Steve Bannon Sick

Is Steve Bannon Sick? Illness And Health Update

People are wondering if Steve Bannon is sick, and some are concerned for his health too.

Steve Bannon, former Trump adviser, and former Breitbart News CEO, does not exude the “pinnacle of health.” The portly, cigar-smoking, allegedly former alcoholic is not known for his gym regimen.

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Bannon has been called many things throughout the years. One of them is not Wellness Warrior. Nonetheless, Bannon now features in advertisements on his website for “The War Room Defense Pack,” a zinc and vitamin D3 supplement with the slogan, “You can’t fight if you’re sick!”

Is Steve Bannon Sick? 

Some think Steve Bannon has the face of a man who chews cigarettes or was recently arrested for drunk-driving a houseboat. According to all accounts, the White House Chief Strategist is not a pleasant sight, but why? 

Dr. Buford, an expert dermatologist, noted that he has a few political acquaintances, and the main issue these people have is that they are continuously on the move. They don’t have access to nutritional food; they eat seldom or not at all, win and dine, consume alcohol, and are stressed.

He reported that Steve Bannon is overweight and has a bloated face, indicating a lack of sleep. He most likely made poor food choices. 

The dermatologist can see evidence of high amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, on his face. He has metabolic syndromes: central obesity, the male gut, which raises estrogen, producing bloating and water retention. This carries a high risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

 I can see puffiness around his eyes. That comes with progressive aging, and he’s in his early 60s. I can see bloating or water retention too. The redness is probably stress-related, and he might not be getting a lot of sleep. He’s obviously under a lot of stress.

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Steve Bannon Illness: What Is Wrong With His Face?

He has to blush on his nose, which is usually caused by the condition known as rosacea. That’s a rather prevalent disorder; perhaps one-third of the population suffers from it.

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The dermatologist believes that is due to oil gland and sebaceous gland multiplication, a relatively frequent condition.

He went on to say that Steve’s primary concern is increasing his nutrition. People don’t eat healthily and look as well as he does. He’s most likely not eating healthily and not receiving enough physical activity. Steve seemed to be under a lot of stress, with no way to relieve it.

Steve Bannon Believed Trump Was Suffering From Early-Stage Dementia

According to a senior TV producer, former White House strategist Steve Bannon believed Donald Trump had early-stage dementia. He secretly campaigned to remove him from office using the 25th amendment.

Trump’s campaign chairman in his 2016 election triumph against Hillary Clinton was the former investment banker and failed Hollywood producer who went on to manage the ultra-rightwing Breitbart News website.

However, Bannon was ousted as a White House strategist in August 2017 due to the repercussions of Trump’s support for white supremacist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bannon served as a source for tell-all novels before rejoining Trump’s sphere as the 2020 election loomed. Following his defeat by Joe Biden, Trump pardoned Bannon on a fraud charge related to a fundraising attempt for a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Bannon is still a media darling, hosting a hard-right podcast.

Rosen says in his book that Bannon believed Trump had early-stage dementia and that there was a genuine risk he would be removed from office under the 25th amendment, which allows the cabinet to decide that the president is no longer mentally capable of carrying out his duties.

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