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Who Are Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Dies? Are They Married? Relationship Timeline

Lucia and Antonio had been considered one of six couples in ‘Love Never Lies Destination Sardinia’ season one who wished to demonstrate their loyalty to at least one other.

The Spanish show will entertain the viewers by taking the contestants on a trip to Sardinia, where they can see couples putting themselves to the test with single men and women before whom they have to show strong resistance.

Not only that, the most honest duo will get to proclaim the victory of 100,000 euros. Many viewers are excited to see which pair will achieve their prize and love.

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Who Are Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Dies? 

Lucia and Antonio are the couples starring in the show Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies Destination Sardinia.’ This season, they are competing against five other love couples to succeed.

The couple did not perceive each other well and had been keen to discover a stronger tie between themselves.

Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Lies (Source- The Cinemaholic)
Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Lies (Source- The Cinemaholic)

However, with the initial series of questions requested through “eye detect,” it was exposed that Lucia was talking alongside her footballer ex than Antonio had been aware.

This led to an upsetting scenario as he could not get why Lucia wished to cowl one thing.

It moreover received right here out that Antonio did fantasize about his close friend Julia with whom he had slept sooner than he started saying, Lucia.

Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Dies; Are They Married? 

No, Lucia and Antonio From Love Never Die are not married. Still, the time received right here for the couple to be separated, and Lucia stayed inside the distinctive villa that may rapidly House some very participating youthful males.

Previously, Lucia had a relationship with Antonio because of his caring nature, whereas Antonio found Lucia an intelligent woman. 

However, their association starts to face trouble when Antonio feels that his partner is becoming controlling in their relationship, as she tends to think she is always right. 

Now the couple concluded to show up in the show to fix the minor issues they were facing in their relationship. 

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Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia's contestant
Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia’s contestant (Source- Instagram)

What Does Lucia and Antonio Do In Real Life?

Lucia and Antonio have different regular works than those appearing on the show. Likewise, when referring to her Instagram bio, Lucia looks like she is a part of the nursing profession as an LCB-Advanced Practice Clinician.

Likewise, she can be found on Instagram under the username @luciabasallote with gradually developing followers, which counts to around three thousand followers.

Meanwhile, Antonio has a job as a Forensic Assistant in the topic of remedy and lives in Badajoz, Spain. To find further information on him, he can be searched at @antoniojosecv, with around four thousand followers.

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