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Who Is Mika Raun On Tiktok? Wikipedia Age And Family Ethnicity

Mika Raun is a Turkish youth who has come within the radar of Tiktok users worldwide following their transition.

The Tiktok influencer who has recently undergone gender reassignment surgery has been facing constant scrutiny from users shocked by her transition.

To Turkish youths who might be facing identity crises concerning their sexuality and gender, the openness, bravery, and success of Mika is becoming a motivational story.

Who is Mika Raun on Tiktok?

Mika Can Raun, who came to the limelight with her social media posts, was noticed by many Tiktok users due to her elaborate aesthetic change and surgeries. Mika Raun has recently undergone a  gender transition process.

She is becoming an inspiration for individuals struggling with their gender sexuality-related identity crises. She has become a very controversial role model for people on the internet.

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On one side, Mika Raun’s transition process showcases her bravery, showing the world her true identity. Conversely, their accusations concerning the trans community have also been applicable in Mika.

These criticisms primarily center around how influencers who undergo the gender transition process come from a place of financial and social privilege. It is not easy to afford a gender transition process, and many youths do not have the same support system as some influencers on Tiktok might have. 

Mika Raun on Tiktok (Source: CNN Turk)

Mika Raun, who made a name for herself with her frequent posts, answered questions from her followers. Mika Can, who spent the money she earned on her surgeries, responded openly to the question about her breast implants.

Saying that her chest is 85-90 size. Mika Raun surprised listeners by saying, “They are upright.”

Mika Raun Wikipedia Age

Mika Can, also known as Mika Can Raun, was born on July 9, 2001, in Büyükada. Büyükada is a large island in Turkey. She is currently 21 years old.

Mika was assigned as a male during the time of birth. She later chose to transition into the gender voluntarily she felt the most comfortable in.

She is a third-year student at Marmara University. Her area of study is within the Department of Screenwriting and Film Design. By her degree, we can infer that she intends to work in the entertainment or media industry in the future. 

Mika Raun (Source: Haberankara)

She is an extraordinarily talented and creative individual. Mika Raun, who studied screenwriting, also writes poetry. Mika Can Raun, who started writing poetry in primary school, states that she has patented her poems. He also says that he composed his poems in aruz prosody.

Mika Can Raun, who started to write poetry in primary school, states that she is assertive about her poems. She describes herself as melancholic.

Mika Raun belongs to the transgender community.

Mika Raun Family & Ethnicity

Mika Raun’s family is composed of mixed ethnicity. She is a Turkish citizen.

The mother of Mika  Raun is from Şanlıurfa. It is a South-Eastern city in Turkey. Likewise, her father is of Greek origin. Her father is from Büyükada. 

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Because a significant population in Turkey holds a conservative perception of gender and gender-related issues, Raun has also been receiving heavy criticism.

On top of that, Mika Raun is also compelled to go through negative remarks concerning her surgery in the media. However, she seems to be dealing with those criticisms robustly. 

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