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Meet Rainer Schaller Kids Aaron and Finja Schaller And His Wife Christine Schikorsky

Who are Rainer Schaller Kids? Rainer Schaller and five others were aboard the plane when it went down on Friday, October 21, 2022.

Rainer Schaller was a German businessman. He founded RSG Group, which owns McFit, John Reed, and Gold’s Gym fitness studios. He made news due to the 2010 Love Parade disaster in Duisburg.

 He is the CEO of McFit GmbH and Lopavent GmbH, both of which he founded and has been hosting electronic dance music events and parades for many years.

Rainer Schaller, his alleged Christian Schikorsky, his partner, and their two children, Aaron and Finja, joined him and went missing last night somewhere off the Costa Rican coast, their route from Mexico to Limon.

Meet Rainer Schaller Kids Aaron and Finja Schaller

The German is rumored to be dating Christine Schikorsky. The two are thought to have vanished in a recent plane disaster. Aaron and Finja are the names of the Couple’s two children.

Rainer Schaller Kids
                                   Rainer Schaller Kids Aaron and Finja Schaller And wife Image Source: thesun

The Couple has been very private about their children’s lifestyle and way of living. They have kept their personal life confidential and away from social media and other press matters.

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Aaron and Finja have been spotted on their parents’ Instagram enjoying their time with them, and they don’t have their own Instagram, making it difficult to find out what they are up to.

Rainer Schaller Wife Christine Schikorsky

According to rumors, the German is seeing Christine Schikorsky. He was in a serious but unmarried relationship.

German Fitness CEO Rainer Schall
                             Rainer Schaller Wife Christine Schikorsky Image Source: foxbusiness

Christiane Schikorsky is 44 years old and has been with Rainer Schaller for a long time after exposing two children to the German Company owner.

Christine also studied marketing at FHW Berlin, according to her testimony. Because there is very little information about her, her adolescence and different personal aspects were all unavailable at the time.

Information about her isn’t available on the internet because she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page, which isn’t available online, making it tough to find out.

How Much Was Rainer Schaller’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Rainer Schaller is $200 million in terms of monetary accumulation. As previously stated, his RSG Group GmbH is his principal source of revenue. Rainer has grown in popularity in both the fitness and fashion worlds.

Rainer Schaller’s Net Worth was also derived through his sports nutrition Company, Qi2 Sports Nutrition. It was created in 2013. However, this is not the end of the story. 

Over the years, he attempted to broaden the scope of his business by establishing companies such as High5, Cyberobics, John Reed, Tiger Pool, and others.

This business magnate has an incredible collection of high-end automobiles. Rainer has been seen in a number of them vehicles at various events. 

We’re working on updating the list. Rainer Schaller also owns a private jet, the Piaggio P.180 Avanti.

What Happened Rainer Schaller? Plan Crashed Explored

Rainer Schaller and five others were aboard the plane when it went down on Friday, October 21, 2022.

The German businessman and his family had supposedly taken off from Mexico when their plane went missing.

At around 6 pm, the plane lost touch with the airport’s control tower while flying about 20 miles off the coast near Parismina.

According to Teletica, Costa Rica’s public security ministry stated on Saturday, October 22, that the bodies of an adult and a youngster were recovered during a search operation conducted by the National Coast Guard and the Air Surveillance Service.

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