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Is Matt Smith No Eyebrows linked To Cancer? Illness And Disease Update

Matt Smith Cancer rumors have taken the internet by storm as people have indicated that his lack of eyebrows of the actor is due to a fatal illness he suffered. 

Matt Smith is the talk of the town as his performance as the notorious Daemon Targaryen has impressed many fans from the Game of Thrones universe. As the prequel House Of The Dragon is gaining massive fame among lovers, much of the attention is dispersed towards the younger son of the dragon rider family. 

Matt has had a successful career, but a character as complex as Daemon in his elaborate list of characters has rarely been. As he is achieving success, rumors about him, true or not, are covering the internet. Just a few days ago, the actor was romantically linked to fellow Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke, and now these rumors about his Cancer have started to spread. Read till the end to take a closer look into Matt’s health issues.

Matt Smith Cancer: What Is The Reason Behind No Eyebrows?

Matt Smith Cancer rumors became prominent after an Internet user tried to devise theories about why the actor does not have eyebrows. 

The actor indeed has little to no eyebrows, but there is no official confirmation that might link it to Cancer. As the actor is fit and fine, defying the other symptoms of the fatal disease, there is very little probability of thinking he has Cancer.

Actor Matt Smith
Matt Smith during one event of Doctor Who
(Source: Variety)

 If he ever comes out to agree or deny those statements, we will inform you of what he says, but as of now, Matt’s fans can breathe a sigh of relief as there is no confirmation to his Cancer rumors. Matt has been impressive in the past few years and adored by many. 

That is the primary reason behind the rumors spreading like Fire. People love Matt and are worried about the probability that he might suffer from something fatal. As of now, the actor feels fine, and he is playing a very important role in uplifting the standards of House Of The Dragon. It is early to say, but fans are calling for an Emmy win for the actor as he has been that good.

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Matt Smith Health Issues And Illness

As many people have started to believe the rumors indicating Matt has Cancer, there have been many queries about his health issues. 

The actor does suffer from a rare medical condition called Spondylolysis which is a condition that affects the vertebrae. Matt said in an interview that his first career choice was to become a football player, but his medical condition prevented him from being so. 

He did not let his medical situation affect him as he continued his journey to fame. Now he is one of the most popular actors in the world, filled to the brim with fame and money.

Matt Smith And Emilia Clarke Dating; Relationship Timeline

The internet is awash with Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith dating rumors. Even when the actors appeared in public together, viewers longed to see the two dragon riders engage in love relations. But as soon as photographers saw the two of them together, the rumors started to fly.

Fans are enthusiastic about the prospect of them getting together, especially since both are well-liked on a personal and professional level. Although neither of the actors has publicly addressed the claims, they have likely fallen in love with one another.

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