Most expensive beanie babies

The 25 Most Expensive Beanie Babies in the World

Do you realize your favorite beanie baby you owned as a toddler might be one of the most expensive beanie babies? They might even cost a hundred thousand to almost a million dollars!

You might be surprised now. Your parents or uncles or grandmother definitely did not spend thousands of dollars for that one beanie baby toy.

So what’s the fuss about? Actually, people worldwide have listed their beanie babies on various shopping sites that have attracted users willing to pay thousands for them.

But there are many factors to determine its prices, such as the beanie’s generation, pellets used, condition of the toy, the number of toys, and even the occasion for which they made those toys play a role.

So, here is the list of the most expensive beanie babies in the world.

25 most expensive Beanie Babies

25. Hope

This praying bear was first released on March 23, 1998. She is on her knees, and with folded hands, she is praying for world peace.

Hope comes in multiple colors and has a Ty heart with a poem that reads as When you go to sleep tonight,
Pray everything will be all right.
And if you keep Hope in your heart,
We’ll stay together and never part!

Moreover, her value can be as high as 16 thousand dollars. Or, it can even cost more if you bid high.

24. Jake

Jake, the mallard duck, made his first appearance in May 1998. Likewise, his birthday is on 16 April.

Jake also appears on the “rare beanie babies” list. He is a duck with a grey body, dark grey wings, a brown belly, and a green head. Likewise, his style number is 04199.

Jake’s value can go as high as 16 thousand dollars. However, it depends on the generation, tags, and condition of your toy.

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23. Patti the Platypus

Patti is one of the original beanie babies. She is a platypus that comes in different fun colors.

However, not all Patti the Platypus are valuable. One specific color, magenta, however, is so rare that it costs thousands of dollars.

Even though her body is magenta, Patti has yellow webs and a yellow head. She was released in 1993.

Her value can go over 18 thousand dollars in the market, making Patti one of the most valuable beanie babies.

22. Pouch

The pouch is a cute duo of mother and her baby Kangaroo. Moreover, it primarily refers to the mother, as she has the pouch to hold her baby Joey.

The pouch has a brown body, black button eyes, and a black nose. Likewise, she has a cream-colored belly and inner ears.

The pouch was released on 31st October 2006. If your Pouch has two tush tags instead of one, you might sell it for 10 thousand dollars!

21. Princess

Princess the Bear is a tribute to Princess Diana. She was released in 1997 after the tragic death of Princess Diana.

After the release, only 12 princess bears were available to the vendors, making her rare and valuable. She also has a white rose on her chest.

most expensive beanie babies
Princess, the bear, is a tribute to Princess Diana.

Two types of pellets make up the bear, PVC and plastic.

Depending on the pellets, condition, and tags, Princess can cost from 10 thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars.

20. Brownie

Brownie, the bear, is a cute bear with large, black eyes. He made his first appearance in 2014, and his birthday falls on December 26.

Likewise, Brownie sends a message of friendship to the world. Also, he is the third beanie baby whose name is ‘Brownie.’

Brownie could sell for around 20 thousand dollars, depending upon its condition and generation.

19. Stinky

Stinky is a valuable skunk. He has a black and white body, and his ears are all white. Likewise, his birthday is on 13th February and was released on 3rd June 1995.

So what makes Stinky so valuable? His tag! You have to pay over 25 thousand dollars if his tag bears any of the following names: Bongo, Chip, Doodle, Floppity, Radar, Sly, Speedy, or Weenie.

Would you spend your tuition fees on Stinky? I would; he’s so cute!

18. Hipitty, Hopitty, Flopitty

Hipitty, Hopitty, and Flopitty are the rare set of beanie babies. Moreover, they are a multi-colored trio of bunnies.

They come in different colors, Hopitty in baby pink, Hipitty in mint, and Flopitty in Lavender.

They are also sold individually, but the trio is quite rare and can cost almost like college tuition.

Also, their value can go up to 30 thousand dollars, which is quite… expensive!

