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Manmohan Singh Is Still Alive: Death Hoax- What Happened To Indian Politician?

Indian Politician Manmohan Singh is still alive, and his death hoax has been spreading around, which is entirely fake and has not been declared by any official authority.

This respectable personality is in the 90th year of his life span, and due to his endless service and old age for his country, he keeps on having health issues but is not dead.

In addition to being a politician and thirteenth India’s Prime minister from 2004 to 2014, he is also an economist and statesman.  

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Manmohan Singh Is Still Alive: Death Hoax

Manmohan Singh is still alive, and his death hoax is just a misconception amongst people unless an authorized body or person officially declares it.

He was born on 26 September 1932 and is 90 years old at the present date. With aging, he is prone to different health difficulties even though he is under proper medical investigation.

Manmohan Singh turns 90 just few days back [Source- The Economic Times]
Manmohan Singh turns 90 just a few days back [Source- The Economic Times]
Even though his health is not way worse to be afraid about his death, people and media have created different rumors, which is just a hoax and misinterpretation without proper investigation.

Not just now, but these kinds of rumors about him were spreading a few years back, which have later been claimed false. Neither his family nor any authorized media has claimed such a false statement to be true.

What Happened To Manmohan Singh? Illness And Health Update

Manmohan Singh, a well-known Indian Politician, has served many years for his country and is getting old gradually. His health patterns are not as a perfectly healthy individual due to aging and other reasons.

In 2021, he was absent the entire winter season on his health grounds. Then 89 years old Congress leader Singh was hospitalized at the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences in October after complaining of weakness and fever. However, he got discharged soon.

Not only that, but he has also been a victim of dengue in the same year. Singh had cardiac ailments and had a revision heart bypass surgery at AIIMS in 2009.

Mixed luck for Manmohan Singh, wife at C'Wealth Games venues
Mixed luck for Manmohan Singh, wife at C’Wealth Games venues [Source- DNA India]
Earlier in April last year, Singh was taken to the hospital’s trauma center after he tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19). Even after an attack of dread disease, he fought back with the help of a specialist team of doctors and is doing fine presently.

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Who Are Manmohan Singh Family?

Manmohan Singh’s family includes his beloved wife Gursharan Kaur and three daughters. They tied their knot in 1958. Likewise, his daughters are named Upinder Singh, Daman Singh, and Amrit Singh.

Similarly, Upinder is a professor and an author by profession, Daman is also an author, whereas Amrit is a staff attorney.

When Manmohan was in the hospital, his daughter Daman in a statement, said that her mother, Gursharan Kaur, had said no to the presence of a photographer when Mandaviya paid a visit to Singh in AIIMS, but people ignored it.

Photographs of Manmohan’s cabin were spread on social media. Likewise, the Singh family is generous and caring for each other.

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