Nettie-Stanley is a reality star

Nettie-Stanley: Family, Husband, Children & Net Worth

It’s not where you began from; it’s the place where you end up, they generally say. But, for this megastar, the beginning was on the small screen.

She is a well-known name and came into the shot after joining the TLC reality TV drama Gypsy Sisters, where she has highlighted 32 episodes of every one of the four seasons altogether.

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This American reality star successfully grabbed the audience’s attention and hiked up the number of her followers.

Nettie-Stanley is a reality star.
Nettie-Stanley is a reality star. (Image Source: Listal)

Though the show completed only four seasons, the outstanding Nettie, along with her sisters, are less likely to fade away from the memories of the fans in the future.

Nettie Stanley is a solid and outspoken matriarch of her family who uses gossip as a weapon against her foes. Currently, she is more into how to give great care to her children and grandchildren.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Nettie.

Full Name Nettie Stanley
Birth Date July 10, 1974
Birth Place Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
Residence West Virginia, United States
Religion Romanichal
Nationality American
Ethnicity Romanichal
Hobbies Not Available
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education Not Available
Birth Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Lottie Mae Stanley
Siblings Mellie Stanley, JoAnn Wells
Age 49 Years Old
Height Not available
Reach Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Body Build Learn
Profession Reality Star
Awards None
Marital Status Married
Husbands Name Huey Stanley
Husband’s Profession Not Known
Children Heath, Albert, Dallas, Nuckie, Destiny, Chasity, Huey, Sheila, and Kat
Step-Son Rocky Stanley Jr
Grand Children Raquel Star
Net Worth $400 thousand
Social Media Instagram
Last Update May, 2024


The reality star Nettie Stanley was born on July 10, 1974, in West Virginia, United States. Her mother, Lottie Mae Stanley, along with her two sisters.

Nettie Stanley is the oldest child in her family, and being the elder in a family, she had a feeling of responsibility.

Likewise, the care she gives to her children and grandchildren now shows how much responsibility she carries out towards her family, which is undeniable.

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Nettie’s mom Lottie Mae Stanley was imprisoned for nine years. In 2004, there was a conviction for bank fraud on Nettie’s mother, Lottie.

Similarly, the conviction came after a series of cons in 11 states had government specialists searching for Lottie for over six years and surprisingly landed her on America’s Most Wanted in March 2003.


Nettie has two sisters,s namely; Mellie Stanley and JoAnn Wells. All of the sisters are Gypsy stars. Nettie-Stanley also has cousins Sheila “Kayla” Williams, Angela “Annie” Malone, and Gus.

Nettie Stanley with her sisters: Laura, Joann and Annie Nettie
Nettie Stanley with her sisters: Laura, Joann, and Annie Nettie

All the sisters appeared in Gypsy Sisters, an American reality television series on TLC, aired on February 10, 2013.

The show followed Romanichal ladies’ everyday life in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All sisters got to the shot after getting featured in this show, and all of them are prominent as Gypsy Sisters.

Mellie Stanley

Mellie Stanley and her elder sister Nettie appeared in the show in the first and fourth seasons. She is widely known as the black sheep of the family.

As of now, Mellie is a single mother enjoying her life with her four children.

JoAnn Wells

JoAnn was also part of the reality show Gypsy sisters. She appeared in seasons two and four. Well, Nettie’s sister JoAnn is also a single mother of two.


While she was in season 3 of the show, she announced that she and her husband would depart, and later in 2016, both parted ways.

Personal Life

Teenage marriage might happen more than people think, but it’s a harsh wake-up call for individuals when they realize the reality of being married depending on each other.

Too often, people who are in love life get devastated by their dating experiences and marriage. Despite putting so much effort into their relationship, it ends up with a broken heart.

The same has happened with Nettie; she had to put a lot of effort into getting her perfect soulmate, but she could not find one until she met her third husband. Stanley married thrice in her life, but her marriage with her first and second marriages did not last long.

First Mariage

When Nettie was a teenager, she eloped with her boyfriend and married him. But her teenage love life did not last long, and they ended up apart.

Second Marriage

Likewise, Nettie got married the second time to get her perfect match, but after some time, Nettie and her husband realized that their marriage was no longer working, so they split.

Third Marriage

After two broken marriages, Nettie found her soul mate in Huey Stanley. Then they got married in 2004, and it’s been more than a decade since they have been together.

