Socratis Otto

Socratis Otto: Career, Relationship, Sexuality & Net Worth

Socratis Otto is an Australian film, theater, and television actor. And, he is recognized for his roles in television series like Young Lions, Wentworth, and Home and Away.

Obviously, the actor is well appreciated among the acting fraternity for the diverse roles. Also, for the flawless acting he demonstrates.

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Apart from the shows and movies, the actor has often made headlines with questions about his sexuality and relationships.

Socratis Otto
The charming Australian actor Socratis Otto.

The actor charm his audience with his appealing personality, appearance, and his fine acting skills. Definitely, such charisma has taken over the audience worldwide, not just the ones in Australian territory.

Along the time, the actor has groomed himself very well from every challenging role he played since the beginning of his career. He is one of the finest actors.

Quick facts about Socratis Otto


Full Name Socratis Otto
Date of birth May 5, 1970
Place of birth New South Wales, Australia
Residence Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Age [calculate_years datestring=”05/05/1970″] Years Old
Religion Christian
Profession Actor
Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight 60 kg (136.6 lbs)
Skin color White
Eye color Dark black
Hair color Black
Birthstone Emerald
Lucky number 6
Lucky color White and Pink
Hobbies Horse riding, Travel
Favorite Holiday destination Unknown
Favorite Cusine Unknown
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unmarried/ Dating
Girlfriend Daniella Cormack
Debut Tv show Outriders
Debut movie Running Down These Dreams
Active years 2001-present
Education level High School Graduate
Educational Institute A public school, National Institute of Dramatic Art NIDA)
Popular movie characters Maxine Conway in Wentworth, Robert Robertson n Home and Away, Justin Carmody in Young Lions
Awards and nominations Broadway World Sydney Awards
Net worth $1 million
Social media Instagram, Twitter, Cameo
Movies Gone, I, Frankenstein, Enter the Wild
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Early Life and Family of Socratis Otto

Socratis Otto was born in Sydney, Australia, on May 5, 1970. The actor is the eldest son of his family.

His parents moved from Greece, the historical city, to Australia in search of better work opportunities. Also, they were the first generation of Greek Immigrants.

The actor was formally interested in sports as a child, and he was also keenly interested in writing. Also, he was thrilled about the world of the entertainment industry.

Thus, when he grew up to be a teenager, the actor realized that acting was his forte. Finally, he decided to have a career in the showbiz industry.

Despite being so popular, the actor likes to keep his private life a secret. Hence, there isn’t any information about his parents except that they are Greek descendants.

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Socratis otto: Body Measurements and Height

Socratis is a tall guy with a height of 6 feet 1inch but his weight measures around 6o kg. He is a very private person, so we don’t know about his biceps, chest, and other body measurements.

Educational Background

The actor, Socratis Otto, graduated high school from a public school in Sydney.

Later, he went to college and earned a degree in creative writing and literature. Later, he followed up with acting training as he got out of college.

Socratis Otto initially wanted to become a writer. But, the love for acting caught up with him in the period of time.

Thus, he immediately joined the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) right after graduation to start his acting training.

NIDA is one of the most popular acting schools in the world. The academy has former students like the Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

Later, he graduated from NIDA in the year 2000. Following his graduation, the actor started auditioning for roles on stages, films, and television.

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Socratis Otto: Personal Life and Relationships

The popular Australian actor Socratis Otto is dating actress Danielle Cormack as of now. Ultimately, both of these actors acted together in Wentworth’s television series. And, they met on the sets for the first time.

Then, they started dating in 2014 and have been together since that time.

Danielle Cormack is an award-winning actress from New Zealand. Likewise, she has an extensive career in theatre, television, and film.

Formerly, the actress was married to Pana-Hema Taylor since 2009. But, she divorced him in 2013. Actually, she got into a relationship with Socratis after getting divorced from her husband.

The mother of two is one of the original cast members of the longest-running soap opera Shortland Street.

Frequently, Socratis keeps posting about his girlfriend and their romantic relationships on his Instagram account.

Once, the actor was rumored to be hooking up with his fellow actress Laurie Foell in the past.

In fact, the duo met during the production of the series Home and Away. Also, in this film, they had an onscreen match-up.

Then, they were rumored to be having a secret affair offscreen too. But, none of them made any statements about their relationship.

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Socratis Otto: Career

First, Socratis Otto started his professional career in the entertainment industry in 2001 from the Sydney Teatre Company.

He played a part in the theatre’s play Salt, making his first appearance on the stage. Undoubtedly, this role can be marked as his first acting debut.

Then, he made a television debut in the Australian children ‘s series Outrider in 2001. Here, he played the character Jason in the episode: Aliens: Part 4.

