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Meet Park Se-Jeong From Singles Inferno, Age Boyfriend And Net Worth

The second season of Netflix’s Korean dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ has been gaining traction lately.

A few contestants have become instant fan favorites, while others have yet to be received.

Despite being a fan favorite, many viewers criticized Park Se-Jeong for seemingly trying to get Jo Yoong Jae’s attention.

Singles Inferno debuted on Netflix in 2022, quickly becoming a worldwide sensation.

The second season premiered on December 13 and followed the same concept: single people being dropped off on a remote island and forming bonds while gathering around a Fire pit on the beach.

Park Se-Jeong is the second singleton to join Singles Inferno in season 2. She believes her attractive features are her eyes and her “sexy body.”

Park further stated that she could be “unexpectedly playful” and enjoys taking care of her body through regular workouts and playing tennis three to four times a week.

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Who Is Park Se-Jeong Boyfriend?

Park Se-Jeong’s relationship status appears to be single, and no records of her past or present relationships have been revealed online.

Park Se-Jeong is tight-lipped about her personal life.
Park Se-Jeong is tight-lipped about her personal life. (Source: Instagram)

She has kept the details of her love life private, and no hints of a romantic affair have been given on her social media.

It is possible that Park is searching for someone who is the perfect match for her and that she may open up about her relationship in the future.

Park Se-Jeong Early Life And Family

Park Se-Jeong is entirely private about her personal life, so there is little information available on the Internet. She has not revealed her birth date but is estimated to be between 25-30. 

Park Se-Jeong keeps her private life entirely private.
Park Se-Jeong keeps her private life entirely private. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, little is known about her parents, such as their names or professions. Park is keen to keep her family and siblings away from the public eye, avoiding unnecessary attention.

How Much Does Park Se-Jeong Have Net Worth?

Park Se-Jeong is gaining some notoriety today, so there is not much to be found about her online.

Her exact net worth is unknown now, and Park has yet to reveal how much she is worth. You can find her on Instagram if you want to know more about her daily life. 

The great attitude of Park Se-Jeong can grow her fame.
The great attitude of Park Se-Jeong can grow her fame. (Source: Instagram)

Park is active on Instagram, boasting 49k followers under her handle @Jennonpark. Her page is a beauty lover’s paradise, featuring her signature pink hair in many posts.

Beyond her beautiful looks, the Singles Inferno star can often be seen living it up at Tiffany and Co events, dining at luxurious restaurants, and working out. Her Instagram also showcases her latest fashion outfits and pictures.

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Park Se-Jeong Physical Appearance

Park Se-Jeong sent shockwaves through the hosts of ‘Single’s Inferno’ with her entrance.

Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, Hong Jin-Kyung, and Hanhae were all taken aback by her attractive appearance in a flattering yellow co-ord set.

A lot of attention is being paid to Park Se-Jeong's health.
A lot of attention is being paid to Park Se-Jeong’s health. (Source: Instagram)

During her confessional, Se-Jeong revealed that she wants to meet someone as attractive as herself on the show. Her sexy body, eyes, and playful personality make her so appealing.

Se-Jeong is a fitness enthusiast who works out three to four times a week and plays lawn tennis once or twice weekly to stay in shape.

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