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Nandi Bushell Brother Thomas; Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Nandi Bushel is a famous twelve-year-old girl with a younger brother named Thomas, and he is also an exceptionally talented kid!

Similarly, she is a social media celebrity and a British musician from South Africa. Her brother, on the other hand, is a talented guitarist who has been influenced by her sister.

Nandi and her brother have been the center of attention even at a very young age, as their talent shown on online platforms is worth watching!

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Who Is Nandi Bushell Brother? Age Gap Between Them

Nandi Bushell, a young musician, has a younger brother named Thomas Bushell. Their sister-brother duo is equally famous on the internet platforms.

Nandi was born on 28th April 2010, whereas her small sibling’s birth date is not straightforward. They do not seem to have a long age gap, but as per estimation looking at them, it appears of around 3-4 years.

Nandi Bushell Teaches Brother Thomas to Rock a Nirvana Cover
Nandi Bushell Teaches Brother Thomas to Rock a Nirvana Cover [Source- Loud Wire]
Even at a very young age, Thomas is multi-talented as he can play guitar well and is an art lover and good football player. Most importantly, he has already developed software of his own.

Moreover, Nandi’s Father posted an Instagram video On 31st March 2020, expressing how happy Thomas was after developing his first computer game. 

 Thomas and Nandi have already formed a musical duo and are set for excellent preparation. He has shown skill with technology and is also quite athletic, which shows his bright professional future.

Nandi Bushell Family And Ethnicity

Nandi Bushell is blessed with a supportive family, and her ethnicity is mixed due to the combination of a White English Father, whereas her mother belongs to the Zulu Tribe.

She was born to her parents, John and Lungi Bushell, in Durban, South Africa, and grew up with her lovely brother. Later, they moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 to live further.

Her family members are all available on Instagram, and they look proud to have a relationship with each other.

Nandi’s Father @johnobushell, mother @lungile_bushell, and brother @thomas_bushell; are on mentioned Instagram handle. Similarly, one can stalk their family attachments, achievements, fun moments, and many more.

Nandi Bushell Lives Out Her Rock & Roll Dreams
Nandi Bushell Lives Out Her Rock & Roll Dreams [Source- Good News Net Work]
In the opinion of Nandi’s mother, Nandi and her brother Thomas had a solid connection to the country where they were born, even though they had moved to different places.

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Nandi Bushell Net Worth 

Nandi Bushell has roughly five hundred thousand net worth as of now. Her annual salary from the Youtube channel amounts from 3.2 thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars.

People are shocked that twelve years old has already accumulated such vast earnings. Her dedication and involvement in various fields will grow more in the upcoming days.

Her musical ability has led her to form her band named Titans. Also, she has already begun writing, and her album is to be released soon.

Similarly, she posts interviews, practice sessions, and cover songs on her Youtube channel. She was the first “kid-musician-in-residence” for the Cartoon Network channel due to her abilities.

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