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Who Is Patricia Kihoro? Husband Family And Net Worth

People have been following Patricia Kihoro for a very long time, and as the actress/singer turned 37 a few days back, people want to know more about her personal life. 

She has acted in a number of regional productions, including the 2011 movie Miss Nobody, for which she was nominated in 2012 for Best Lead Actress in a Motion Picture at the Kalasha Awards. 

Kihoro has appeared regularly in Demigods, Changes, Rush, and Makutano Junction on television and played the lead in the musical drama Groove Theory. 

She has experience working with One FM and Homeboyz FM as radio host. Patricia is a YouTuber, influencer, and content creator.

Since being a finalist in Tusker Project Fame 3 (TPF) in 2009, the multi-talented Kenyan singer and actress has only developed.

Patricia has produced her musical stage performance, collaborated with many notable musicians, and performed around Europe.

The singer is mainly concerned with channeling happiness and producing a high-quality product.

“As creative people, we are constantly tarmacking. I got to a point in my life when I decided I wasn’t going to sit at home waiting for work, so I made the career I wanted,” Patricia explains.

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Who Is Patricia Kihoro?

Patricia Wangechi Kihoro is a Kenyan actress, singer, and songwriter who also appears on radio and reality TV.

She gained notoriety after participating in the third season of Tusker Project Fame, where she advanced to the final round. 

Patricia Kihoro
Patricia Kihoro Posting Her Stunning Picture On Her 37 Birthday (Source: Twitter)

Kihoro was born in January 1986 in Nairobi, Kenya, and attended Shepherd’s Junior Primary School before moving on to Moi Girls’ High School.

After finishing her O levels, she enrolled in Moi University’s school of science and psychology. 

She chose to audition for the third season of Tusker Project Fame while studying at Moi University. Patricia is a YouTuber that discusses her real-life travel trips and makeup regimens on her channel.

 Patricia Kihoro Husband And Family Details 

Currently, Patricia Kihoro is not married, nor is she seeing anyone. Patricia claims that the relationship was long-distance at first, but she soon realized something was wrong and decided to quit.

She chose to adopt a chastity vow to mend her wounded heart.

“I thought it was time to rest and heal. There was no huge ceremony; I simply decided to spend a year rediscovering myself. I feel the lesson in that relationship was God telling me, this is only an introduction.

I’m praying for a man who is right for me, and if someone else is praying for a woman who fits my description, then I have to work hard to become the best version of myself,” the actress stated.

Vickie, Patricia Kihoro’s mother, is aging like good wine, and if it weren’t for her nice-looking grey hair, which she has curled into dreadlocks, she could pass for a lady in her mid-30s.

The actress even raved about her mom, referring to her as a ‘dem,’ which is local slang for a lass.

She shared a similar photo on Twitter, and her friends and followers congratulated her, with some expressing surprise at her attractiveness and how youthful she appeared.

Patricia Kihoro, a Homeboyz Radio host and musician, disclosed her father’s face to the world for the first time in 2019.

Ms. Kihoro was in Dubai on vacation with her dad, and they went on a desert safari, according to an Instagram photo she uploaded.

She claimed she had an excellent time in Dubai with her father and discovered how much they shared.

Patricia also revealed in 2017 that she grew up very close to her parents, particularly her father.

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Patricia Kihoro Net Worth Explored

The gorgeous Kenyan television actress has done well. Patricia Kihoro’s net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million. 

Patricia Kihoro Net Worth
Patricia Kihoro Photoshoot (Source: Nairobi News)

Numerous sources discuss Patricia Kihoro’s net worth, salary, and income. However, internet estimations of her worth differ.

Other estimates of Patricia Kihoro’s fortune can be found on online portals like CelebsMoney and NetWorthStats. However, remember that celebrities do not usually divulge their exact net worth.

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