Almost all relationships and marriages have to go through ups and downs. Similarly, Nettie and Huey faced many challenges in their marital life, but the duo stayed together through thick and thin.

And the duo says that the challenges in a marital life make the bond even more robust.

Nettie-Stanley taking her wedding vows again in 2014. (Image Source:starcasm)
Nettie-Stanley retook her wedding vows in 2014. (Image Source: sarcasm)

In 2014, the couple took their wedding vows on their 10th marriage anniversary, and it’s pretty interesting.

The couple is now enjoying one another company, and we hope that their love life stays the same till eternity.


In total, Nettie Stanley is the mother of nine children. She has seven children from her two marriages and two children with Huey Stanley. Nettie brought forth seven children; Heath, Albert, Huey, Destiny, Chasitye, Sheila, and Kat.

Similarly, Nettie and Huey have two children, Nukie Small and Dallas Williams. Thus, Stanley Nettie has effectively experienced being a grandma and has a great life with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Daughter Destiny Williams

Nettie Stanley’s daughter Destiny Williams aka Destiny Fontaine Williams, died when she was only nine months in Winchester on May 21, 2000, in West Virginia.

She was born on Sept. 4, 1999. The funeral was at Omp Funeral Home, and Burial happened in the Rest Church Cemetery, Frederick County.

What Son of Nettie Stanley Passed Away?

Rocky Stanley, whose real name is Huey Stanley Jr., was stabbed to death in a YMCA parking garage in Tennessee. A battle broke out during a basketball game when Rocky was assaulted.

Despite being hurried to the emergency clinic, he succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

Police recuperated the homicide weapon and identified a suspect, Zachary Morris Gardner, who handed himself over to the police. He was captured for first-degree murder.

But, little more than a year after Hueywas  Stabbed to death, the jury determined that it was not murder, and he did not found guilty of first-degree murder and acted in self-defense.

TLC cancel Gypsy Sisters

No one can forget the weird, excellent fighting on the floor antics of the Gypsy Sister.?

Earlier, the sisters start their journey as figurative personas after My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. The show was a hit with a lot of drama for the sisters, but unfortunately, the show couldn’t continue.

It was a very tragic situation for all the sisters. TLC canceled the show, reasoning that the rating was low in the previous seasons. But the show’s cancellation came after a week after the highly-publicized incident.

Mellie Stanley’s husband allegedly fought over unpaid bills, and he allegedly killed a puppy.

But a direct correlation was not made over the situation, and the show got canceled.

What is Nettie Stanley Doing Now?

For a very long time, Nettie has been away from the spotlight. She has been a housewife for a long time and seems busy with her family. She is a grandmother and spends most of her time with her grandchildren.

Nettie-Stanley with her grand daughter.
Nettie-Stanley with her granddaughter.

After her stepson’s tragic demise, Stanley decided to leave the industry, and since then, she has not appeared in any reality shows or TV series.

Net Worth

The famous reality show star shares her happiness with her fans and well-wishers through her social media posts. By looking at her posts, it is sure that she is living the best of her life.

However, after appearing in the three seasons of the TLC reality TV drama Gypsy Sisters, Nettie almost disappeared from the TV industry and became busy with her personal life.

Overall, she is quite a wealthy personality. Nettie owns a Range Rover, which we see in her Instagram post.

Despite disappearing from the industry, she can amass vast wealth. She is quite a wealthy personality, and her estimated net worth till 2021 is around $400 thousand.

Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s take a look at the earnings of Nattie in several currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 339,720
Pound Sterling £ 291,850
Australian Dollar A$ 544,666
Canadian Dollar C$ 511,256
Indian Rupee ₹ 29,972,280
BitCoin ฿ 13

Social Media

Stanley is on social media platforms, and she is active on Instagram with around 176 K followers.

Also, Stanley consistently associates with her audiences and fans via online media through her posts and stories.

There is an overflow with pictures of her family, children, and grandchildren.

Some Unknown Facts About Nettie Stanley

Separation of Nettie from her Husband For a While.

Nettie and her present husband were separated for a while, but they did not depart their ways. Instead, they sorted out their issues, and now they are happy with one another, 2014 on their tenth anniversary.

She Comes From a Big Gypsy Family.

At times having a big family is incredible since you have so many to depend on; thus, many people can assist you when required. In the same way,  Nettie appears to cherish having such a big family and genuinely plays her responsibility in the family.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who was Nettie Stanley’s First Husband?

-Nettie Stanley’s first husband is JR.

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