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What Happened To Craig Kimbrel’s Daughter? Heart Condition And Health – Wife & Family

Craig Kimbrel’s daughter was born with a heart condition. And the athlete said his view on life had changed ever since.

Known for his extraordinary pre-pitch stare, Craig Kimbrel has been playing baseball since college. He is a successful MLB-based baseball pitcher from the United States who has served as the pitcher for Los Angeles Dodgers since April 2022. 

Likewise, Craig made his MLB debut with Atlanta Braves in May 2010. He was drafted in the 33rd round of MLB in 2010, but he decided to play for his college to improve his position in MLB. So, after 3 years, he was drafted in the 3rd round.

Additionally, he is a 2018 World Series Champion and an 8-time All-Star player.

Craig Kimbrel’s Daughter: What Happened?

Craig Kimbrel’s daughter is Lydia Joy Kimbrel.

Lydia was born on November 3, 2017, and has had issues with her heart since birth. The pitcher revealed to the media that his daughter had to undergo surgery only after 4 days of delivery. Additionally, she had to go through another surgery at 3 just months.

According to the source, Craig took a leave from his pitching career to be with his wife and daughter during her surgery. The pitcher stated that his daughter’s surgery was one of the most challenging things he and his wife have ever been through.

Craig Kimbrel’s daughter was treated at the Boston Children’s Hospital, and the parents say that the doctors at the hospital have been amazing. Moreover, Lydia will need third surgery too, but it won’t be required until she turns 3 or 4 years old.

 The parents stayed at the hospital for 3 weeks, claiming that their daughter had recovered well.

The pitcher returned to his team on March 2018 and told updated the media about his daughter. He revealed, “My family comes first, and then baseball comes.” While in the hospital, he didn’t wholly abandon pitching and made time to practice every once in a while.

Craig Kimbrel’s Daughter Heart Condition: Her Health Update

Craig Kimbrel’s daughter’s heart condition is stable as of 2022.

She had undergone 2 heart surgeries, one at 4 days old and the other at 3 months. As of now, she was said to have another surgery when she turns 3 or 4 years. 

Lydia is now 3 years old and will be 4 in November, so maybe the surgery procedure will begin after that. But as of now, the little girl is lovely and healthy. She is growing up like any other healthy kid.

Craig Kimbrel's Daughter
Craig with wife Ashley and daughter Lydia (Source: Getty Images)

The parents were apprehensive about Lydia during the initial days, but after her second surgery, they seemed relieved. Also, Kimbrel was the pitcher at Red Sox during his daughter’s illness, and his team members supported him by wearing a red T-shirt that said #LydiaStrong.

Baseball Pitcher Craig’s Wife: Who Is She?

The Dodger pitcher is married to his wife, Ashley Holt.

Ashley was a cheerleader at the Wallace State Community College. And her husband Craig was a closer and spot starter for Wallace’s baseball team. So, the pair were friends from college who later fell in love.

Craig Kimbrel with his wife and daughter (Source: Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Additionally, after dating for years, they exchanged their wedding vowed in 2012.

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Craig Kimbrel Entrance Song

As of 2022, Craig has been in the limelight for his entrance song.

As per the source, the pitcher uses the “Let It Go” song from Frozen as his new entrance song. To celebrate women’s day, the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to have a different walk-up song chosen by their partners.

And Craig’s wife Ashley chose “Let It Go” from Frozen for her husband’s entrance. Craig played a superb match that day, and ever since, the 34-year-old pitcher believes the song to be his lucky charm.

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