin Raitt and Billy Raitt are their two sons. 

Lisa Raitt with her sons (
Lisa Raitt with her sons (

The information about their children has been private; they have not shared much about them. They like to keep their personal life confidential. 

Their married life has been hard for Lisa as Bruce has Alzheimer’s, and they always supported and cared for him. After having Alzheimer’s, he has been rude and forgotten things. 

He doesn’t like people around him; this made Lisa very hard to work with him. But also he always loved him and took care.

Bruce’s most extensive support system is his wife, Lisa. It was hard for her at first in 2016, but here in 2022, she is ok talking about her ill husband in media. She shared when she was talking to the press through her Facebook account.

Also, the children have always supported her and their father. 

Lisa Raitt’s Net Worth

Lisa is a well-known politician who has been working since the 1990s. She has been involved with different parties and working with them. 

Lisa RRaitt’snet worth in the year 2022 is close to $1.5million. Her salary is unknown till now. 

Her source of income is her political career. However, there might be other sources like investments and business. 

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