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Did Owen Wilson Had Nose Surgery? Before Broken Nose Pictures

What happened to Owen Wilson nose? Let’s find out about Owen Wilson broken nose and surgery details from this article.

Owen Wilson has returned to the big (and small) screen with a few noteworthy performances after a brief sabbatical.

The actor, who won over fans as Mobius on the Disney+ comedy “Loki,” will reteam with Wes Anderson on his most recent film, “The French Dispatch,” which was his undergraduate roommate.

But despite being one of Hollywood’s most famous voices and faces, the actor has always been shrouded in mystery.

Because he is renowned for never actually discussing it, Wilson’s crooked nose has been a hot topic for quite some time.

The “Wedding Crashers” actor did, however, reveal in a 2001 interview with the Los Angeles Times that he sustained a nose injury before becoming well-known. In reality, he was successful in breaking the limb twice.

What does Wilson think about the rumors concerning his nose, then? And precisely how did he hurt himself? Discover all the information below.

Owen Wilson Broken Nose: Did He Have Nose Surgery? 

Owen talks about his recognizable nose and how it turned out crooked in an interview with the Los Angeles Times from 2001. Before he started an acting career, Owen broke his nose twice.

At St. Mark’s High School in Dallas, Texas, he first hurt his nose during a fight while he was a teenager. He suffered a football injury the second time he broke his nose.

He revealed to the L.A. Times how many people constantly remarked on his nose, calling it “sort of strange, misshapen,” but Owen seemed unconcerned. He said my nose wouldn’t have been that terrific even if it hadn’t been broken.

Owen Wilson Broken Nose
Owen Wilson broke his nose twice during his teenage days. (Source: Dlisted)

The intriguing story of Owen goes beyond his nose. His parents put him at the New Mexico Military Institute after he was purportedly expelled from high school for fighting.

He graduated from there and went on to the University of Texas. He first met regular collaborator and renowned director Wes Anderson at the University of Texas.

Before becoming well-known and appearing in many films, the actor had broken his nose twice; therefore, it is unlikely that the accident was the main factor in those breaks.

In 2000, Owen’s had a motorcycle accident. On what appeared to be a typical day, the actor was riding a bike and enjoying himself with pals on Thanksgiving. The collision threw Owen Wilson into the air and fell on his face. Owen suffers some facial injuries, but his internal organs are unharmed.

Owen Wilson Nose Twitter FanBase: Nose Timeline

Yes, Twitter users like Wilson’s nose. As a result, Owen Wilson’s Nose has a dedicated Twitter account for the actor’s nose with the handle @ItsOwensNose.

Owen was expelled from St. Mark but was admitted to Thomas Jefferson High School. The actor’s second college awarded him a diploma. He eventually joined the New Mexico Military Institute.

Owen Wilson Broken Nose
Owen Wilson Before and After Broken Nose pictures. Source: Snakkle

It is said that his now-famous nose was already in place during this time in Wilson’s life. A Twitter account for an Owen fan published a collage of the artist’s earlier photographs in 2015.

The first two images are believed to be from his school days, while the second sequence is likely from his late adolescent years.

The stark difference in his nasal anatomy is shown in the second set of images. In one of the photos, his nasal lining looks unharmed.

The image in question is thought to have been picked from his high school final year. In the second image, Wilson may be seen with a twisted nose when wearing clothing resembling a typical military outfit.

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