Noel Edmonds Accident

Noel Edmonds Accident: What Happened To Him? Injury And Health Update

Noel Edmonds, an English television presenter, was on his career heights before a tragic accident leading to death occurred on the set. 

Noel Ernest Edmonds is mainly known as the Television presenter for The Late, Late Breakfast Showa BBC television variety shows that was most popular for the segment “Give It a Whirl” This segment focused on dangerous stunts that the host randomly chose.

“Give It a Whirl” resulted in many serious injuries from the stunts. The tragic one was the stunt that led to the death of Michael Lush in 1986. Soon after his death, the Show was canceled

Noel Edmonds Accident
Noel Edmonds and Michael Lush

The Breakfast Show ran for 4 years, and Noel Edmonds presented the whole Show. According to Edmonds, the accident nearly ended his career. Edmonds has presented different television programs and radio shows for over 50 years. 

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The death of Michael Lush was one of the most tragic death in a television show. According to multiple sources, there was a lot of negligence on the set, especially when they organized a dangerous stunt that could quickly kill someone; that is what happened.

The stunt was Michael bungee jumping from an exploding box that a crane raised; the height was about 120 feet above the ground. 

The stunt involved bungee jumping from an exploding box raised 120 feet in the air by a crane. The jump led Michael to hit the ground, which was as fatal as possible. The paramedics were called upon but could not save the stunt man.

The main reason behind Michael’s death was a loose faulty clip that dropped him on the ground, causing a fatal impact. Later, the investigator identified that the hook wasn’t strong enough to hold even a bag of sugar.

According to a legal investigation, the accident could have been easily avoided. Since many Show segments are scripted and planned, a simple notification to the host, in this case, Edmonds, could have saved Michael’s life. Also, there was not even an ambulance on the set.  

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Noel Edmonds left the Show after the horrible accident, and the Show was canceled right after that. There was no other option for BBC Television and Edmonds. Even after the tragic incident in the Show, Edmonds managed to get his feet back into hosting.

He was a television presenter for Telly Addicts (1985 – 1998), The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow (1988 – 1990), and Noel’s House Party (1991-2000). On 2016, his television show Deal or No Deal ended after running for more than 11 years.

The famous TV Host took a long time off after hosting multiple TV shows. On August 6, 2022, BBC announced that Noel’s House Party was back for one night only. The Show had more than 15 million audiences back in the 1990s.


Besides Michael Lush, no one was injured during the accident. The TV presenter, Noel Edmonds, including every one, was safe and sound. 


Noel Edmonds has earned a fortune from his 50 years as a Television presenter. 

Edmonds’ net worth is estimated to be $100 million. Edmonds earned most of this fortune from his career as a Television Host. Almost every one of his Television shows has run for over 10 years. 

Besides being a television presenter, he also has multiple business ventures. In 1985, Edmonds started a broadcasting company, Unique Broadcasting Company Media Group, that worked with BBC. He also has licensed theme park attractions; the most famous one is Crinkley Bottom. 

In March 2014, Edmonds was a member of a consortium planning to buy the BBC. No further update has been made reading the statement.

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