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The Big Brunch: Meet Chef J Chong, Age Sexuality And Net Worth

Chef J Chong is a promising contestant in the first season of cooking reality show, The Big Brunch.

The Big Brunch is an interesting cooking reality show where top talent from the culinary industry arrives to undergo several challenges that test their skill and technique.

The show is produced by Dan Levy where; he, Sohla El-Waylly, and Will Fuidara are the judges. The season premiered on November 10, and audiences are excited to witness the coming challenges for the contestants.

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The Big Brunch: Meet Chef J Chong

Chef J Chong is an exciting contestant in The Big Brunch. She is competing for a $300,000 prize with other competent in the cooking show.

The Big Brunch Chef J Chong
Chef J Chong with fellow contestants on The Big Brunch (Source: Instagram)

Chong will be seen sharing her stories and business dream while preparing plenty of brunch dishes.

She made her signature dish, pork dumplings, on the first episode of the competition and won the best in The Big Brunch.

The idea of coming to the reality show came to her when her dental hygienist announced that Dan Levy was looking for chefs to compete on a reality TV show.

Considering her message and she sent a live video after a few days. The story goes smoothly after that.

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Chef J Chong Age Explored

J Chong has yet to open up about her age to the audience. However, the lady has indicated herself getting a little older.

Talking with Out, she said, “I believe right now, especially at my age and the comfortableness of who I am, I feel there’s a lot more I can offer to the world.”

Surprisingly, the lady is energetic and a Leader of the moment throughout the show. She waits in line to hug and cheers her fellow contestants as they return from the judges.

She has impressed the judges and mainly has a rapport with Levy with her Cantonese-style brunch dishes. However, she was almost taken down on the second episode of The Big Brunch due to uncooked fried chicken.

What Is J Chong Sexuality?

J Chong has opened up about being queer as her sexual orientation. She has often discussed LGBT rights and the problems faced while expressing her sexual orientation.

J Chong Sexuality
J Chong celebrating pride month (Source: Instagram)

The lady has not stepped backward in The Big Brunch and expressed her feelings towards her. The contestants and the team as a whole have supported her.

She explained an emotional presentation in the first episode and said, “First and foremost, I need to be visible.”

Sadly, she also had talked in one of her Instagram posts about how she got humiliated in a virtual cooking class when she shared her story and wanted to be aware of other people.

Chong seems probably married to her love. However, she has yet to display her soulmates to the audience.

Chong’s marriage stuff came out when she said how excitingly she said she did a thing to her wife. The love band struggle of same-sex couples will probably air on the next episodes of The Big Brunch.

J Chong Net Worth 2022

J Chong seems to have amassed a decent net worth through her culinary arts. However, she has yet to display the same cash flow to the audience.

J Chong Net Worth 2022
J Chong with her name on the poster (Source: Instagram)

Her primary source of income is culinary. Besides cooking, she has also talked about a cookbook that has attracted the audience to her through her craft.

Her signature dishes, pork dumplings, congee with grilled prawns, and chili oil, have been talked about by the judges in the show.

She is a visionary lady who will probably get herself known in the world of cooking through her art and passion in the coming years.

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