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Meet BD Wong Father William D. Wong: Parents Details

BD Wong is a well-recognized prominent figure in Hollywood. Many are curious about who is BD Wong Father, William D. Wong. In this article, we’ll cover who BD Wong Father is, his parents, and his love life.

On October 24, 1960, Bradley Darryl Wong was born in San Francisco, California, in the United States. He is a well-known American Actor for his theater, movies, TV, and voiceover roles. He won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Featured Role.

Wong has played in movies like Jurrasic Park, The Salton Sea, and Seven Years in Tibet. Bradley is also well-recognized for Voiceovers. He has lent his voice to animated movies, like Captain Li Shang in the Disney animated film Mulan and its sequel, Mulan II. Wong also donates his time to LGBTQ+ Communities and other charities.

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Meet BD Wong Father, William D. Wong

BD Wong was born in San Francisco, USA. His Father’s name is William D. Wong, and his mother’s is Roberta Christina  Wong. BD Wong Father, William D. Wong, is a former postal worker. There is not much information about his Father. But, we can conclude that his Father was a role model for him.

BD Wong Father William Wong and mother Christina Wedding Picture (Source: Instagram)
BD Wong Father William Wong and Mother Christina Wedding Picture (Source: Instagram)

In some of his interviews, he always mentioned how much his Father had done for him and his siblings and how much he learned from his Father. He has also mentioned how his Father helped him build a love of arts. His mother always taught him the values of family and community. Bradley Darryl Wong is always grateful to his Father, William D. Wong, who always showed him the right way in life.

Bradley Darryl Wong Family

BD Wong belongs to  Chinese-American Family Background. William D. Wong and Roberta Christine were his parents, and he was born in California in 1960. Bradley Darryl Wong has two siblings: an elder brother and a younger sister, making him the middle child.

Wong has spoken about the influence of his parents on his childhood in interviews. He says,” My Father helped me to build a strong work ethic and a love of arts.” “My Mom always supported me during the initial phase of my career, and now she is very proud of me,” he added.

BD Wong shared this adorable picture of his mother on his social media platform (Source: Instagram)
BD Wong shared this adorable picture of his mother on his social media platform (Source: Instagram)

In 2000, Wong’s family grew more prominent as he welcomed his twin kids with his partner Richie Jackson into the world with the help of surrogacy. But Unfortunately, One of his twin kids didn’t survive during the labor. In 2004, Richert John and BD Wong separated their ways. However, he is always grateful to his kid Jackson Foo Wong who has lighted his world. 

Discover Bradley Darryl Wong Love Life

Bradley Darryl Wong is a versatile Actor who has worked in many films, Television, and voiceovers. Bradly seems to be a private person regarding his love life. Bradly Wong has date Richie Jackson since 1998.

They seem to be a great couple at the end of the 90s era. This adorable couple also had two twin kids via surrogacy, Boa Doz and Jackson Foo Wong, unfortunately after 90 minutes of birth. Boa Doz couldn’t be saved and died in the hospital. In 2004 BD Wong and Richie Jackson parted ways.

BD Wong Picture with his partner Richert John Frederickson Schnorr (Source: Instagram)
BD Wong Picture with his partner Richert John Frederickson Schnorr (Source: Instagram)

BD Wong co-parents his son Jackson Wong with his ex Richie Jackson. After heartfelt years, BD Wong developed or grew himself more beautifully. After six years of separation from Richie Jackson. In 2010.

Wong fell in love with Richert John Frederickson Schnorr. Richert is a  talented video creator with more than ten years of expertise using visual storytelling on many digital platforms. After dating for eight years, This adorable couple married on October 7. 2018, in Brooklyn, New York City. 

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