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Who Is Magician Eric Chien? Age Parents And Family

People want to know more about magician Eric Chien, who won the BGT: Ultimate Magician 2022 a couple of weeks ago. 

Eric Chien then arranged sets of blue and red cards on the frames and separated the table with ribbon. 

He then continued to change the colors of the cards in various ways, as well as his vest, which varied from black to blue and red. 

He also made numerous cards vanish and produced the illusion of a card being ripped apart and then put back together with the ribbon.

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Eric turned the cards into coins, which he placed in the chest, and the cash, ribbon, and frames vanished. Eric was sent to the Judge Cuts by Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Simon Cowell.

Meet Magician Eric Chien: How Old Is He? 

Eric Chien is a Taiwanese magician who currently resides in Houston, Texas. In July 2018, he won the FISM Grand Prix. Eric went on to win Asia’s Got Talent’s third season, which concluded on April 11, 2019. 

Chien is the first Taiwanese winner of the show, the first winner from outside Southeast Asia, and the first winner from a country that does not have its own Got Talent franchise.

Eric Chien
Eric Chien Performing His Magic With Blue Man Group (Source: Instagram)

Eric was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1993 and migrated to the United States when he was four. As of [current-year], the magician is [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1993″] years old.

 He was the sole Asian student at his school. Eric was beaten up in school, so it was difficult for him, and he had to transfer four or five times. 

He began doing magic in high school when he was 16 years old and wanted to be a magician. Magic assists him in overcoming adversity. He prefers to invent his tricks rather than imitate those of others.

Eric Chien Parents And Family Details 

Eric Chien has been very secretive, as there is no information about the magician’s parents and family. 

He might have respected his parent’s and family’s information hidden for their sake. 

After posting a video of his magic performance on the Internet, a magician approached him and asked if he wanted to be a magic consultant, which creates props and materials for magicians. His desire to play on stage rather than backstage grew stronger with time. 

He began building his props around 2016. He began playing in front of large crowds in October of 2018, and he still gets frightened when he has to perform in front of a large group. 

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In 2015, he was summoned to Taiwan for military duty. He had to serve a year in the army. He couldn’t do anything other than military tasks at the time, including using magic.

As a result, he lost his identity and had to rediscover himself after coming out.

Eric Chien Journey To AGT 

Eric Chien did his ribbon act on AGT in season 14. As part of the act, he set a white ribbon, two frames, and a box containing red and blue cards on a table.

He then arranged the card sets in the frames and divided the table with the ribbon. He altered the colors of the cards in various ways while also altering the colors of his waistcoat. 

He made numerous cards vanish and created the illusion of cards being ripped up and reassembled by the ribbon, followed by the cards miraculously transforming into coins.

Even though the judges could detect his anxiousness before the performance, they were all blown away by his abilities and awarded him a standing ovation.

Eric Chien
Eric Chien At Asia’s Got Talent (Source: Instagram)

Gabrielle Union expressed her confusion, telling the magician that he “was magic” and was ready to take his place among the best.

Simon Cowell remarked that Eric is so humble that he doesn’t realize how talented he is and that he is the best they’ve ever had.

The future AGT: All Stars candidate performed his Imagination Coins act in week four of the competition.

He received another standing ovation at the end of his performance and advanced to the quarterfinals, where he performed a magic act with Julianne Hough involving candy and Rubik’s cubes.

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He received standing ovations from Howie, Gabrielle, and Simon for his performance, and he received enough votes to advance to the semifinals, where he made images of landmarks appear on blank cards.

He then modeled the photos in 3D. Despite his outstanding performance, he did not advance to the following round.

Eric Chien is back to dazzle the audience and the judges on AGT: All Stars, which premieres on January 2. Tune on to N.B.C. and Peacock at 8 pm.

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