Also, the actor played Adam Gray’s role in the series All Saint in the same year. Scoratis played the leading role of Justin Carmody in the television drama series Young Lions, a remarkable performance.

Certainly, this role made him a popular face in the Television Industry.

The actor played the role of Charles Darwin in the drama-documentary Darwin’s Brave New World in 2003.

Later, he made an appearance in the television series Dance Academy in which he played the role of Adam, the psychologist, in 2010.

Similarly, in 2013 he appeared in the mini-series Paper Giants; Magazine Wars. In this series, he played the role of Peter Dawson.

One of the most popular roles of the actor in television is one he played on Wentworth. In fact, the actor worked in this series from 2014- 2017.

He played the role of transwoman prison inmate of Marine Conway, who was previously Max in the story plot.

Socratis also made guest appearances in many television shows. Such as Rake, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Serangoon Road. And, also in Home and Away as detective Robert Robertson in the year 2011.

Likewise, he has also acted in a television film Carlotta in which he played the role of Christopher.

The journey in movies

In fact, he television actor made his acting debut in the movie industry from the short film ‘Running Down These Dreams’ in 2002. And, he played the role of Dove in this film.

Some short films in which the actor played minor roles are as Tim in Elven (2008), as Attacker in Beyond Words (2009), as Kyle in Residue (2008).

Likewise, he acted as Joe in Nightwalking (2009) and as Aden in In hearts Left Behind (2009).

The Young Socratis Otto
The young Socratis Otto in a movie premiere with his co-actors.

The actor made a noteworthy appearance in the film The Matrix Reloaded in 2003, in which he played the role of an operator.

Socaratis Otto has acted in many films of the science-fiction (SCi-Fi) genre. Some of them are The Rage in Placid Lake in 2003. Likewise,  Monkey Puzzle in 2010, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in 2006, and The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce in 2008.

The actor was recently nominated for the BroadwayWorld best actor award for his roles in movies.

Some of the movies in which the actor has played major roles are Max in Beautiful,  Lead Technician- Alkali Lake in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Other movies are Jim in Gone, Zuriel in me, Frankenstein, Leon in My Mistress, and Zac in ‘Enter The Wild.’

Networth of Socratis Otto

The actor has collected a huge sum of money from his decades-long career in the acting business.

Obviously, he has portrayed numerous roles that intrigue the audience and earn economic stability and fame.

Socratis Otto has a net worth of $1 million now. And, this can be expected to increase in the days to come.

His career as a theatre actor and a screen actor has helped him earn such a huge net worth.

The movie X-Men Origins Wolverine in which the Socratis acted alongside Hugh Jackman, gathered a net worth of $373 million.

The movie The Matrix Reloaded, in which he acted alongside Ray Anthony and Andy Arness, gathered a net sum of $150 million.

Such successful movies have surely contributed to making the actor a millionaire.

The actor also played different roles in many movies. Consequently, he earned an average salary of $60 thousand to $320 thousand per role in those movies.

Social Media

The Australian actor is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and uses them to endorse his movie projects and talk about depression.

His Instagram handle is @im_socratisotto, and he has over 57k followers. There have been over 500 posts, mostly about his Tv shows, movies, and having fun with co-actors.

Socratis is also active on Twitter and has an account named as @Socratis Otto. He joined Twitter in May 2014 and has over 22k followers.

The actor has made over 2k tweets from this account, which are about movies, current affairs.

The actor is seen endorsing @hopesongproduction through his social media account. The Hope song is a verbatim theatre project. Seven people with mental health challenges initiated it.

People share their insights about mental health through this project.  And Socratis Otto is one of those seven people.

The actor also has an account in the Cameo app through which he interacts with his fans. Also, he raises donations for various purposes.

Some Interesting Facts about the actor Socratis Otto

  • Socratis is the winner of BroadwayWorld Sydney Wards in 2020 as the Best Actor In A Play for Baby Doll at Ensemble Theatre.
  • Actually, there is a rumor about the actor being a homosexual. Such rumor started after the actor played the role of a transgender person in the television series Wentworth.
  • And, the actor has a happy face and an interesting personality.
  • He is often linked to the fellow Australian actress Miranda Otto.  But, they aren’t related despite having the same last name. Miranda Otto is the daughter of popular Australian actors Barry Otto and Linda Otto.
  • However, both of them graduated from NIDA and have lived in Sydney at a point.


Is Socratis Otto gay?

No, Socratis Otto is a straight man. But, he has played the role of a transgender person.

Has Socratis married yet?

Although he is in a relationship with Daniella Cormack, he isn’t yet married.

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