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What Happened To Luke Goss And Where Is He Now? Is He Ill?

English actor Luke Goss was on a break from the film industry for some time. What happened to him? Audiences are invested in knowing about his story details.

Goss is known for portraying the role of Jared Nomak in Blade II and King Xerxes in One Night with the King. Was he sick? Please scroll down to get to know more about him.

What Happened To Luke Goss?

What happened to Luke is unknown as he has not opened up about his moments to the public. However, he had broken up with his twin brother Matt after finding fame in the 80s boyband Bros. Their hits included When Will I Be Famous?  

Luke Goss With Brother Matt
Luke Goss With His Brother Matt Goss (Source: dailymailuk)

Their splitting was due to their parents signing a contract entitled the record Company on their behalf, leading the record Company to take a cut from the top, leaving the brothers-duo nothing.

After leaving the band, Luke sold everything and started Luke Goss and The band Of Thieves.

Splitting in 1992, the twin brothers reunited in 2017 and appeared in the Bafta-inning documentary Bros: After the Screaming Stops.

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Where Is Luke Goss Now?

Now, Luke Goss is in a better place, enjoying his life to the fullest. He often posts playing guitar and singing songs on his Instagram posts. 300172183 735297434235347 3455525061957678120 n
Luke Goss Enjoying own company and music (Source: Instagram)

Though his exact residence’s location is unknown, he seems to enjoy the music with mother nature. From sources, it is clear that he divides his time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Likewise, he has always carried his acting career fluently. His IMDb profile depicts a list of his movies on the way to the theatre. Probably, he is busy in the post-production stages of two films, second chances and a silent order.

Likewise, he recently announced his two upcoming movies, Chennai Heist and Mr. Razi. Goss is setting himself to be more involved in his career and keeps busy every time.

Is Luke Goss Ill?

Luke Goss does not seem to be ill. Instead, he looks rejuvenated and energetic nowadays.

The fifty-four-year actor and musician have never told about his physical illness to the public. Moreover, he never fails to talk about mental health.

His Instagram posts regarding peace of mind and self-love show how calmly he has grown in the world of fear and hate.

His most recent posts regarding healing with the process with all the love and forgiveness show his love towards humanity.

Luke Goss has revealed he has split from his wife Shirley Lewis, a backing singer for George Michael, 33 years after they first met and fell in love.

Sadly, Goss had split with his former wife Shirley after twenty-three years of togetherness. The reason for their splitting was that Shirley wanted to live with her family together.

The former couple married in 1994 and separated in 2017.

He had been in a bad place and used to go camping alone. Now, he has found his happiness. 

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