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What Happened To Gabbie Hanna And Where Is American Internet Personality Now?

Gabbie Hanna is an American Internet Personality who also is a singer and songwriter. She recently said she was taking a break from social media due to her mental health.

In this article, let’s go into what happened to Gabbie Hanna in full detail.

What Happened To Gabbie Hanna?

Gabbie Hanna has decided to quit social media after some drama with other influencers, as she claims it was taking a toll on her mental health. Despite claiming that she has decided to come back to the online world.

She posted a lengthy essay outlining why she quit her influencer role beneath her video.

“I knew going into this that it would be difficult, but I wasn’t able to manage it the way I thought I was,” she said when discussing her job and celebrity.

She believed her “mental health was being jeopardized” due to her internet activities.

This declaration followed a long string of videos in which she criticized everyone who had hurt her during her career, from Vine to YouTube.

The people she spoke about are the ones that “consistently” drag her into online controversy.

So, at some point in their online lives, Trisha, another internet influencer, and Gabbie rose to the top of the internet’s list of YouTubers to despise.

Gabbie Hanna clicking selfie.
Gabbie Hanna clicking selfie. (Source: Instagram@gabbiehanna)

They are frequently at the center of debates; Trisha just had one over their cancellation.

Both have a history of criticizing influences who fail to accept responsibility for their deeds.

A former fan of Gabbie tweeted that she had chosen to be friends with a “rapist over her then best friend, who was the victim,” which led to a large, completely unrelated debate.

Jessi Smiles, an elderly Viner who accused Curtis LePore of rape and eventually entered a guilty plea, was Gabbie’s “then best friend.”

This is how Trisha, in their most recent video, referred to Gabbie as a “rape apologize.”

In a different video from her most recent series, Gabbie Hanna alleged that Jessi Smiles had abused her.

She said: “I’m saying this with my whole fucking chest, and I’m past the point of needing or wanting people to believe me; I’m saying it for myself; this is reality; Jessi has abused me.

Likewise, she has also dragged into controversy another influencer named Joey Graceffa, who claims that Graceffa was bullying Gabbie.

Death Hoax Debunked

In May last year, there was a joke hashtag that got viral on Twitter related to Gabbie Hannah.

A hashtag called “RIP Gabbie Hannah” went viral on Twitter, broadly affecting the mental health of the influencer Hannah.

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She quickly Debunked that and since then went on a wild spiral of calling out other influencers.

Where Is American Internet Personality Gabbie Hanna And What She Is Doing Now?

Hanna disclosed that she spent US$2.5 million on a new home.

She said it was something she had been striving towards and having long-held dreams of. She currently lives there.

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Hanna has quit social media, and it isn’t easy to trace what the influencer is doing.

She is also a singer and songwriter, and maybe she is currently involved in some projects to which she is committed.

Not much information about her current life has been shared with her fans to look to.

Gabbie Hanna Net Worth 2022

Gabbie Hanna has been an immense figure in the influencing world. She has gained a lot of followers on every popular social media account.

She is also a singer and songwriter who has released songs that have gained good popularity among her fans.

These all have made a lot of money for her in her career so far. According to online sources, it is believed that her estimated net worth is $2 million.

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