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Who Is David Lopez Jimenez? Margarito Martinez Esquivel Journalist Murderer Age Family Arrest And Charges

Mexico City Federal police detained a suspect on Wednesday for giving the order for the murder of Margarito Martinez Esquivel, a photojournalist from Tijuana.

David Lopez Jimenez, also known as “Cabo 20,” was arrested on Wednesday in the State of Nuevo Leon, according to the DPA news agency.

At a news conference later in the day, the state attorney general for Baja California, Ricardo Ivan Carpio, made the arrested official.

Who Is David Lopez Jimenez?

David López Jiménez is also known as “Cabo 20.” He is charged with ordering Margarito Martnez Esquivel, a photojournalist from Tijuana, to be killed.

Early in the morning, Jiménez was arrested in Nuevo León, a state in eastern Mexico. 

At a press conference, state attorney general for Baja California Ricardo Iván Carpio made the arrested official.

On January 17, Martnez was fatally murdered in front of his home while leaving for work.

Jiménez, according to Carpio, was responsible for further street violence in Baja California in addition to orchestrating the death of a journalist.

According to the prosecution, Jiménez is a member of the Arellano Félix cartel.

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Why Did David Lopez Jimenez Kill Margarito Martinez Esquivel?

According to the prosecutor, Jiménez ordered Martez’s murder because the journalist posted some images of David and his family members on social media and news websites, which he found to be annoying.

Martnez, according to Carpio, happened to dwell in the same neighborhood where much of Jiménez’s network’s criminal activity took place, making him vulnerable.

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Elena Frausto, wife of photojournalist Margarito Martinez Esquivel, at his funeral

Carpio confirmed that Martnez was not the one who published the images that irritated Jiménez. 

The prosecution also stated that one person was involved in both Martnez’s murder and that of journalist Lourdes Maldonado, who was shot dead in her car in Tijuana’s Santa Fe district a week after Martnez’s murder.

He stated that the suspect in both murders is a member of the same cartel as Jiménez, but he did not state that the two crimes are linked. 

He stated that the investigation into both deaths is still ongoing.

David Lopez Jimenez Arrest And Charges

The high-profile target was taken into custody just a few weeks before prosecutors were supposed to deliver their case against three other defendants who were accused of carrying out the murder.

According to Mexico’s National Registry of Detentions, “El Cabo 20” was arrested at 8:25 am on Wednesday in the municipality of Apodaca, Nuevo León, on Avenida de la Concordia street in the Centro area. 

He is being held as the alleged killer behind the murder of photojournalist Margarito Martnez Esquivel, and additional charges will be brought against him.

Carpio stated that officials are still attempting to arrest more members of the same criminal cell during the same operation.

To establish a strategy that benefits the State, they are working with the prosecutor’s office in the State of Nuevo León and the Republic to coordinate a prosecution strategy.

Carpio stated they were still analyzing and calculating how many crimes Jiménez would face.

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It is unknown when he was released or whether he was ever charged with the past offenses.

David Lopez Jimenez Age: How Old Is He?

The age and date of birth details of David Lopez have not been revealed yet.

According to the Baja California prosecutor, Jiménez was attempting to live in Nuevo León under a fictitious identity with bogus identification papers from Baja California Sur.

Jiménez has previously been arrested in Tijuana at least three times: in 2010 for robbery, in 2014 for vehicle theft, and in 2017 during a criminal investigation involving a big drug lab.

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