Michael Reeves: Offline Tv, Twitch & Net Worth

Michael Reeves is an American YouTuber and former software contractor. Clearly, he is well known for making content about technology and programming.

Today’s generation is the generation of technology, the age of digital media, and the age of technological advancement. That’s why jobs aren’t limited to the desk or to the time frame of nine to five.

Similarly, games were restricted to the playgrounds and involved physical exercise. However, in today’s world, gaming is also digitalized and involves the brain’s exercise rather than the body.

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves in one of his streaming videos.

All the recent advancements in machinery and gadgets have attracted everyone around the world. Despite the harm it holds, people have limited themselves to mobile and computer games.

Subsequently, the young generation is more inclined to such games’ words and technological advancement. One such teenager is Micheal Reeves.

Likewise, the teenager is a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. Undoubtedly, it is the comedic engineering videos and the eccentric on-camera personality that makes him popular.

Quick facts about Michael Reeves

Full Name Michael Reeves
Stage name Michael
Date of birth November 20, 1997
Place of birth The Island of Maui, Hawaii
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multiracial (Mexican, Puerto Rican, and American)
Educational level Graduate
Educational Institute The University of Hawaii at  Manao
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age 23 years (as of Novemeber 2020)
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165cm)
Weight 54kgs (119lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Fair
Gender Male
Bicep Size 12
Marital Status Unmarried (rumored to be in a relationship)
Dating Lily Ki (aka, LilyPichu)
Favorite color Black
Dream Holiday Destination Greece
Hobbies Reading, movies, and traveling
Favorite Cuisine Japanese
Profession Software Developer, YouTube streamer, Gamer, Content Creator
Website https://michaelreeves.us
Social Media YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
Net worth $500,00 (as of 2020)
Recording Equipment Ultra HD Webcam, Elgato Wave Microphone

Actually, he is a Filipino-American software writer. Michael got popular for his experiments with new technology. Also, there is content about robotics on his own YouTube channel.

Early life and Childhood of Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves was born on November 20, 1997, to a family of mixed ethnicity. His father was Mexican, and his mother was a Puerto Rican descendant.

Although he was born in American, the tech guy has mixed ethnicity. Michael liked to experiment with new technologies, robots, and coding programs on computers as a kid.

Also, his birthstone is Topaz and citrine, whereas his birth flower is Chrysanthemum.

Educational Background

Michael Reeves completed his early schooling at a public school in his hometown. He was a very bright student in his class. Hence, he always turned out to be the topper among his classmates.

After finishing school, he joined Northern Arizona University, a public research university. Its main campus is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, he joined the University of Hawaii at Manoa to complete his graduate degree. to

Finally, the YouTuber graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Computer Science. He worked as a full-stack program developer during his college days.

Before joining YouTube, he worked as a software contractor for the government.

Family and personal life: Who is Michael Reeves dating?

Michael Reeves was raised by lovely parents. He gives them credit for all his achievements even though he hasn’t revealed their whereabouts.

Similarly, the software engineer likes to keep his family life very private. Hence, there isn’t any information about his family’s whereabouts.

However, he is a very creative and fun guy, and he is very innovative and successful. The pleasing aura and his phenomenal mind have surely attracted a lot of attention and stolen millions of hearts.

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves with his girlfriend, Lily Ki, in their streaming studio.

Although Michael is rumors of being in a romantic relationship with Twitch’s co-steamer, he hasn’t mentioned anything specific.

However, his girlfriend is Lily Ki, and she announced this news about their relationship. He has been dating her since February 2020, after breaking up with ex-girlfriend Albert Chang.

The couple attended the world premiere of Bad Boys for life on January 14, 2020. Also, they are often seen posting about each other on their Instagram.

Who is Lily Ki?

Lily Ki, who is well recognized as LilyPichu to the gaming fraternity, is a Korean-American YouTuber and musician.

She is popular as a verity twitch streamer who mostly posts highlights of her live streams on her YouTube channel. Her style is vlogs, Animation, and music on her YouTube videos.

Lily joined YouTube on March 5, 2006, and her account is named Lilypichu. She has over 2 Million subscribers and over 290 million views so far.

Similarly, the YouTuber is active on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account Id is lily, and she has over 1 million followers.

Her Instagram handle is @lilypichu. She has over 1m followers and over 800 posts so far—the lady posts about her lifestyle and her pet in her Instagram Posts.

On February 20, 2020, she confirmed dating a fellow YouTuber Michael Reeves since rumors of them dating all of the internets.

