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Max Angioni Wikipedia Biografia- How Old Is Stand Up Comedian?

Young and gifted comedian Max Angioni has added uniqueness to the field of comedic performance, and his shows are must-watch ones.

This young comedian has gained valuable experience on shows like Italia’s Got Talent and Zelig. He is a cast member of Lol-Who laughs is out in 2022.

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Who Is Max Angioni? Biografia

Max decided to become an actor after graduating from high school. He started his training at the Theater in the Center of Como before continuing at the Accademia del Comico in Milan.

Max Angioni has a huge fan base due to his comic nature [Source- Contrataque]
Max Angioni has a huge fan base due to his comic nature [Source- Contrataque]
Likewise, Angioni was one of the competitors of LoL 2 – Who laughs is out after placing second in Italia’s Got Talent 2021. He is presently the star of Italia 1 On The Stage with his Miracolato Show.

In particular, his participation in Italia’s Got Talent 2021, Zelig, Comedy Centre, and Le Lene helped him become a popular name among Italians. Max Angioni, who is well-liked by the public, will be a contender on LoL 2: Who Laughs is Out.

Angioni gains some prominence by appearing in the 2018 film Zelig, which features characters from Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

He is particularly well-liked by the judges Federica Pellegrini, Frank Matano, Joe Bastianich, and Mara Maionchi.

He performs on Italia’s Got Talent 2021 (presented by Lodovica Comello), finishing second to the magician Stefano Bronzato.

Not only that, Max has been a member of the Le Lene cast since 2022, joining Teo Mammucari and Belen Rodriguez.

Similarly, his outstanding public appearance and skills are the main reason for his fame.

How Old Is Stand Up Comedian Max Angioni?

Massimiliano Max Angioni was born in Mariano Comense, in the province of Como, in the year 1990.

Celebrity Max has huge fans and followers in his social media platforms to observe his fun based shows [Source- Money it]
Celebrity Max has huge fans and followers in his social media platforms to observe his fun based shows (Source- Money it)
Likewise, he is available on Instagram under the username @maxangioni_ with a blue tick verification and has more than five hundred seventy followers on the platform.

Being a fan-loved person, he frequently updates his social media sites and seeing his pictures and videos also confirms he is in his early thirties.

When stalking through his comment sections under the posts, people he is appreciated and loved by many people. His enthusiasm, energy, and activeness in making videos also show that he is a young and joyful individual.

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Who Is Max Angioni Dating?

Max Angioni seems to keep his personal life private as his romantic relationship and family background are known to fewer people.

It looks like he is not dating anyone, as he has not revealed anything about the same. One can find no such hints or pictures through his social media and other platforms.

Moreover, he has not mentioned it in any interviews or shows. He may want to reveal it when the proper time comes.

As he has a substantial fan-based personality and upon his fan’s demand, he may reveal it publicly soon and surprise them accordingly. On the other hand, it can also be that he is focusing on his career rather than his love life.

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