What Is Addy Perez Doing Now

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now? Why She Is Leaving Richland County? Her New Job And Career

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now? The question is popping out among the fans of a television personality who used to appear in the television series Live PD. 

Addy Perez has served as the sworn deputy in South Carolina’s Richard County Sheriff’s Department since 2016 after Richland County employed her. 

Before joining Richland County, she served as drill sergeant leader in the U.S. Army Drill sergeant Academy. 

Furthermore, Addy is a television personality who has appeared in the television series Live PD and Live PD: Police Patrol. 

Addy Perez gained many fans by appearing in the Television series as she was one of the favorites in Live PD.

The lady appeared in the television series Live PD from 2016 to 2020 on the A&E Network, making appearances in 44 episodes. 

Also, Addy was part of the television show Live PD: Police Patrol appearing in 5 episodes from 2018 to 2019. 

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now? Why Is She Leaving Richland County?

Addy Perez is set to leave Richland County due to some circumstances that made her leave the position of master deputy. 

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now? The main question among the fans of Addy was when news came of her leaving Richland County. 

Addy shares almost everything on her Twitter handle, where she mentions moving to Texas due to some change of events in her Family, tweeting to her fans and informing them. 

Likely, she is possibly moving to Texas for her new job, but she has yet to mention what type of job due to personal reasons or company policies. 

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now
Addy Perez leaves the position of Master Deputy for a new job in Texas. (Source: Twitter)

For now, it is completely unknown what Addy Perez is doing. She will soon interact with her fans on Twitter, sharing what is happening. 

The main reason for leaving Richland County was not due to work issues; she had to move to Texas as her husband got a new job there. 

She had the opportunity to do a job out of LEO(Law Enforcement Officer) at a private company relocating to Texas.

In this decision, the fans and followers of Addy were positive, commenting on her future regard, and some were in memory of missing her through Twitter. 

One of the Twitter users tweeted, “Off Perez, truly my prayers are with you and your family on the move. Have no worries; you will make a difference wherever you go!”

While another Twitter user tweeted in her memory, “You will be missed by many. RCSO is losing one of its finest, but Family always comes first. Enjoy the next chapter and much success in your new career.”

All the well-wishers showered Addy with love and support, wishing for a great future and more happiness in her life. 

Addy was so grateful to know that everyone loved and supported her. She was overwhelmed by every person thanking them for beautiful memories. 

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Addy Perez New Job and Career

Addy Perez is set to work performing the new job rather than being Master Deputy. However, the details of her job are under wrap, making it completely unknown What Is Addy Perez Doing Now? 

Addy has yet to be much more expressive or share the details of her new job with her fans for now. 

It may be possible that she will be unable to answer the people due to company policy. 

It is unclear, and Addy added that she just had to work before representing or sharing with whom the lady works. 

What Is Addy Perez Doing Now
Addy Perez son with the Host Dan Abrams. (Source: Twitter)

It has been a rollercoaster career for Addy switching from the drill sergeant leader to the Master deputy of Richland County and what next is waiting for her new career. 

Addy may be set to have a bright career with her husband and son getting a head start from Texas. 

However, the details of her child and husband are not available now, keeping it under wrap. 

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