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Meet Nico Hiraga Girlfriend Leila Mendoca, Ethnicity Parents And Net Worth

Nico Hiraga Girlfriend is Leila Mendoca, She lives in Hawaii, and he was reported visiting her before.

Nico Hiraga is a skateboarder and an actor from America. He is well-known for his roles as Seth in the 2021 movie Moxie and Tanner in the 2019 movie Booksmart.

As well as North Hollywood and Skate Kitchen, Hiraga has appeared on the TV shows Summer of 17 and Ballers.

Even though he appeared in many movies, his performance as Seth in Moxie undoubtedly helped him become more well-known. Among many other films, Nico has starred in Booksmart and The Idol. 

Nico Hiraga was also a well-known skateboarder, which inspired him to create designs for Lakai Shoes. Additionally, he designs various skateboards. At such a young age, Nico has amassed a lot and is working harder on his upcoming projects.

Meet Nico Hiraga Girlfriend Leila Mendoca

Leila Mendoca is Nico Hiraga’s girlfriend in the actor’s romantic relationships. They have been seeing each other for a long time (assumed to be over three years). His girlfriend has a typical way of life.

Nico Hiraga Girlfriend
                                           Nico Hiraga Girlfriend Leila Mendoca Image Source:(bfa)

She keeps a lower profile than her boyfriend, Nico. Furthermore, the actor has shielded his girlfriend from the media, so little is known about her.

She does, however, reside in Hawaii. After the Booksmart movie was finished, Nico Hiraga visited her in Hawaii and shared several photos with her on social media.

Nico Hiraga never fails to express his romantic feelings for Leila. Where there is love, there is possessiveness and protectiveness.

In a nutshell, they complement each other well. Nico is equally protective of Leila. Based on their social media images, fans believe they make a cute couple.

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Furthermore, the actor celebrated Leila’s birthday in January 2019. When Nico Hiraga was questioned about her, he praised her for her thoughtfulness and dependability.

Despite this, they never brought up the subject of their long-distance relationship. The actor’s current work schedule keeps him somewhat busy. He’s also become more private about his personal life.

So it’s unclear whether Nico and Leila are still dating. However, the actor has not been linked to any other women. As a result, Leila is most likely still his girlfriend.

Nico Hiraga Parents And Ethnicity Explored

Nico Hiraga’s Father is Jun Hiraga. His mother, Alison, is a German-American tenant, and his Father, Jun, is a Japanese resident. The actor was born in San Francisco, California. He is an American citizen.

The actor also has a younger brother, but no one knows who he is. You won’t find much information about his other family members online. The young star has kept private family information to himself.

Nico Hiraga with his parents
                        Nico Hiraga’s Father is Jun Hiraga. His mother, Alison, Image Source:(dreshare)

Alan Lindley Boegehold, a historian, was Nico’s maternal grandfather (the son of Alfred L. Boegehold and Katherine Eleanor Yager). 

Alan was born in the state of Michigan. Alfred was born in New York, the son of German parents George Heinrich Boegehold and Emily Jane Ackerly. Katherine Yager, the daughter of Harry Clifford Yager and Catherine Leslie Keddie, was born in New York.

How Much Is Nico Hiraga Net Worth?

Nico Hiraga has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2022. He has amassed an enormous fortune through his acting career and some sponsorship as a skateboarder.

Because of his skateboarding sponsorships and his collection with Lakai, he may have a sizable net worth. Stance, Spitfire, Create Skateboards, Lakai, FTC Skateshop, Royal Trucks, and Golfwang Clothing are his sponsors, which help him yield a huge amount of money.

His acting and skateboarding have contributed to his net worth. His net worth will increase by 2022, allowing him to find more sponsorship in the film industry.

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