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Martin Starr Parents: Jean St. James And Jim Schienle, Family And Net Worth

Martin Starr parents have been very supportive of his film journey, as her mother was a Canadian Actress and singer. 

Martin Starr, born Martin James Pflieger Schienle, is an American Actor and comedian.

Martin Starr, who played Gilfoyle on ‘Silicon Valley,’ has joined Sylvester Stallone’s mob Drama series ‘Tulsa King.’

He played Bill Haverchuck in the N.B.C. sitcom Freaks and Geeks. The series received positive reviews from critics, but it received low ratings and was canceled after only one season.

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Martin Starr Parents: Meet Jean St. James And Jim Schienle

Starr is the son of Actress Jean St. James (née Pflieger) and was born in Santa Monica, California. He has German, British, and Eastern European ancestors. He practices Buddhism.

Martin Starr Parents: Meet Jean St. James
Martin Starr’s mother, Jean St. James (source: IMDb)

His Father, James Schienle, is half German, a quarter Bohemian/Czech, and the rest English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish. James Schienle is an instructor at Pasco-Hernando Community College.

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Jean St. James is a Canadian Actress and singer. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows but is best known for her roles in “Dynasty” and “Falcon Crest.”

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Much more information about his Father has been kept from the public eye, leading to numerous rumors about his parent’s divorce, but none of the stories have any solid basis.

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Martin Starr attended L.A. County High School For The Arts. Other specifics about Martin Starr’s educational background are unclear.

Martin Starr Family Ethnicity Explored

Martin James Pflieger Schienle is the son of Wisconsin native James Schienle and Kansas Actress Jean St. James.

His mother is one-quarter German, one-quarter Polish, one-half Slovak, and maybe Hungarian.

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Martin Starr In Movie Poster (source: esquire)

Erwin August Schienle was Martin’s paternal grandpa (the son of Jacob Friedrich Schienle and Bertha Heinhaus). Erwin was born to German parents in Wisconsin.

Loraine Ethel Colbath (daughter of Wilbur/John Colbath and Rose J. Tech) was Martin’s paternal grandmother. 

Loraine was born in the state of Wisconsin. Wilbur was born in Maine, the son of Benjamin F. Colbath and Chile Surrey, and his ancestors were English and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish.

How Much Is Martin Starr’s Net Worth 2024?

As of November 2022, Martin Starr’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

He provides him with a high-profile lifestyle earned through his hard work in the American film business. He drives expensive cars, takes foreign vacations, and lives in a lavish Santa Monica home.

However, outside of the entertainment world, Starr rarely reveals personal details and other facts about his life. As a result, what he does for a job different from acting remains a mystery to the general public.

Nonetheless, Martin Starr’s net worth is skyrocketing due to his ongoing participation in the film business. We hope to learn more about his business ventures and earnings in the coming days.

Is Martin Starr Married? Or Still, Engaged Kate Gorney?

Martin Starr allegedly proposed to his longtime partner Kate Gorney in 2014 with an engagement ring, according to several online sources. Before choosing to wed Gorney, Starr dated her for some time.

Martin Starr announced his criteria for his ideal girlfriend on Twitter the same year he proposed to Kate Gorney.

He characterized his girl as a lovely person who shared his sense of humor with whom he felt at ease. Starr may have discovered the same qualities in Kate Gorney that prompted him to propose to her as his fiancee.

Some online news outlets recently reported that Martin Starr married his long-term partner in a private ceremony attended by only a few of their close friends and family members.

He was also spotted wearing a new wedding ring, according to reports. However, the Actor has yet to confirm his marriage to his fans.

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