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The 15 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards

If you fancy playing Magic: The Gathering, you might be wanting to collect all the powerful and the most expensive magic card. Don’t you?

Magic: The Gathering is one of the in-demand digital collectible card games in the world.

Furthermore, over 35 million players have traded over 20 billion magic cards by 2018.

Two or more players can play this at a time with either printed cards or digitally on the computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Moreover, it has various rule formats. The minimum deck size is 40 to 60 cards.

Likewise, the cards are of different colors representing the realm of magic.

The colors are white, red, blue, green and black. Sometimes, magic games are also organized as actual tournaments.

At first, each player has a “life total” of 20 and loses the game when life total is zero. More valuable cards give more chances of winning. Rarity also makes the cards valuable, thus, expensive.

Thus, here is a list of the 15 most expensive Magic: The Gathering cards.

15 Most Expensive Magic Card

15. Badlands

Badlands is one of the most expensive and powerful magic cards. Likewise, it is a land card type.

Most often in the game, you have a higher chance of winning if you draw just enough land cards in the first turn. Badlands counts as both mountain and swamp.

badlands magic card
The badland magic Card is one of the most expensive magic cards.

In case any spell alters one land type, there is no alteration on the other land type.

However, if any spell destroys one land type, it can destroy another land as well. It is also one of the earliest dual land cards.

The price of a limited edition Alpha Badland card is as expensive as 1700 dollars.

14. Time twister

Time twister is another rare card. If any card seems too powerful in the game, it automatically falls into the ‘ban list.’

Time twister also belongs to such a group of cards known as ‘Power nine.’

However, it is the weakest in the group but still powerful. When you use it correctly, you can have an advantage over your opponent. This is because time twister resets the game, but the exception is cards on the table.

It also allows you to return your powerful cards to your deck. This gives you a higher chance to win.

Thus, the Limited Edition Alpha version of this powerful card is worth around 1800 dollars.

13. Bayou

Bayou belongs to the card type ‘dual land.’ It means that it has the property to produce two different kinds of mana.

Likewise, Bayou can produce either black or green mana. It counts as both swamp and forest.

Like Badlands, if a spell alters one land type, another land type will remain the same.

However, both land types get destroyed if a spell destroys another land type.

It also has the ability to put monsters on the field and return them from the graveyard instantly.

For the Limited Edition Alpha version of the card, you got to have 1800 dollars in your pocket.

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12. Wheel of Fortune

In Magic: The Gathering, different colors indicate different energies or magic. Usually, red cards indicate destruction and war, powerful spells, and monsters.

However, Wheel of Fortune is an unusual card. It breaks the established rules of the game, which is really not a feature of a red card.

It allows both the players to discard their draws and forces them to draw seven other cards. Thus, it has a potent sorcery effect.

Thus, this card is worth about 1900 dollars for a Limited Edition Alpha version. The price depends on the quality. However, it still is one of the most expensive cards.

11. Forcefield

Forcefield is one of the rarest cards, thus making it expensive. This card carries one of the magic terms ‘Poly Artifact.’

The function of the forcefield card is to prevent a high amount of damage caused for a single mana. The description of the card reads as ‘Lose only 1 life to an unblocked creature.’

For the Limited Edition Alpha version of the card, you need to pay 1800 dollars. However, the true worth depends on the quality of the card.

10. Volcanic Island

As the demand for the cards went high, a lot of cards were manufactured at once. This led to several errors, including incorrect information, misspelled names, missing power, and toughness scores.

Likewise, the mana required to play them also was wrong. One card having such errors is the Volcanic Island card. It is also printed as a beta card, although it is an alpha card.

It is also a dual land type card and counts as islands and mountains. When a spell destroys one land, it will destroy the other one too. However, it can not alter both land types at once.

It generated blur and/or red mana. The price of this card can go as high as three thousand dollars, making it one of the most expensive magic cards.

9. Time Walk

Time walk is also one of the ‘Power nine’ cards. It is so powerful that it has the ability to change the game’s rules temporarily.

If you have the card, you can take an extra turn for only two mana. The more time walk cards you have, the more turns you could take. Thus, this card was broken because it is too powerful.

