Noe Garza And Julie Alexandria Brewington Arrested

Noe Garza And Julie Alexandria Brewington Arrested: Charged With Murder Of Autistic Teen Boy

Police have arrested a Brownsville couple following the death of a 15-year-old autistic boy early Monday morning. Those detained are the victim’s aunt and uncle, Julie Alexandria Brewington and Noe Garza.

The teen was found dead at home with clear signs of foul play. The Police investigated the case and charged Julie and Noe with the murder.

The couple had custody of the killed boy. They lived together in Brownsville, Texas.

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Noe Garza And Julie Alexandria Brewington Arrested: Charged With Murder Of Autistic Teen Boy

Brownsville Police have reported the charge and arrest of the victim’s aunt, Julie Alexandria Brewington, and her common-law husband, Noe Garza. They are charged with the murder of a non-verbal teen with autism.

The two were detained in the early morning of October 17. Julie, 27, and Noe, 25, had custody of the victim at the time of his death.

teen boy with autism killers
Julie Alexandria Brewington and Noe Garza have been arrested. (Source: Valley Central)

Police investigated a home on the 300 block of Center Drive in southwest Brownsville on Monday at around 4 am, where they found the boy dead at the scene, with apparent signs of foul play.

Brownsville Police spokesman Sgt. Billy Killebrew Jr. said that the crime scene had some blood, and the boy was lying on a mattress with visible marks on his body and not fully clothed.

Child Protective Services had assigned a special investigator to work with the Brownsville Police Department to carry out a joint investigation into the death of the boy.

A spokesperson with CPS said no previous cases were open on anyone involved in this incident —including the victim’s biological parents. The criminal investigations unit is waiting for autopsy reports to determine the cause of death.

Bond for the suspects was set at $5 million each. The case remains under investigation—details of why and how the couple committed the crime are not out yet.

What Will Happen To The Convicted Couple?

According to Texan Law, murder is punishable as a first-degree felony, with imprisonment of 5 to 99 years or life in prison and financial penalties. It is no surprise since homicide is the most serious offense in the criminal justice system.

However, the nature of the violent crime can affect the verdict and the outcomes. Similarly, the defense attorney would also have a big role. If they are knowledgeable and experienced enough, they can help the defendant achieve the best possible result.

In Texas, there are four types of criminal homicide: murder, capital murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligible homicide. The levels of homicide charges and punishment depend on the kind of murder one is charged with.

The couple will be charged with murder if it is proved that they deliberately killed the boy in a pre-meditated fashion.

Likewise, if there is evidence that the kid was killed by the recklessness of the accused pair with no premeditation, they will be charged with manslaughter, a second-degree felony. The punishment, in this case, will be up to 20 years in prison plus financial penalties.

It will also be considered a second-degree felony if the couple murdered the boy as a crime of passion, i.e., non-premeditated killing done under the heat of the moment. 

Finally, criminally negligible homicide would occur if the couple’s negligence resulted in the teen’s death. Such acts are subjected to less punishment than other types.

Only time will tell the case’s outcome and the court’s verdict in this case. As things look, Julie Alexandria Brewington and Noe Garza are likely to be charged with either first- or second-degree murder and can face charges from a few years up to their lives in jail.

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