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Who Is Nikita Dragun Partner Chase Stobbe? Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Nikita Dragun’s partner Chase Stobbe is also a celebrity, and they are deeply in love.

With her two new products, beauty with brains, Nikita Dragun is winning hearts again. The Dragun Fire Color Correctors in the shades of Lavender and Orange are extremely popular.

A few of them are also upset about the limitations on shipping to specific regions. 

After all, as everyone is aware, Nikita and Oscar Utierre are best friends. Nikita doesn’t want their friendship to change into something else, though. However, o On social media, Mama Dragun was recently spotted with someone.

Nikita Dragun Partner: Who Is Chase Stobbe? 

Chase Stobbe, Nikita’s partner, is a TikTok star with 410 videos and 3 million views. Not the one, this. He is a super hot gym freak who enjoys eating well and staying in shape.

Picture of Chase (Source:

The age of Chase Stobbe is [calculate_years datestring=”02/00/2000″] years old. He was born in 2000 & is a citizen of the United States. Chase has established a name for himself in the industry despite his youth.

Chase and Nikita in Miami celebrated even the Fourth of July. 

Before revealing his identity, Nikita had recently posted a few images to her social media accounts showing her intimate moment with an unidentified man, primarily due to her desire to keep it hidden.

Or perhaps she simply wanted her followers to use their stalking capabilities to track down the mysterious man who resembles a mean machine.

Nikita Dragun Relationship With Chase Stobbe

Nikita published a picture of herself vacationing in Miami with an unknown man at the start of July 2020.

She covered the man’s face with emojis, but it soon became clear that the man was a social media sensation, Chase Stobbe. 

Nikita Dragun partner
Nikita Dragun posting about her mystery man (Source:

It fueled the rumors when Chase posted a picture of himself and Nikita unwinding by the pool.

A few weeks before posting the picture with Chase, Nikita stirred up a storm when she disparaged Michael Yerger and his girlfriend Daisy Keech in a tweet on June 15.

When she saw her ex with another girl, she said in her letter that she wasn’t even angry.

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Michael answered by calling his previous romance with Nikita a hoax. She used the word “ex,” so he responded that it had been too long to keep bothering them about an old hoax.

Nikita Dragun Dating History Explored

Nikita asserts to have dated model and reality TV personality Michael Yerger. When Nikita hired Michael to play her boyfriend in a video in October 2018, their romance officially began.

The two began to appear together on social media after that video was posted. Michael and Nikita appeared to be a real couple, and in March 2019, Nikita revealed that she saw Michael in a Q&A video.

Dragun admitted that since she had never been in a relationship, she was hesitant to start. In the video, she claimed that when things became sexual, she knew Michael truly loved her.

Dragun revealed that Michael had been using their relationship to further his career and that he had never truly loved her in a video that Nikita released in July 2019 titled, “I got my heart broken.”

She added that she believed the relationship had to end because Michael had cheated on her. 

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Nikita was confronted by Michael Yerger, who replied that they had never had a romantic relationship. In a lengthy Instagram Stories post, he claimed Nikita hired him through his modeling agency to pose as her boyfriend.

Although Michael claimed his friendship with Nikita benefited his career, he never solicited any of it.

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