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Amine Elbahi Origine Parents: Where Are They From? Family Ethnicity

Amine Elbahi, a French jurist born in Roubaix, rose from a challenging upbringing, so netizens are curious about Amine Elbahi Origine parents after his participation in a report on ‘Zone Interdite.’

Amine Elbahi was born on April 27, 1996, in Roubaix and is known for his involvement in various social and political activities and his work as a lawyer in public law.

He attended private Catholic education institutions, including Sainte-Marie College in Cassel, and later attended Baudelaire High School and Jean-Moulin High School in Roubaix.

Elbahi became known for his efforts against radicalization. He joined the ranks of the National Education’s citizen reserve to fight against radicalization.

Further, he was an arbitrator for football matches, was an official referee for the French Football Federation, and arbitrated federal matches.

He was also active in football referees’ unions and was briefly suspended in 2012 due to his union activities, but he later had this decision annulled.

Amine Elbahi Origine Parents: Family And Ethnicity

Amine Elbahi has a remarkable background deeply influenced by Amine Elbahi origine parents.

His journey is intricately intertwined with his family’s story and the challenges they faced in the poorest city of France.

Raised as the fourth child in a single-parent household of six children of Algerian Kabyle origin, Amine Elbahi origine parents played a significant role in shaping his perspective and aspirations.

Amine Elbahi Origine Parents
Amine Elbahi looked quite different when he was young. (Source: Instagram)

His mother, who worked as a housekeeper, struggled to provide for the family in their challenging circumstances.

Unlike Amine, his sister took a different path, eventually joining ISIS and ending up on the wrong side of the world.

This contrast between the two siblings’ choices highlights his family’s immense difficulties while growing up.

Amine’s determination to make a positive impact emerged from this tough childhood. Witnessing his sister’s radicalization in August 2014, he felt compelled to take action against the rise of radicalization and extremism.

Inspired by his personal experiences, he embarked on a mission to fight against radicalization, becoming a vital part of the citizen reserve of the National Education.

This commitment led him to engage with Prime Minister Manuel Valls, sharing his insights and working to raise awareness among teachers and students about the importance of preventing radicalization.

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Amine Elbahi: A Fighter Against Separatism Who Shook French Politics

He is a member of the political party ‘Les Républicains’ (The Republicans). He became the national speaker for Valérie Pécresse’s presidential campaign.

He ran as a candidate in the 2022 French legislative elections but finished in the 4th position.

He gained a lot of attention through his participation in a report produced by the program ‘Zone Interdite’ and broadcast on M6 on January 23, 2022.

Amine Elbahi Politics
Amine Elbahi shares a picture among the French flags. (Source: Instagram)

In this report, he expressed his concerns about the rise of separatism and communitarianism in Roubaix.

The report highlighted various aspects, including the subsidy granted by the city of Roubaix to the AAIR association for Koranic courses, the sale of faceless dolls in a community store, and the separation of genders in a private school.

The revelations made by Amine Elbahi led to the dismissal of the mayor of Roubaix and the leaders of the AAIR association, who were subsequently brought before the criminal court of Lille on charges of embezzlement of public funds and breach of trust.

Amine Elbahi’s participation in the report and his outspoken views against radical Islamism and separatism resulted in him receiving death threats and malicious calls.

Further, he filed a complaint and was placed under police protection for his safety.

The controversy surrounding the report, along with the subsequent arrests related to the investigation of ‘aggravated harassment,’ underscored the complexity of discussions surrounding Islam, identity, and integration in French society.

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