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Maycee Kaye Barber – Early Life, Career, UFC & Net Worth

The world of mixed martial arts is indeed a very intriguing realm. It is a full-contact combat sport that incorporates striking, grappling, and numerous other techniques. In the domain of MMA, one of the prominent women figures is Maycee Barber. 

Barber is an amazingly talented American pro mixed martial artist currently competing in the flyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

Still recovering from her last fight (January 28, 2020), Barber is bound to return to the octagon and prove herself to be “the future” again.

Maycee Barber in an interview
Maycee Barber in an interview

Maycee Barber, in an interview Maycee, has devoted her entire life to practicing and bettering herself and has successfully made a name for herself in the female flyweight championship.

Quick Facts

Let’s hop into knowing more facts about this young, driven MMA star that everyone ought to know about. 

Full name  Maycee Kaye Barber
Birthdate  May 18, 1998
Birthplace Greeley, Colorado, United States 
Nickname The Future
Religion  Christain 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Caucasian 
Horoscope  Taurus 
Father’s name Bucky Barber
Mother’s name Maryanne Barber
Siblings  Yes (2 sisters and 3 brothers)
Age  25 Years Old
Height  5’4″ (1.65m)
Weight  57 kg (125.6 lbs) 
Shoe size  9 (US)
Hair color Dark brown 
Eye color Light brown
Marital status  Unmarried 
Relationship status Unknown 
Children  None 
Profession  Mixed martial artist 
Current division in MMA  Flyweight 
Fighting out of  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Style  Karate 
Affiliation  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Debut fight in UFC  November 10, 2018
Former affiliation 
  • Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 
  • Dana White’s Tuesday Night 
  • Contender Series (within UFC)
Teams  Roufusport, Fort Collins MMA
Net worth  $1.5 Million
Social media handles  Instagram, Twitter
Last Update April, 2024

Maycee Barber: Early Life & Family

Maycee Barber was born to her supportive and proud parents, Bucky Barber and Maryanne Barber, on May 18, 1998, in Greeley, Colorado, United States. 

Barber is the second oldest among the six children of Bucky and Maryanne. She has two sisters and three brothers. 

Maycee Barber family
The Barber Family

Bucky and Maryanne Barber were very passionate about martial arts, and they indulged almost all their kids in martial arts at a very early age. 

The young star Maycee got into Karate when she was almost three. Barber’s younger brother, Wyatt, who also is a mixed martial artist, signed to Bellator. 

Her parents had opened their martial arts academy in 2010 in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a result, she even began teaching martial arts to adults at her family’s martial arts academy by the age of 13. 

maycee barber and her brother
Maycee Barber with her young brother

Since her childhood, she was very driven and knew just what she wanted to be when she grew up a UFC fighter. 

Bucky and Maryanne never wanted to push their children into taking martial arts as a career, and when Maycee told them that she wanted to be a fighter, they hesitated as they didn’t want their child to get hurt in any way.

 But at last, they had no choice but to support her and introduce her to new and exciting stuff about mixed martial art. 

She tried various martial arts like wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, and boxing during her formative years. 

She was fixed on becoming a professional mixed martial arts combatant when she had barely entered her teens. Because of the path she had chosen, she didn’t consider pursuing a college education. 

Maycee & Her Family: Parents’ Indulgence

Maycee’s parents took it upon themselves to provide the best training and facilities to their daughter so that she won’t have to regret making the choices in her life and not joining college like most people. 

In their process of finding great opportunities for Maycee, her parents took her all over the United States. They even drove Maycee from Fort Collins to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for her training every other week. 

During that period, she met and trained with some incredible trainers like Greg Jackson, Brandon Gibson, Ryan Schultz, Matt Pena, Marc Montoya, and Izzy Martinez. 

While an ambitious teen, Maycee got associated with Team Alpha Male.  

With the constant and tireless support of her parents and her trainers, Maycee really outdid everyone’s expectations when she started showing the signs of a real fighter.   

In an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Lole, Barber’s father, Bucky said: “At that point, it was, ‘OK, the better we make her as a fighter, the less damage she’s going to take.”

Maycee’s father, Bucky, has been a great provider and guidance for Maycee as he got her into numerous training and associated her with great trainers. 

Martial Arts

While Maycee was young, he wanted her to learn martial arts as a form of self-defense so that she could protect herself without needing a man. 

As Maycee grew older, seeing her get more and more absorbed in martial arts, Bucky has been a great source of encouragement. 

Bucky believed that it would be better for Maycee to associate with and learn bits from more people. He also believed that confining her training to a single person would just restrict her true potential. 

Maycee did two or three reps at a high black belt level. She has also earned a purple beat in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Maycee’s Family: Closing The Academy

Maycee’s parents had to move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from Fort Collins to support her younger brother Wyatt and they shut down their martial arts academy.

