Mohammad Rizwan celebrating his century.

Does Mohammad Rizwan Have Brother? Family Ethnicity Wife And Net Worth

Mohammad Rizwan, a Pakistani Cricketer, doesn’t have a brother. He is a well-known and recognized cricketer in the world.

An international cricket player from Pakistan is Mohammad Rizwan. He began his career in 2015 with the Pakistani national cricket team as a right-handed batter and wicketkeeper.

Does Mohammad Rizwan Have Brother?

Rizwan is one of the most talented cricketers currently playing the sport, making him a center of attention for most people who follow the sport and constantly enquire about his family.

Many enquire about his brother and other family members; however, Rizwan’s family remains private and away from the media attention, although many sources claim that the wicket-keeping batsman has no brother in his family.

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Mohammad Rizwan playing for Pakistan’s national cricket team. (Source: Cricket Addictor)

The detail about his family members is non-existent, as it seems that Rizwan doesn’t like sharing his personal life with the media and tries to keep his family away from his limelight.

From Scrolling past his social media handles like Twitter and Instagram, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that the cricketer has any brother of his own. 

There is no post regarding his family or brother in his official accounts, so we assume that the Pakistani Wicket-keeping right-handed batsman Rizwan doesn’t have a brother.

Mohammad Rizwan family Ethnicity.

In Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, Rizwan was born into a Muslim family. His family Ethnicity is Pathan, one of the significant ethnicity of Pakistan.

However, the names of his parents & siblings are unknown at the time of writing this article; neither is any information regarding their ancestral homes.

He played Cricket since he was a youngster, just like every Pakistani kid. His passion for the sport increased as he got older, but his father never supported him. His father raised him as the second oldest of five siblings. Pursue a doctorate.

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Rizwan struggled to maintain his finances while playing in a local club without family backing. Because of his remarkable batting skills and successes while representing his school, he was qualified to study at and compete for Islamia College University, Peshawar, in domestic events.

But later, when he started to get recognized and had a chance to jump to the national cricket team, his father only encouraged him to continue in the sport and leave his study behind.

Mohammad Rizwan Wife

Mohammad Rizwan, a resident of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan, is a Pathan. In 2015, he tied the knot with her cousin to start her marriage.

However, due to family traditions, he does not prefer to divulge details about his wife. Also, it is uncertain if their marriage was a love marriage or arranged by the family member due to extreme secrecy and privacy about their personal life by Rizwan.

They have two children together from marriage. Through Twitter, Mohammad Rizwan informed his followers in 2016 that he was the proud father of his first daughter. While on October 7, 2017, his second daughter was born. 


Mohammad Rizwan with his daughters.
Mohammad Rizwan with his daughters. (Source: Youtube)

Mohammad Rizwan Net Worth And Salary 2022.

Mohammad Rizwan is one of the most demanded and recognized players in the world of Cricket, due to which he has made good money for himself. As per multiple sources like Play cricket, EspnCricket, and others, it is believed that his net worth as of 2022 is $6 million.

Salary of Mohammad Rizwan as an active category A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) cricket player earns PKR 1.1 million (5.5 lakh INR) per year, which at the time of writing this article is equivalent to $6.8k per year.

He earns the most by playing in the PSL, where he reportedly 2022 made approx $170k for a single season which is more than what he deserves for playing for the Pakistani national cricket team in a year.

Likewise, he is associated with brands that sponsor him and pay him a good amount of money. Overall, the wicket-keeping batsman has made a good living for himself throughout his cricket career.

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