17. Pinchers

If you enjoy lobsters, then you will definitely love Pinchers! Pinchers is a cute red lobster that is more expensive than lobsters at the most lavish restaurant.

So what it’s value? It can cost you more than 35 thousand dollars. Pincher’s birthday is on 19 June 1993, and he was released on 6th January 1994.

Pinchers were first named as ‘Punchers,’ but people really didn’t like the name. So, it was discontinued and is pretty rare. Thus, the tag ‘Punchers’ is more valuable.

16. Valentino

Valentino, the bear, symbolizes love, and he is the brother of Valentina bear. Well, not all Valentino is expensive.

However, if yours has a brown nose instead of the traditional black or a white star on his tag instead of a yellow one, that’s good news. Likewise, valuable Valentino has PVC pellets instead of plastic.

Such Valentino can cost you up to 42 thousand dollars. However, if yours has no errors, you can still sell it for more than a thousand dollars.

15. Rainbow

Rainbow, the chameleon, is a tie-dyed beanie baby. His birthday is on 14th October 1997. Likewise, Rainbow might look like Iggy the Iguana.

Thus, during production, many tags were misplaced. Rainbow can also have a blue tongue or a red tongue which makes him more valuable.

most expensive beanie babies
This tie-dyed chameleon literally lives up to its name, Rainbow.

Your Rainbow, the chameleon, could afford you vacation to your favorite destination, as its value goes up to 49 thousand dollars.

14. Lefty and Righty

Left the donkey and Righty, the elephant, are a valuable pair. They might not be that valuable, but you might want to look for one specific signature in their tags.

Former first lady Hilary Clinton signed their tags in 2006. Because there is only one of them, they are so valuable.

So, what could be their value? They can cost you up to 50 thousand dollars! They were both released in 2000.

13. Lips

Lips, the fish, was introduced exclusively in the 1999 Gift show. Likewise, she was available for order only for the attendees of the show.

Thus, it makes her rare and valuable. Lips came into the market on 14th July 1999 and is a multi-colored fish.

Moreover, some of the tags read as ‘Tiny the Chiahuahua.’ The wrong tags are even more expensive, but you will be paying 53 thousand dollars even with the right one.

12. Sparky

Sparky, the Dalmatian, is a little puppy first introduced in 1996. Her birthday falls on October 17.

Valuable Sparky costs 55 thousand dollars, but you can check if yours is even more valuable! That’s right, Sparky tags with a white star can cost up to a hefty 90 thousand dollars.

Sparky might have variable tush tags: Dotty, Bubbles, Ears, or Flipitty. Thus, this also plays a role in variable prices.

11. Valentina

As her name suggests, Valentina the bear‘s birthday was on February 14, 1998. However, she was first released on January 1, 1999.

She is a Fuschia-colored bear and has an embroidered heart on her chest.

She is valuable if she was ‘1999’ tush tag instead of ‘1998’, has no red stamp on the tush tag, or has a grammatical error in the tush tag poem.

most expensive beanie babies
Errors on her tag make Valentina, the bear, one of the most expensive beanie babies.

Such valuable Valentina can cost more than 57 thousand dollars. Moreover, she would be a perfect present for Valentine’s day!

10. Jolly

Jolly, the Walrus, is another valuable Beanie baby that could be just hanging out in your attic. He is a grey-brown Walrus with black button eyes and a black nose.

Likewise, he has a fluffy brown mustache and large, white tusks. His birthday is on 2nd December 1996 and was released on 11th May 1997.

Your Jolly the Walrus could make you more than 75 thousand dollars because it is so rare!

09. Libearty

Libearty the Bear could be every patriot’s favorite because she was released on the occasion of American Independence Day.

She is a white, fluffy bear with black eyes, and black nose, and an American flag on her chest. She also has blue and red ribbons around her neck.

The prices of Libearty may vary depending on its condition, but people have paid over 75 thousand dollars for her. She is also the first bear to wear a flag!

