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Meet Walid Benmbarek Family: Wife Mouna Laroussi And Their Twins 

Fans are very eager to know more about Walid Benmbarek Wife. He is a famous Dutch personality.

Walid Benmbarek is a famous Dutch actor. Walid has had a long career as a performer.

He mainly appeared in supporting roles until 2006, when he was chosen to play one of the main characters in a well-known Dutch Drama series.

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Walid decided to move to the big screen after two years of performing this role, taking the lead roles in the feature films “De Infiltrant” (2014) and “Broeders” as well as the short “Mo.”

Meet Walid Benmbarek Family

Walid Benmbarek was born on January 25, 1980. While his Father is of Moroccan and French descent, his mother is of Moroccan and Tunisian ethnicity.

Denmark is well known for his role as “Adil” in the hit television series Mocro Maffia. He also played the role of “Mohammed Aydin” in the GTST soap opera. Denmark has an aerospace engineering degree.

walid benmbarek with his wife. Source: Elegance

His zodiac is Aquarius. Rebellion, creativity, charisma, and spontaneity are the defining traits of an Aquarius man.

They are praised for taking unconventional actions and thinking beyond the box. In both the personal and professional sectors of life, male Aquarius traits are dominant.

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Walid Benmbarek Wife Mouna Laroussi And Their Twins 

Walid Benmbarek’s wife’s name is Mouna Laroussi. She is a dance theater artist, Actress, and the creative force behind the Mouna Dance Shows (2006) and Mouna Mix Foundation productions (2017).

Infiltrant, Mocro Maffia, and Even blind birds fly are among the works of Mouna Laroussi Tahiri.

They will have been married for eleven years in November, during which time their union has experienced several tropical years. However, as a couple, Walid Benmbarek and Mouna Laroussi have matured and are now invincible.

He says his day can’t get any better if she smiles at him when he returns home. They first met in the center of Amsterdam, in an audition room.

Mouna and Walid were cast in the same play. She was entirely focused on her audition, and he was immediately impressed.

Their wedding was in the middle of the crisis period, and he had his own finishing Company in the construction industry, which was a difficult time.

He had said to Mouna that they could do two things: buy a House and keep their marriage small or throw a huge Party and don’t buy a House for a while.

They decided to go for the first one, although Mouna regretted that they didn’t have a Party afterward.

Every time they watch a movie with a beautiful wedding, she says: I should never have agreed to that.’

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Walid Benmbarek with his twin daughters. Source: Linda

Later, when Mouna was almost five months into her pregnancy, they finally took their honeymoon.

He always wanted to do it this way because he would rather spend his money on an unforgettable experience for the two of you rather than on a wedding with 500 strangers.

They spent time in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora before finishing their honeymoon on Vahine Island, a private island.

They lodged in a bungalow there with a hostess and a cook. It was truly the most breathtaking journey they had ever experienced.

The couple has beautiful twin daughters, Nayla and Dounya. He says as a Father, and you now believe you can safeguard them. They get more independent as they age. The hardest part for me will be letting go.

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