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What Happened To Sophie Ndaba Teeth? Who Is Her Son Lwandle Ndaba?

Sophie Ndaba, a controversial South African actress, motivational speaker, MC, and event planner, was born in Soweto, South Africa, in 1972.

Sophie Ndaba was born in South Africa on July 15, 1972. South African actress is best known for playing the part of Queen Moroka on the soap opera Generations.

Sophie Ndaba was born in Soweto, South Africa, and is one of the most well-known celebrities from that country.

She and Sasha Pieterse are both well-known South African actors. 1993 saw her debut on Generations.

Sophie Ndaba
Sophie Ndaba (From NG News)

Sophie also acted in ‘She is King and Gog’ Helen. She first appeared on Generations in 1993.

She made a strong start in the film series, winning the hearts of many South Africans.

What Happened To Sophie Ndaba Teeth?

One Twitter user is even more trouble due to a dental assistant’s tweet that made fun of Sophie Ndaba’s teeth.

“Sophie Ndaba’s teeth are now bigger than her face,” tweeted the person with the username @Intemnandi.

Tweeps converged on her timeline and defended Sophie Ndaba after this, which did not go down well.

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Since returning to our TV screens to play a nurse in Lockdown, Sophie Ndaba has been soaking up all the accolades and admiration she has been receiving.

Since she profoundly affected them, Lockdown fans even refer to her as the finest actor in Mzansi!

The Twitter user made fun of her teeth to steal her shine. After receiving criticism, who took the Tweet down, and @Intemnandi expressed regret to Sophie Ndaba.

I apologize for my tweet about Sophie Ndaba from last night. As a dental technician, I was only making a statement on the size of her teeth, nothing more, and in no way was I making fun of her or her chronic illness.

She began the post with an apology to Sophie Ndaba before writing, “I apologize to @SADTC1 and @ConferenceHpcsa for putting the profession into shame, and I have removed my tweet since it was incredibly inappropriate.”

Who Is Lwandle Ndaba? 

Lwandle Ndaba, the son of Sophie Ndaba, has clarified the meaning of his lyrics after his father, Max Lichaba, was accused of beating and deceiving the former Generations actress in a song he published.

Lwandle explained the motivation behind the song’s release in a statement, saying,

“As a child witnessing the painful past few years, I have found a way to channel my pain and frustration after watching my mother’s health and finances spiral downward due to the actions of her significant other, my stepfather Mr. Max Lichaba.”

I witnessed my mother’s journey, and while I pursue music performance, I use music to communicate how I feel. I suffered trauma and was harmed.

The 21-year-old music performance student said who transformed his suffering into a song: “The most challenging thing about witnessing the events develop was that I was unable to assist her since I was in favor of her decision to keep silent.

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In a song I wrote, I used my quiet to express my anger and terror toward my stepfather. I’ve been having nightmares lately, but I’ve kept them to myself until one night when I just decided to transform my suffering into music.

Thus, the current tune. Due to the dangers my family and I have faced while maintaining the peace, I can no longer watch in silence. I do not want to engage in gender-based violence in this nation.

Lwandle Ndaba Net worth

Her estimated net worth is $5 million, which she acquired via her work as a paid TV actress.

The longest-tenured actor on the serial, Sophie Ndaba (Queen), made an average of R17000 per week, and a 2014 study suggested that her pay be increased to R30000 per week.

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