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08. Large Peking, Fortune, and China

They are a trio of Pandas. Individually, China the Panda was introduced on August 7, 2000, Fortune on 30th May 1998, and Peking on June 25, 1996.

To be valuable, these Pandas must come in a set. Moreover, individually, these may not create you much luck or fortune.

They also must be in good condition. If your’s checks all the boxes, you might earn over 98 thousand dollars!

07. Scoop

Scoop, the Pelican is a blue-colored Pelican with an orange beak and orange webs. He also has small wings and black button eyes. Likewise, his birthday is on 1st July 1996.

He was launched in 1996 and retired two years later. However, during production, a major error happened. The manufacturers left his tag blank!

Thus, if your Scoop has a blank tag, you can afford a world tour. Scoop with a blank tag can sell up to 100 thousand dollars and more.

06. Batty

Batty, the bat, is a cute brown and blue tie-dyed bat. Moreover, he has big claws on his wings. He also has velcro on wings, so it is easy to fasten them.

Batty was first released on 1st January 1999. Likewise, his birthday is on 29 October 1996. He has black button eyes and a brown button nose.

Batty with two feet might not be that valuable; however, if your’s has an extra leg, there is good news.

Moreover, the extra-legged Batty is worth more than 125 thousand dollars, making it one of the most expensive beanie babies.

05. Piccadilly

Well, Piccadilly, the bear, is not the cutest beanie baby to look at, but he is one of the most expensive. There are two versions of Piccadilly, one with a blue-green outfit and another with a rainbow outfit.

However, both are equally valuable. He is a fuzzy, light brown bear who dresses up as a clown. Likewise, he was released on 30th May 1998.

His worth depends upon the condition and generation. The value of a Piccadilly Attic can go up to 126 thousand dollars.

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04. Bubbles

As cute as his name is, Bubbles, the fish, is one of the most expensive beanie babies. He is a yellow-colored fish with black horizontal stripes on his body.

Likewise, he was first introduced on 3rd June 1995 and his birthday is on 2 July 1995. After the first release, Bubbles went through several modifications. Thus, this made him more prone to errors.

Such error-laden Bubbles is worth thousands of dollars and could make you rich instantly. If your Bubbles has errors on the tag, you can sell him for more than 129 thousand dollars!

03. 15-inch Peace, 9-inch Peace, Ringo, and Bones

Well, we all know that beanie babies in the collection are always worth more than individual beanie babies.

When 15-inch and 9-inch Peace, the Bear, Ringo, the Raccoon, and Bones, the dog, are together, they are quite valuable.

Ringo is a light brown Racoon with a black striped tail, and Peace is a rainbow bear.

Likewise, Bones, the dog, is a light-brown dog with black button eyes and a black nose.

Peace alone is one of the most expensive beanie babies around, but it’s definitely more valuable when you throw in two of those and Ringo and Bones.

Thus, this collection can cost up to 159 thousand dollars.

02. Weenie

Next up on the list of the most expensive beanie babies is Weenie, the dog.

Weenie lives up to his name as he is a small sausage dog, aka a Dachshund. Likewise, his body is brown and has black button eyes and a black nose.

Moreover, Weenie is the first beanie baby that can stand on its four legs. He was released on 7 January 1996, but his birthday was on July 20, 1995.

most expensive beanie babies
Despite his small size, Weenie, the dog, is quite rare and valuable.

The error on his tag and his condition can make Weenie more valuable. The prices are high but variable, as it can cost thousands to half a million dollars.

01. Large Wallace and Two Regular-Sized Wallaces, Cashew, and Huggy

This collection wins the crown of the most expensive beanie babies. As we know, a collection of cool and valuable beanie babies is always worth more.

This one is a large collection, including a large Wallace, a green-colored bear, two regular Wallaces, Cashew, a light brown bear, and Huggy, a brown bear.

Moreover, a large Wallace is valuable in itself as it is quite rare. When you keep it in a collection with four other beanie babies, the price is hefty.

To make this collection yours, you got to have at least 600 thousand dollars in your bank account.

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