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Meet French Feminist Amandine Gay, Husband Family And Net Worth

Amandine Gay is a famous French personality. The audiences are eager to know more about her personal life. 

Amandine Gay is a feminist, filmmaker, researcher, and Actress from France. Her debut film, Ouvrir la Voix, is a documentary that gives a voice to Black women in France and attempts to provide a new perspective on feminist movements.

She has lived in Montreal since 2014 to pursue her research and produce films about minorities, notably racism, echoing her own experiences of “adoption by white families of racialized children.”

She does not see herself starting a family, “nothing that could make a black child proud.” For a time, she was an activist with Osez le féminisme!

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Meet French Feminist Amandine Gay

Amandine Gay is a filmmaker, afro feminist activist, and academic who juggles production with study. She sees reclaiming the narrative as an act of independence.

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Amandine Gay is a filmmaker, afro feminist activist, and scholar. (Source: Black woman directors)

She is working on her second documentary, A Story of One’s Own, after the release of Speak Up, her first feature-length documentary on European Black Francophone women, in French, Belgian, and Swiss in 2017 and Canadian theaters in 2018. 

A Story of One’s Own is an archival video that tells the story of international adoption through the perspective of five adult adoptees.

Amandine Gay is a well-known advocate for Afrofeminism, intersectionality, and adoption.

In 2015, she penned the foreword to the first French translation of bell hooks’ iconic essay, Ain’t I A Woman.

She has also written for anthologies such as Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space or Decolonize the Arts! She agreed to publish her first book, an autobiographical essay on adoption, with La Découverte in 2020.

Amandine Gay Husband And Family 

Amandine Gay was born in France on October 16, 1984, to a Moroccan mother and an unknown Father. Her Caucasian adoptive parents are school teachers and road workers in a village near Lyon. 

However, we need help finding the details about her husband. She seems to be a private person in general. 

She is an outstanding basketball player.

She graduated from the Institut d’études politiques de Lyon with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in theater from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique du 16e arrondissement de Paris.

After completing her schooling, she begins working as an Actress. Still, after a few months, she realizes she constantly portrays the same clichéd characters (drug addict, prostitute, illegal immigrant).

Despite submitting her profile for jobs that match her age, her agency notifies her that she only receives answers when the scenario states that the post is for a Black character.

Amandine Gay Net Worth

Amandine Gay’s net worth is not yet available to the public. However, it seems like she has a decent amount of net worth. 

In Paris, France, the average gross salary for a filmmaker is 55 297 € or 27 € per hour. This is 9% more (+4 437 Euros) than the average wage for a French filmmaker.

They also receive a bonus of 2 195 Euros on average. Wage estimates in Paris, France based on wage survey data from firms and anonymous employees.

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