It also prevents the enemy from countering you. This powerful card costs 3000 dollars to 4200 dollars, depending on the quality. Thus, this makes it one of the most expensive cards.

8. Tropical Island

This card serves both as a forest and an island. Thus it is a dual land card. This makes them susceptible to cards that affect either of the lands.

If any spell alters any of the lands, the other land remains intact. However, a spell can destroy this card if it destroys any of the lands.

It is also a rare type of card. It adds G or U to the mana pool.

This card cost from 2700 dollars to 3700 dollars. Furthermore, it depends on the card quality.

7. Mox Ruby

Mox Ruby is one of the Mox Jewels or Mox Gems. It is also one of the cards which belong to ‘Power nine.’ Likewise, this card is also one of the most expensive magic cards.

most expensive magic card
The Mox Ruby belongs to the Mox Jewel family, one of the ‘Power nine’ cards.

This card adds one red mana to your mana pool and can also be played as an interrupt.

You can also play multiple mox jewels at once, which boosts the amount of mana one can have.

Thus, this is a powerful card that is quite valuable. Mox Ruby is worth around 2700 dollars to 4100 dollars for a limited edition alpha version. The price depends on the quality.

6. Time Vault

Time vault is actually a weaker and more balanced version of Time Walk as Time Walk was considered too powerful. Thus, it seems watered-down in the new version.

Like Time Walk, Time Vault also gives the players an extra turn. However, you can only tap it when you skip a turn.

Likewise, you do not need to run a blue deck to play this card. You can get an extra turn for two mana.

The Limited Edition Alpha version of this card costs 3500 dollars, but the price depends on the quality.

5. Mox Jet

Mox Jet also belongs to the Mox jewel family. They are quite powerful and generate a lot of mana that can instantly turn the game.

It was too powerful. Thus this card was quickly banned in many games. The Mox Jet allows you to generate black mana.

However, Mox opal will allow you to generate mana of any color.

However, you can not use Mox Opal unless you have three other artifacts on the table. There is no rule of such kind in the case of Mox Jet, making it more powerful.

Mox cards are usually expensive, and Mox Jet will cost you over 3700 dollars.

However, the actual value and price depend on the quality of the card.

4. Underground Sea

The underground sea is another most expensive card that belongs to the dual land group.

This card is also the most expensive of the dual land cards. It is so because this is too powerful.

The Underground Sea is capable of generating blue and black mana.

Blue mana represents powerful effects and aquatic creatures, while Black mana removes powerful opponents from the field. It also returns cards from the graveyard.

This is also one of the most useful color combinations and is known as a bruise deck. The limited alpha version of the underground sea costs about 5600 dollars.

Likewise, the limited beta version of this card costs about 6000 dollars. The quality of the card also plays a vital role in the price.

3. Mox Sapphire

It is another card belonging to the Mox Jewel group. It also belongs to the ‘power nine,’ meaning it is quite powerful. This card is one of the most expensive magic cards.

Mox Sapphire allows you to add one blue mana to our mana pool. Moreover, it can turn around the entire game as it allows you to draw more cards and gain extra turns.

This is also one of the expensive cards as the limited edition card will easily cost you around 6100 dollars.

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2. Ancestral Recall

Next on the list is the Ancestral Recall. It allows you to either draw three cards or force your opponent to draw three cards.

It can also grant you cards or prevent your opponents from drawing and using cards. There is also no size limit while using this card.

The limited-edition alpha version of Ancestral Recall is over 6500 dollars. As always, the true price of the card depends on the quality.

1. Black Lotus

Black Lotus is the most expensive and the most valuable card in Magic: The Gathering. It is also called the ‘King.’

Black Lotus offers the players a lot of power, and thus, if you pull it out from your deck, you’ll be on the gaming news sites. It allows you to pull three mana of any colors you require.

most expensive magic card
The black lotus is the most powerful and expensive magic card.

This can easily turn the game around. Thus, the Black Lotus is banned in many formats.

The real value of this card depends on the quality, but it sold for 250 thousand dollars at an auction.

Moreover, the market value can also go down as low as 150 thousand dollars. It does not make it any less expensive, but the price comes with a whole lot of power too!

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