Career and professional life of Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves started his professional career as a YouTuber. Later, he became a gaming video streamer, software developer, content creator, and programmer. He is a full-stack web developer who focuses on internet-based applications.

However, Michael has completed projects with a wide range of program domains. The YouTuber has worked as a head developer, team member, and solo programmer.

Similarly, the uniqueness of his videos is that he infuses scientific experiments with humor. The content he presents is very technical yet, and the presentation is so funny that it has attracted a large mass of fan following.

Many of his experiments have gone viral, making him the popular YouTuber on social media.

Michaele’s Software Company

He founded a company named Infibit LLC in 2016, which provides services such as Software solutions, Graphic Design, and Business Consultation. This company designs computer programming and provides complete online services.

The company’s LinkedIn profile says that it is composed of a team of highly motivated individuals. It aims to encourage the entrepreneur’s growth. It also aimed to satisfy their technological and creative needs.

Michael mostly develops custom-made C#, Java Desktop Application Development, and full-scale web applications with ASP.NET MVC from static sites.

Similarly, he is also involved in developing mobile apps, database/mock database system creations. The programmer is also involved in management and interfacing with various stickers and prints.

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Offline TV and Twitch

In December 2019, he announced that he is officially joining a streaming group named Offline Tv, based in LA, California. Offline TV is an online social entertainment group of content. It was founded in 2017 by William ‘Scarra’ Li and his manager Chris Chan.

Likewise, the group produces a wide range of content, from prank videos to gaming videos of housemates. Michael’s girlfriend Lily Ki is also a member of this group, and another member of this group is Pokimane Yvonne.

Twitch is a leading live streaming platform for gamers and other content as well. Michael is also a streamer in the Twitch Tv network.

He made his debut o this platform in June, 202o and steams video games and his technology content. The streamer is often seen streaming videos of him playing the popular game Minecraft.

Michael Reeves’s YouTube career

Michael’s YouTube career started when he first uploaded his first video title as “The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eyes,” on April 15, from his youtube channel. This video solely has over 4 million views so far.

Afterward, he is posting videos about technological experiments and web development through his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has over 250 million views so far, with over 5 million subscribers.

His video “Trigger Me Elmo/Worlds First race Detecting Toy” is the most popular in his present scenario. This video has got more than 15 million views. Still, it is extending day by day.

Michael Revs videos
Michael Reeves with one of his content from his YouTube videos.

He posts videos on youtube in the interval of a month to four months because he is currently busy with his company and university.

The social media craze of Michael Reeves

Along with YouTube, Michael Reeves is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter account is @michaelreeves, which he joined in January 2017, and it has over 1M followers.

There are over 800 tweets made from this account. His tweets are about gaming and funny videos.

Likewise, Michael is also active on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @michaelreeves808, with over 800k followers. His  Insta bio says Chaotic brain head.

Similarly, the posts are about his daily life, his girlfriend, and fun videos through this account.

The net worth of Michael Reeves

Multiple income resources contribute to the net worth of the software developer and popular YouTuber Michael Reeves. His total net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of now and has full potential to increase in days to come.

His company Infibit LLC contributes a lot to his income. However, the total income from this resource is yet to be calculated.

A huge proportion of Michael’s income comes from YouTube. According to a report, his earning from YouTube is estimated to be $23.7k- $37.8K in a year. This income has the full possibility to increase with the growing number of subscribers on his channel.

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Other facts about Michael Reeves

Michael moved in together with his fellow comedian William Osman in 2018. The duo often collaborated in each other’s youtube videos, such as the Taser machine Fixes my Swearing problem video.

Since an early age, he is allergic to amoxicillin and has been “gang-tased” by CammMeCarson and his friends, Lunch Club, when they robbed the Offline Tv house.

The programmer knows several programming languages such as C, C#, Java, JavaScript with JQuery, Python.

Also, he knows SQL, HTML with bootstrap, Lua, and CSS with SASS. His favorite programming language is Javascript. In contrast, he has stated that he doesn’t know  C++ or Assembly.

Michael is also well known for programming frameworks such as

  • ASp.NET Core Web API
  • Xamarin,
  • Microsoft. NET
  • Windows
  • LINQ,
  • ADo.Net
  • LibGDX.

Until now, Youtuber is the 2016th most popular person as per a list available on their internet.

His video “Electrocuting My Muscles to force me to Dab,” which he posted on YouTube in 2018, was watched by more than a million.


Is Michael Reeves a Filipino?

Yes, Michael Reeves is Filipino from his mother’s side.

Does Michael Reeves have a girlfriend?

Yes, Michael Reeves is dating a fellow YouTuber named Lilypichu.

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