Miami Dolphins: What Does Jaylen Waddle Look Like In Long Hair? Health And Injury Update

Jaylen Waddle, an American football wide receiver with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League, was born on November 25, 1998 (NFL).

 In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected him sixth overall after he played college football for Alabama. Waddle attended Bellaire, Texas’ Episcopal High School.

He participated in the U.S. Army All-American Game as a senior. He committed to playing college football at Alabama University. 

On National Signing Day in 2018, he finalized his decision and went with Alabama over Texas, Texas A&M, Florida State, TCU, and Oregon.

Despite the great receiver and return specialist Jaylen Waddle suffering an injury, Alabama finished the regular season unbeaten.
Despite an injury, Jaylen Waddle has pushed Alabama into College Football Playoff.

Waddle got the Crimson Tide’s season off to a fast start, surpassing 120 receiving yards in four straight games to begin the year.

Besides that, he had amassed 557 yards on 25 catches through four games, an absurd 22.3 yards per catch total, and four touchdowns.

But then, on the first kickoff of game five versus Tennessee, Waddle sustained an ankle injury that was reportedly season-ending.

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What Does Jaylen Waddle Look Like In Long Hair?

Jaylen Waddle, a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, has a new appearance as he enters Year 2.

Similarly, he had long black hair, which looked braided and quite suited. 

He has shared his long hair from before 103 weeks in his Instagram posts which shows he loved his long hair and did not have difficulty keeping it.

His hair length measured shorter than his neck, which has become lengthy around his neck area.

However, he seemed to change his look and try something new as the former No. 6 overall draft pick shared a snapshot of his new haircut on Instagram. He had given up his lengthy braids for a shortcut.

Many of his fans and followers have always praised his long or short hair.

Moreover, he has a good physique and personality, which does not matter if he changes his hairstyle.

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Health And Injury: What Happened To Jaylen Waddle?

Jaylen Waddle has reportedly missed a significant amount of practice time due to an injury to his right leg.

This occurred as CBS Fantasy’s Dave Richard observed during his Wednesday visit to a Dolphins-Eagles joint practice.

Coach Mike McDaniel confirmed they are cautious with Waddle to avoid further injury.
Jaylen Waddle: Dolphins WR returns after an injury scare in Week 2 of pre-season

In addition to that, Waddle had his leg covered and was only allowed to stretch to the side. 

And while all signs point to the injury not being serious now, it is something to keep an eye on over the coming weeks.

According to Nick Saban on October 24 to ESPN, Waddle’s injury was a mix of a high ankle sprain and a fracture to his right ankle. The accident happened during the first kickoff against Tennessee.

Waddle’s right foot was hooked between the ground and Kenneth George Jr. of the Volunteers as he tackled the Alabama star, taking a significant impact and being forced into an unexpected moment.

After the injury, Waddle has risen to No. 8 on Kiper’s giant board.

That can probably continue as long as Waddle is in good enough shape by the NFL Combine and pro day portions of the pre-draft program to demonstrate to teams that his season-ending injury has not had any negative impact.

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