The family switched their business into a coffee shop, which they found online sale. 

Such a transition meant her parents were expecting something big from both the siblings, considering the generosity and support they had shown.

Brilliant coaches were training both Maycee and Wyatt. Maycee trained with Marc Montoya at Factory X. Maycee was devoutly training to be an MMA star. It was the only thing she knew. 

Maycee Barber: Becoming MMA Star

Maycee Barber started fighting professionally at only 18 years of age and began her professional career on June 23, 2017.

She has come a long way from then.

maycee barber UFC
Maycee Barber UFC

She had won the fight in 20 seconds and then got associated with the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA). She got into 4-0 with three stoppages.

Then UFC contacted her to compete in Dana White’s Contender Series. 

Barber’s Career: Dana White’s Contender Series & UFC

On July 17, 2018, on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Maycee competed against Jamie Colleen (pro-MMA fighter out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

She received a UFC contract after earning a stoppage in the third round against Colleen.

Dana White’s contender series is an American MMA promotion that holds a weekly competition in the UFC fight pass. The goal of the Series is for White to scout talent for UFC. 

Because of Barber’s promising victory in the fight, she was chosen and provided the UFC contract. 

Maycee Barber against Gillian Robertson

It was a great leap in her career that she had most probably foreseen as she has always been very confident and optimistic. 


On November 10, 2018, Barber made her UFC debut on UFC Fight Night: Korean Zombie vs. Rodriguez in Denver, Colorado, against Hannah Cifers.

She won the fight via TKO (elbows and punches) in the 2nd round. 

Her second UFC fight was with JJ Aldrich. She fought the 28-year-old MMA star Aldrich at the UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Pettis on March 23, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee.

She won the fight through technical knockout (knees and punches) in round two. 

Her third fight was against 25-year-old Canadian mixed martial artist Gillian Robertson.

On October 18, 2019, they faced each other at UFC on ESPN 6: Reyes vs. Weidman in Boston, Massachusetts. Barber won the fight via technical knockout (punches) in round one. 

Her fourth and latest UFC fight was against 38-year-old American mixed martial artist Roxanne Modafferi who is #8 in the UFC women’s flyweight rankings.

Barber faced Roxanne on January 18, 2020, at UFC 246 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, she lost the one-sided fight by unanimous decision. 

In that fight, she suffered from severe knee injuries.

Barber hasn’t competed in a while, both because of her injury and the Covid-19 situation. But she is scheduled to face Alexa Grasso on February 13, 2021, at UFC 258.

Maycee Barber: Professional Record Breakdown 

Analyzing her professional record, Barber has, until now, fought nine professional matches. 

She has had eight wins and one loss. 

maycee barber injured
Maycee Barber injured

She fought four matches in her former association, LFA, one match in the Dana White’s Contender Series, and 4 in UFC. 5 of her wins were by knockout, two by submission, and one by decision. Her one loss was by decision. 

Barber: “The Future” 

In her talk with Dana White, Barber said, “I told him that I was gonna be as big, if not bigger, than Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey and all of the stars he has.”

Barber is one driven and ambitious woman who seeks to break the record set by Jon Jones as the youngest champion in the promotion’s history (23 years and eight months). 

Maycee likes to go by the moniker “The Future,” She has proven herself to be the best by breezing through her opponent in 20 seconds as an 18-year-old. 

She is wholly set on leaving behind the legacy of the youngest and greatest strawweight champion anyone has seen.

Now 23, Barber has only one year to set the record of the youngest champion. Though the pressure will now weigh upon her, she still has her upcoming fights to prove herself. 

Maycee: Knee Injury 

In her match with Roxanne Modafferi at UFC 246 on January 28, 2020, Barber suffered a complete ACL tear. 

It happened in the first round after awkwardly stepping on Modafferi’s foot. In the second round, Barber took punches from Roxanne and reached for her aching knee.

maycee barber acl tear
Maycee Barber’s ACL tear

Her father anticipates her undergoing surgery in California soon before rehabbing in Las Vegas because he is concerned about her upcoming UFC fights and her big dream.

Maycee Barber: Net Worth

Maycee’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

She lives a decent life and owns a house in Wisconsin. 

In an interview with Farah Hannoun of MMA Junkie, Barber said that she currently lives in her coach’s basement as she prepares for her upcoming fight with Alexa Grasso. 

Maycee Barber: Social Media Presence

Barber is pretty active on her social media. As of December 2020, she has 306k followers on Instagram and 35.7k followers on Twitter


Where is Maycee Barber now?

Maycee currently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the flyweight division.

What is Maycee Barber’s record?

Maycee Barber’s Record: 9-2-0. 

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